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😰Papa ka sir dard😂 😍Mummy ki ladli😘 😁Kamina friend ki jaan 😚 💃🏻Bindass life🍺 😅🤨Thoda attitude😉 😏dil ko chune wala abhi tak mila nhi.

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2 weeks ago

Repost using #repostapp @michelle_lewin It looks so easy!🤷🏼‍♀️🙈 Now you do it: 9 tight pushups and 5 steps per side: can you do it?😜😘 Blue leggings back in stock on @one0one_101 💙 Music @zoli_vekony

5 weeks ago

Repost using #repostapp @alinebarreto_oficial Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. — To succeed in any field on planet earth, you only need one ingredient, perseverance. Your education, status, house, network, none of that matters. What matters is that you apply your will every single day on making your dreams real. —————————————————— 🇧🇷 A sorte é o que acontece quando a preparação encontra a oportunidade. - Para ter sucesso em qualquer campo do planeta Terra, você só precisa de um ingrediente, perseverança. Sua educação, status, casa, rede, nada disso importa. O que importa é que você aplique sua vontade todos os dias em tornar seus sonhos reais. . . E vocês? Acreditam em sorte ou não ? . . Atleta: @dragonpharma_llc 🇺🇸 @dragonpharmabrasil 🇧🇷 . Cupom de desconto: 👉ALINEFIT 👈 . . Photo: @zphotodesign 📸 Bikini: @nandalimadesign 👙

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Repost using #repostapp @eva_andressa 🔥🔥🔥 E essa produção? 📸 Por @botegafotografo @nahmayer 🎥 #photoshoot #ensaiosensual #braziliangirl #sexy #model

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Repost using #repostapp @yanitayancheva Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost 🦋⛈ @bodyengineers @tavicastro @yanitayancheva @ainsley @yevaleva @linnebel @gaby blaaser

last month

Repost using #repostapp @paolaskye Photoshoot with my girl 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

last month

Repost using #repostapp @laurensimpson Here is my current shape…on holiday in Cancun! 🌴 I’ve gotten leaner the past few days incorporating some of the methods out of my ‘Shred’ option from my next 8 week challenge & tiding my diet up a little. - Never underestimate the power of making small changes to your daily routines. It’s the little things that make up the big difference. - Do little things well...then the big things get easier! 👏🏼 - - p.s. We are in the final days now for sign ups for my next 8 week challenge! SHRED, BUILD or get STRONG with me! 🙌🏻 Hit link in my bio 👑 @LAURENSIMPSON

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Repost using #repostapp @eva_andressa Treino de membros inferiores 💪🏻 💜 Para minhas seguidoras lindezas 😍😍

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Repost using #repostapp Breath 🕊 🌸 @bodyengineers New swimsuit collection 30 of March in the website ☀️ @bodyengineerswomen

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Repost using #repostapp @oabramovich 2 awesome days I'm Nusa Penida✔️Waking up at 6 o'clock we've tried to visit all beautiful spots in this island😍👌🏻 We've made huge amount of photos, I'll show you soon! But for now I don't have life power even for choose photo (beauty of nature give me sunstrike and sunburn 2 in 1 and now I look like 🍅 ), that's why I will show you a video For this great trip special thanks for @balinusapenidatour and to hotel @batansabo 🏠 ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 2 прекрасных дня на Nusa Penida✔️ Просыпаясь в 6 утра, мы постарались посмотреть все красивые места 😍👌🏻 Фотографий сделали очень очень много, скоро покажу! Пока совсем нет сил даже их выбрать ( под впечатлением Красоты.. я сгорела, как 🍅 и перегрелась ) , поэтому покажу вам просто видео🙈🌴 За организацию комфортного тура спасибо @balinusapenidatour и отдельное спасибо отелю @batansabo 🏠 #nusapenida #nusapenidaisland

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Repost using #repostapp @laurensimpson My main goal is to build a strong yet feminine shape. 💪🏼👸🏼 - For years I was a cardio bunny & was only confident enough to do group fitness classes. I started to make the most improvements to my glutes and legs when I pushed myself out of my comfort zone, got in the weights room and followed structured training programs. I had purpose in the gym! - A big part of my progress has been focusing on the concepts of progressive overload, especially on hip thrusts, squat & deadlifts. I either try to add more weight to the bar for the same reps, or do more reps with that same weight. Typically each phase of programming I pick 1-2 key lifts to get stronger on. - For my accessory lifts you would see I love working with different tempos, rep/set schemes, adding in drop sets, 1 & 1/4 reps etc etc!!! I love to constantly change it up to keep training interesting and enjoyable. - This is why I’m so excited to share with you my new programs. Not only based on my own personal experience with what has worked for me over the years, but I’ve been pushing myself to learn a lot more from the best people in the business, so I can continue getting you girls the best results possible. 🤓 - If you are wanting to build lean muscle, fine tune a strong lean feminine body & learn new training methods to maximise muscle growth, I highly recommend my BUILD option for my next 8 WEEK challenge. 🙌🏻 - - Hit link in my bio for more info & to sign up! We start APRIL 8! 👑 @LAURENSIMPSON

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Repost using #repostapp @yanitayancheva So..finally ☀️

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Repost using #repostapp @alinebarreto_oficial Dia que botei o @treinadorkaka pra chorar no treino 😂😭👊👊 . TREINO FÁCIL NÃO PROMOVE NADA!! 🔥👊 . Comigo é assim, com vocês eu não sei como funciona. 😊😇😋👊👊😵 . Vai achando que treinar com mulher é fácil.. Saiu como ? Morto!! 😆😵😵😵 . . TEAM @dragonpharmabrasil 🔥🐲 *cupom de desconto no site oficial da Dragon 🇧🇷: 👉 ALINEFIT 👈 . @dragonpharma_llc 🐲🔥 *cupom de desconto no site da Dragon 🇺🇸: 👉 ALINEFIT 👈 . .

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Repost using #repostapp We are enjoying Dubai to the fullest. . @wusdubai #WUS2019 #DubaiSC #WUSincubator

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Repost using #repostapp #TBT Desse ensaio que foi muito especial pra mim. Início de namoro, já fui logo mostrando pra ele, que o mais importante é a nossa felicidade, independente do que irão dizer. Cada dia que passa, tenho mais certeza que você é minha metade, alma gêmea, sei lá! Só sei, que essa sintonia é fora do comum! O meu amor, respeito e admiração por você, só cresce. Você era a pecinha que faltava na minha vida, que encaixou perfeitamente. Te amo @darlloncabral ❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻 #EvaeDarllon #casalbodybuilder #MeuGrandão #Evinha

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Repost using #repostapp @paolaskye Dance with me🙈❤️🥰💋

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Repost using #repostapp @soyneiva Dancing with my ❤️ @chloewarm ❤️ 😘😘 do you like?

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Repost using #repostapp What is your favorite movie or game hero? Photo by @shevchenko_photo 💣

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Repost using #repostapp @laurensimpson Just keeping it real over here 💁🏼‍♀️ Feeling a little stressed this week plus it’s that time of the month so as you might have seen on my story yesterday I had the sorest tummy, my skin has broken out, I felt puffy & the hunger/cravings are realllll. 😭😭 - I chatted with many of you girls on DM yesterday on this and here are some of my thoughts: - 💜Don’t get caught up on the scale weight! Naturally your body is going through hormonal changes at this time & yes the scale may fluctuate. My advice. STOP weighing yourself every day! 💜We get the worst body dysmorphia at this time!! Yes you may feel a little bloated & puffy but it’s not fat gain! 💜Don’t be afraid to take a rest day!!!!! It’s okay to take multiple rest days. Listen to your body! You are not going to undo your progress after a day out of the gym!! 💜It’s okay to have that chocolate you are craving…just don’t let this be an excuse to all out binge! Keep it under control. This is why I like flexible dieting - it allows me to eat a variety of foods…based on what I’m feeling like I make it fit into my day. 💜Focus on stress management & sleep. It will help those moods 🙈 - My point - Stop being so damn hard on yourself girls!!! Not every week is going to be 100% perfect when it comes to your eating & training. - This is all part of life! Just roll with it…its called being a female. 💁🏼‍♀️ So instead of beating yourself up, know it’s okay if you need it to have a little downtime & take your foot off the pedal. - Be kind to yourself.♥️

March 2019

Repost using #repostapp @michelle_lewin #BumpCheck ✅ -Still there inspite of my knee injury that never seems to heal... 😤😘

March 2019

Repost using #repostapp @mandirabedi Mere #peethpeechhe kuchh mat bolna haanh!!!

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