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5 hours ago

“Anybody know where #selma is?” Just using my very private bathroom there on set. So much excitement for the @netflix premiere of #anotherlife July 25. #netflix 🛸🛸🛸 ps. @justingchatwin is top shelf stuff. #goofingaround #setlife #starpower 😂. #private #setbathroom 🧻🧻🧻🚽

20 hours ago

My new favorite leading lady @therealkateesackhoff #July25 #anotherlife #suspense #netflix 🛸🛸


@brianbowensmith early days. #brianbowensmith #polaroid days🖤 shades of #GildaRadner


A throwback. We always make our day work. My dream is to jump in the ocean again with this one. #healing #thankyou Signing off. Going to sleep. We all walk the miles somehow. Together. Many the miles. Xxx bless them #bikinibath

3 days ago

I am here. I am not with my son. I am in the place of getting better. needing to believe in this knowing we will never know. Strange. I count on the spirits of this world more than I ever thought. Thank you. This journey is a realization about the breaths around me. More than even my own. I need you. I need this boy to see me do things I never thought I could. And I will do my best. It really is gratitude. #arthursaintbleick #jasonbleick my @the_alinker_world family which makes me feel so much hope when we unite to bring these devices to people like me #together To get us out and moving. Love. In sickness and in health.

4 days ago

Catch and release. Just keep swimming... or crab walking. 🦀 #arthursaintbleick #dadlove

4 days ago

A couple of shrimps 🦐🦐crabbing. 💓🦀

4 days ago

I do not know how @therealthaibarani found this!!! But this is right out of 1996? I think I was still living in #NYC , auditioning. This is pre #cruelintentions This is probably #cousinlinda from #in &out. My six lines were cut , but it was the time of my life. Met @realeliroth and #kevinkline and #tomselleck and my friend @aileenie17 and @shalomharlow and so many more. It was heaven for a beginning actress to watch all this talent. And @jsmithcameron 💘💘💘. I was a lucky one. Kept me going. Happy Saturday. I miss them all. They are alive ... I just mean ... ❤️🤷‍♀️

4 days ago

They are coming. #july25 @netfix #netflix #anotherlife #harperglass 🛸

5 days ago

One of my favorite memories. On set with @maxbeesley7 We found our island and joy in #killmelater Great soundtrack. Great people. I always love you dear max. You are a diamond #fbf

5 days ago

I am so excited. We interrupt this broadcast... #july25 #anotherlife #kateesackhoff and the rest of an amazing cast I am too out of it to put down here. I can’t wait. @netflix

5 days ago

My friend had to get in bed with me and put a grief cloth over our heads. @jodiemcomer did not follow me back. 💉She did not follow the one back who never made the @cruelintentionsmovie t shirt. (Still a Team player just Benched? ) I bet if I made the cut, I would have a little more impact in this lack of followship. I may have to make this a thing. #killingeve #villanelle 💄

5 days ago

#Repost @reesewitherspoon with @get_repost ・・・ Look what I found in a buried time capsule labeled ‘1999’ 😂 @selmablair and I share so many great memories together, from #cruelintentions to #legallyblonde she’s always kept me laughing! 💫 #tbt #nycpremiere

5 days ago

How many years have passed since this moment!? I still admire everything I know about these women and still count #amyadams as family. #wcw Proud to stand next to you. 💘💘. I have MS.( no excuse really ) I was just informed it’s Thursday. Fine. Easy fix. #tforwardthursfay 😂

6 days ago

I was already falling. Couldn’t hold a pen. But we were together. I was really happy. I even tried cryotherapy. I am so glad this movie of pics exists. I was always there. I didnt miss it. Until now. I am missing it. Road to recovery. #arduous #lonely #arthursaintbleick #pippa #davidlyons

1 weeks ago

This is me ( suspend reality ) now that I have rewoken and found out that the #alinker bike Johanna so wanted and I so wanted even more for her 🎢 .... is finally ... campaign ended!!! Her goal was reached. Because of you. You wonderful, big hearted , generous people. It means so much to us. It’s the light. It really is the best feeling knowing you so wonderfully, drastically changed a life that will change another life and so on. For the better. I thank you so much. You know how this makes me want to cry with gratitude. I love you all and @the_alinker_world family #BEchange #radicalgenerosity #supporting each other. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. Congratulations @ahh_nuts_johanna

5 days ago

UPDATE !!! We did it. This feel so good. Thank you. @ahh_nuts_johanna has reached her goal because of you!!! YOU. love my followers. I love helping people who are asking for support. An #alinker would help Johanna so immensely. The way it has helped me. I am having trouble sleeping. I start a hard road tomorrow and it would give me so much joy knowing you all support this woman and or any others in the crowdfunding queue on @the_alinker_world The link of active campaign is in the bio of her @the_alinker_world ig page. If you all give a small amount, the community of #radicalgenerosity would grow. And we all need that. #payitforward 💛💛💛. It would mean so much to wake up and see the love you all have. Even a tiny amount. I see first hand how support has changed me. Not least from the amazing #alinker community. Can we make some small miracles happen. Bless you all. Thank you for reading. #keepmoving #activateyourbrain ⭐️🙌

1 weeks ago

Here it is 🌔. #AnotherLife starring @therealkateesackhoff and @justingchatwin and I am even waiting to be adored ☄️. #july25 @netflix #areyouscared ? I am so excited. Thank you for this chance.

2 weeks ago

Today was tough. I couldn’t get out. This was yesterday. Joy. My son hitched a ride and we had a perfect day. I so wish this @the_alinker_world game changer of a mobility aid for people who need and want and are willing to really give it a go. It keeps me going right now thinking people lives are changing for the better. I didn’t think I would be in this state of health with a young kid. I didn’t think I would ever need a cane or wheelchair or mobility aid until well into old age. But here we are. I am happy. I wish I could ride and compete and carry my son and work right now but the work on myself takes precedent. I want this aid for so many people. I am tempted to call my friends and ask? Can we give an #alinker together to someone who has an active campaign going on @the_alinker_world site ? I don’t want to be pushy. But it feels good to help. Spread the word. It’s a community that helps you live again. This walking bike is my lifeline to outside. And that is joy. Let me know. We can post together. Love, pushy blair. Who cares a lot. #alinker @the_alinker_world #changing lives while #arthursaintbleick rides on my life 😂

2 weeks ago

He is feeling his @nike duds. Big time. 🙌🙌 #arthursaintbleick makes me smile . His aunt @beitnerkatherine gave him an early birthday present. ⭐️

2 weeks ago

Well here is a delightful morning surprise. In honor of #cruelintentions 20 year anniversary , I was gifted my own #Cecile shoe 👧🏻 @ritcheraninyfc what a great tribute. Now you can walk in the shoes of your favorite cruel character. ( I like mine best 🤷‍♀️ ) #secretsociety forever. #ritcheraninyfc 💘 #pippa bomb ⭐️

2 weeks ago

I woke from troubling dreams. Drank some water, came to the window to feel the 3 am air on my face. Breathe in. Breathe out. I have pain. My neck. My leg. My back. Breathe in breathe out. I am alive. We are in a change. A shift is happening. I am riding the wave of it. I am comforted by those on this journey with me. there is abundance in the giving. All blessings already are. I like to think not one soul will be lost. I have the most beautiful part of my life right here. I am humbled and I hold it dear. Breathe it in. That is my proof. #breath #love #arthursaintbleick #keepmoving

2 weeks ago

⚽️ Congratulations to this amazing team. #Victory #fifawomensworldcup #athletes #soaring #badasswomen 🙌🙌🏆 so proud of all of you. #teamUSA celebrate how you want. Men’s teams have been doing it for years. But women, ah! The headlines! You do what you want women. You deserve this victory.

2 weeks ago

🖤 Cameron Boyce . Arthur’s role model. For years to come. I loved knowing such a soulful, talented young man was out there for my son to look up to. We are saddened to learn of his passing. And my heart hurts for his family and loved ones. #light ⭐️ #cameronboyce #legacy

2 weeks ago

Endless love. ❤️. Sleep tight. Dream big. Dream. I have mine right here. I never dreamed I would love like this. But here it is. So my heart is full .Sending some love from my heart to all of you. ⭐️🌙 #loveheals

2 weeks ago

He gets it from me. #exasperated 😂. My little #bear A wonderful day just hanging out being dramatic in humidity. #arthursaintbleick 🧡

2 weeks ago

Hide and seek. Seriously. #arthursaintbleick #stumped #sarcophagus 🐛🦋

2 weeks ago

🌟🌟 @dillard5302 🌟🌟 we are so happy for you. @the_alinker_world is so happy to provide you with this invention of love and support from us. This is a community that deeply cares and my biggest hope is that more people will offer encouragement and support to people who so need and want it. Congratulations Shannon! Welcome to @the_alinker_world community. #radicalgenerosity #reactivateyourbrain #together #changinglives

2 weeks ago

🌟🌟 special news🌟🌟. This post gives me so much joy. As you may know, I wouldn’t be able to get around and enjoy time with my son and family if I didn’t have this lifechanging, and amazing #mobilityaid Raising awareness for @the_alinker_world and what is happening with crowdfunding in this community brings me so much life. I am asked every day I go out about this invention from #bealink ( #barbaraalink ) and people are amazed. We know it is a hefty but well worth price tag and are aware it takes a village of support for many to have access to this game changing way of healing and moving forward. So we are giving one away to someone who so deserves who has yet to reach their goal. I ask anyone that is able and willing... to go to @the_alinker_world and see ongoing campaigns and help someone the way this has helped me and @stringfellow_deeds and so many. I see the importance of raising strangers who want to do more. Who can, if given support. Thank you for reading. I will announce the next lucky recipient in my next post. I am so excited. Standby! 💛💛💛💛💛💛 love. #activateyourbrain #together #reactivateyourbrain

2 weeks ago

Goodnight. Good old Fourth of July for this one. With friends on a beautiful warm night. Kids running around playing wiffleball and fireworks overhead. Thank you. @chitownkeogh friends forever.

2 weeks ago

That’s right. A firework video. Nothing worse. But great in person. Man, I love you @chitownkeogh Always, bear and Arthur ✨✨✨ happy 4th!!

2 weeks ago

Happy Fourth of July 🌭 here is a #hotdog Be safe. Drink water. #pippa

2 weeks ago

I couldn’t love and appreciate this family more. @ravinaw22 and Co. This was Arthur’s room mom in kindergarten and Cade his best school mate. And Carys, his fave girl. Jimmy, the best dad besides his own. I needed a rest and this whole family took my angel under their angel wings and showed him an amazing day and night out to see #Hamilton again. #summer2019 #arthursaintbleick 🙌🌟🙌 we know how blessed we are. #friends 💘

2 weeks ago

I am laughing on the inside. Arthur cracked up pretty hard. @frownyfacedolls this truly captures the core of me. Right now. Thank you. ☹️ #frown town

2 weeks ago

Rainy day swim. I love him. #arthursaintbleick 🐬 #waterlove

3 weeks ago

One year ago today. Sigh. Eyelashes. 🌟 #real

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