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I’m now friends w my childhood celeb crush so I’ve retired

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When i was a teenager i only wore my hair like this & my drivers ed lady (or gentleman i honestly wasn’t sure ) told me i had porno hair easy to grab thank you @ganni #gannigirls 📷 by @phoebejtonkin

4 days ago

It’s @phoebejtonkin birthday & she asked for strippers

4 days ago

Omg i never knew i was shaped like the Eiffel Tower 🇫🇷 #Paris

1 weeks ago

I posted this on my story & everyone was like omg so beautiful & I’m just wondering why no one asked me if I’m ok

2 weeks ago

“Going commando: Going without underwear to separate the genitals from outer clothing may be called going commando, free-balling for males, or free-buffing for females. The origins of the phrase go commando are uncertain, with some speculating that it may refer to being "out in the open" or "ready for action" while wearing @matteau in Tuscany” - Wikipedia

2 weeks ago

The morning after

2 weeks ago

Roman #tinder date

last month

This is me now 📷by @tearintaren 💆‍♀️ @brianfisherhair 💄 @rebeccawmakeup

last month

#gameofthrones fans i know you’re sad let me show you a picture of me & this puppy that is not mine i will also be posting pics & videos of a really cute baby in my story & maybe a little bit of comfort food art later w a bunch of hashtags i #got you

May 2019

Hey @katdenningsss is a DREAM BOAT SHE’S LITERALLY THE GREATEST I’VE NEVER CALLED ANYONE A DREAM BOAT IN MY LIFE & I’m “Ramona.” #Dollface by prodigy @jweissy on @hulu in November ps my brother asked me if #Hulu was an app 🙈

May 2019

I was super into this year’s #metgala performances & wanted to throwback a trailer performance i did in 2017 Bc it feels #camp it’s like if #gaga had a sister who did local theatre at a trailer park

May 2019

My friends and i at Coachella #neworleansjazzfest #algierswarriors

April 2019

What if Al Bundy had a man-bun

April 2019

My favorite thing in school was the Santa’s Secret Workshop where your parents sent you to school with some money to buy them & your brothers gifts for Christmas & id go nuts over this shit dad gets best dad mug ✔️mom gets any jewelry they’re selling ✔️brothers get gone fishin items ✔️& i guess i got too excited the christmas of 4th grade bc when i handed them the cash pee started running down my legs & into my thick catholic wig wam socks & i blacked out but my bff monique grabbed me & we ran to the bathroom & we laughed so hard bc we couldn’t believe how old i was peeing on myself & then we had to game plan bc i had to take my socks off & throw them out obviously but it’s catholic school & the socks are part of the uniform which they’re strict about so instead of telling the office why i had to take the socks off & getting a free but terribly embarrassing pass monique said fuck it I’ll take mine off too so you don’t get in trouble by yourself & then we walked into class like the catholic school girl rebels we are i still love gifts thank you for my sweater @stormandmarie

April 2019

Find out who put me here

March 2019

One time i was staying at my friend’s apartment in nyc & came home late after she & her bf did & i wanted to change my underwear before bed but my suitcase was in their bedroom but whatever i went in anyway & she was sleeping but he was umm ... doing his own thing & he yelled “IM BUSY” but i continued to my suitcase to act like everything was chill bc i thought that would be less embarrassing for both him & me & also bc i really wanted my fresh underwear & when i woke up the next am he had skipped town for a “family emergency” & i feel really bad about my lack of boundaries & obsession w clean underwear but also his choice of words honestly is the funniest shit I’ve ever heard & i thank him from the bottom of my heart & this caption was inspired by this photo where i look busy. 📷by @totallymorgan

January 2019


January 2019

Thank you for all the birthday wishes yesterday.

November 2018

She was like i don’t look good in that one and i was like ok i won’t post it

January 2019

Baby’s first steps

November 2018

Is there a witch emoji

November 2018

It’s Britney bitch

November 2018

Check out my live reporting from #wehohalloween ! You won’t believe what happened next #fakenews

November 2018

Where everything we don’t like must be #fakenews stay tuned for some live reporting & tag your fake news friends! #halloween #weho makeup by @tami_farrell

October 2018

Next thing i know they’ll make me wear a bra. Go vote November 6. Remember @uber AND @lyft are offering FREE rides. No excuses. It’s the easiest midterm you’ll ever take. #midtermelections ALSO vote by mail sign up deadline for California is October 30. It’s so easy to sign up just go to

October 2018

I’ve been hacked

September 2018

When i was 14 i almost got arrested for public urination in a parking garage during Mardi Gras but i didn’t get arrested bc i jumped in the car & made Lauren Daily drive us from the scene of the crime & i think she got a ticket & got in trouble w her grandma i hope she’s ok but I’m so glad i fled the scene bc then i wouldn’t have been able to win miss teen usa bc i would have had a record so then i wouldn’t have gotten an acting scholarship & i wouldn’t be an actor & people wouldn’t care if i posted a pic of myself in my new cute sweater i shouldn’t have fled @stormandmarie

September 2018

Haven’t posted in a while been busy doing perfume campaigns leave me alone 🚺

August 2018

Skinny dipping 🧜🏽‍♀️

August 2018

#theafterparty on @Netflix NOW spoiler alert me & @frenchmontana wind up spooning while doing pottery together & its iconic 👻 #frenchmontana #worldstar

August 2018

Kitchen #versace

August 2018


August 2018

AUGUST 24th @netflix #theafterparty “Come thru, everyone in the game will be there (full link in bio ) 🍾⚡️🔥.” - @harryholzer27 also i see you @superduperkyle ⭐️

August 2018

Ok i don’t talk about this ever but the girl on the right crowned me miss teen usa & then i crowned the girl in the middle miss teen usa @tami_farrell

August 2018

I’m the kind of girl at a wedding who always makes sure the bride has a drink. @ganni

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