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Australian architectural photographer based in Brisbane and Melbourne with occasional business matters in China and NZ. @scottburrowsphotographer

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4 hours ago

Singapore vibes today with @tim_ditchfield_architects I shoot a lot of high end homes with discerning clients who value their privacy so can’t reveal the details of this beauty. IVideo by @scottburrowsphotographer

18 hours ago

All finished at the Elizabeth St House for @oneill_architecture iVideo by @scottburrowsphotographer

23 hours ago

Sneaky peek at the 7 Courtyards House for @shaunlockyer and @m2construct image by @scottburrowsphotographer @phaseonephoto @captureonepro @indurotripods #iq3100mp @sasham06

23 hours ago

Bedrooms with skylighted internal Courtyards at the Kirra Beach Houses for @oneill_architecture image by @scottburrowsphotographer @phaseonephoto @captureonepro @indurotripods #iq3100mp

23 hours ago

Poolside at the Kirra Beach Houses for @oneill_architecture image by @scottburrowsphotographer @phaseonephoto @captureonepro @indurotripods #iq3100mp

2 days ago

L15 restaurant space as part of the Flight Centre Fitout for @pdtarchitects image by @scottburrowsphotographer @phaseonephoto @captureonepro @indurotripods #iq3100mp

5 days ago

Fresh product photography for @meiraustralia installed at Thomas St by the talented group of @graya @joeadsettarchitects @steer_tm image by @scottburrowsphotographer @phaseonephoto @captureonepro @indurotripods #iq3100mp

6 days ago

Architectural products are my thing. I specialize shooting insitu. I spent the day with @aquabocci shooting their premium drain elements for new collateral. I video by @scottburrowsphotographer

1 weeks ago

And the editing starts for the 7 Courtyards House for @shaunlockyer and @m2construct I start by quickly reviewing the entire set, rating each one and then going back and curating the images that best tell the story.

2 weeks ago

That’s a wrap at the 7 Courtyards House by @shaunlockyer and @m2construct iPhone image by @scottburrowsphotographer

2 weeks ago

Screenshots at the 7 Courtyards House by @shaunlockyer and put together by the guys @m2construct iPhone image by @scottburrowsphotographer

2 weeks ago

Beautiful interiors palette at the 7 Courtyards House by @shaunlockyer and @m2construct @langloisdesign iVideo by @scottburrowsphotographer

2 weeks ago

Can’t decide what’s hotter. The weather or this pool as part of the 7 Courtyard House by @shaunlockyer @m2construct iVideo by @scottburrowsphotographer

2 weeks ago

Shoot today at the 7 Courtyard House by @shaunlockyer iVideo by @scottburrowsphotographer

2 weeks ago

Palm Springs ? vibe in Noosa. iPhone image by @scottburrowsphotographer

2 weeks ago

Site visit for @tim_ditchfield_architects latest offering in Noosa. Pics in a few weeks. iPhone image by @scottburrowsphotographer

2 weeks ago

Down at New Farm RAH for @ghdwoodhead this morning. Big thanks to George who shifted his boat a few times for me to get the right imagery. He lives across the river and comes over every morning in his dingy for a walk around New Farm Park and a coffee. IVideo by @scottburrowsphotographer

2 weeks ago

So I booked a kayaker to turn up for a 5pm shot of @ghdwoodhead RAN facility as part of the New Farm Ferry precinct demonstrating this public mooring element. 😉

2 weeks ago

A little bit of transport work today for @ghdwoodhead and their recently completed New Farm Ferry Terminal and RAN Area. IVideo by @scottburrowsphotographer

3 weeks ago

Mum can I go in the pool now ? I think the photographer has finished. Banks St by @shaunlockyer image by @scottburrowsphotographer @phaseonephoto @captureonepro @indurotripods #iq3100mp

3 weeks ago

All things shiny and matt at Fabric by @pointcorpqld image by @scottburrowsphotographer @phaseonephoto @captureonepro @indurotripods #iq3100mp @izzagramm

3 weeks ago

That’s a wrap at The Kirra Beach Houses by @oneill_architecture

3 weeks ago

Shadows on site.

3 weeks ago

It does not get any better for photography than this. Epic trellis element as part of the Kirra Beach Houses by @oneill_architecture kind of glad it is not covered in native vines. IVideo by @scottburrowsphotographer

3 weeks ago

Bennison in the wind. Fantastic shoot day with @shaunlockyer and @black_developments image by @scottburrowsphotographer @phaseonephoto @captureonepro @indurotripods #iq3100mp

2 weeks ago

Fresh out of the studio servers is this beauty by @shaunlockyer and @black_developments image by @scottburrowsphotographer @phaseonephoto @captureonepro @indurotripods #iq3100mp @holly_cunneen

3 weeks ago

Angles, light, space and pattern. Thomas St by @joeadsettarchitects @graya @steer_tm in all its glory. Image by @scottburrowsphotographer @phaseonephoto @captureonepro @indurotripods #iq3100mp

3 weeks ago

More site visit imagery for @shaunlockyer and their ONEDIN Residence image by @scottburrowsphotographer @phaseonephoto @captureonepro @indurotripods #iq3100mp

3 weeks ago

Recent work for #hbjarch shooting their entire new folio of projects for company rebrand. OZCARE Toowoomba featured. Image by @scottburrowsphotographer @phaseonephoto @captureonepro @indurotripods #iq3100mp

3 weeks ago

Sneaky peek at site visit photos for @shaunlockyer and ONEDIN image by @scottburrowsphotographer @phaseonephoto @captureonepro @indurotripods #iq3100mp

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