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2 days ago

When your waiting in the carpool line forever, but the light is really good

2 weeks ago

Wait it’s Monday again?!?.... already?!?

2 weeks ago

#throwbackthursday Remember kids, don’t play with fireworks, let the adults who have been drinking all day do it!! (Just kidding- pls be safe today- having ten fingers is still cool )

2 weeks ago

In honor of America’s birthday, I have washed my hair. And by the look on my face, you can tell I’m not too happy about it (the hair washing I mean ) #happybirthdayamerica #4thofjuly

3 weeks ago

Vacation mode turned on. Dirty hair... don’t care!!!

4 weeks ago

I may not be able to spend your birthday with you, but that won’t stop me from sending kisses 💋 💋💋 Happy Birthday @selmablair

4 weeks ago

Do you think this is what they mean on #nationalselfieday ?? Yup, another flight delay. The joys of travel, and terrible air plane lighting... but I’m going home. Eventually. I hope.

5 weeks ago

How short should I go?!? 💇 They say beauty comes from within... they mean within the hair salon rt??

last month

And we’ve never looked back #fathersday

last month

Just try and make me come home... but really please don’t.

last month

@theshando - you couldn’t lose me if you tried (and I think you might have 😉 ) #nationalbestfriendday - Its really hard to find a best friend who is cute, loving, kind, generous, sexy, caring and smart. My advice @sarahmgellar - don’t lose me 😂

last month

Vacation mode activated

last month

#flashbackfriday Just saying......

May 2019

#bazinga Who is ready for #thebigbangtheory finale (or did you watch already?!? )

May 2019

About last night.... the true definition of brave, my friend @selmablair

May 2019

Sometimes you are born into a family, and sometimes a family chooses you. In sickness and in health is the true mark of that partnership. I am so proud to be a member of #teamselma Last night the amazing @robinrobertsgma and I had the greatest job of helping to honor @selmablair But don’t think for a minute that this pic represents all of us. @rogerkumble @thetexastroya @kristasmith @iamchrisregina #davidlyons @constancezimmer @janeylopatypr (there are more ....I could go on forever ) And to @nancypeaceandlove thank you for all that you do in the effort to #racetoerasems But most importantly to #arthursaint - the reason your mom gets up every day and fights so hard. (And the boy I could learn some red carpet tricks from )

May 2019

When it’s time for the kindergarten sleepover, one must get into character. #ridikkulus

May 2019

#maythe4thbewithyou One of the true highlights of my career, is being a part of the #starwars universe. And then, getting an attraction at #disneyland was beyond. You know it’s always more fun on the #darkside 😉

May 2019

Something I learned today, it’s really hard to take a picture of yourself wearing a romper when you are home alone. So take my word for it, not only is this romper super comfy it’s super cute. But more importantly, 100 percent of the proceeds, will go directly to @allianceofmoms to raise money for young mothers in foster care in the Los Angeles area. If you are looking for a great #mothersday gift...look no further. Also feel free to leave any instructions on how to take full body pics of yourself (clearly I can use the help )

April 2019

When you are home sick on a Monday, the new @alicewriterland book is definitely a pick me up. And it comes highly recommended me (check out my stories )

April 2019


April 2019

We #gotgoing yesterday at #weday Los Angeles. Once again I was blown away by these young kids abilities to use their voices to create change. Being a part of the @wemovement is truly one of my greatest joys!! #getgoing

April 2019

#womancrushwednesday To the woman I wake up with every morning (get your minds out of the gutter...on my tv ) @robinrobertsgma “life is not so much what you accomplish, as what you overcome” #wcw

April 2019

#earthday all joking aside, there is so much each one us can do, even in our own small way to make a difference. I even talk to my kids about it, and have taught them to use re-usable lunch bags and water bottles. Or my personal fave (for the adults ) couples help conserve water...shower together.

April 2019

#husbandappreciationday I appreciate that my husband never laughs at my choices... because he knows he’s one of them. (Well and he knows what’s good for him ) 😉

April 2019

#flashbackfriday remember last Sunday when it was my bday?!? Well my bday is still happening (why have a day when you can have a week ) thank you to my @foodstirs family for throwing me such a fun party.

April 2019

#mondaymotivation They say a strong woman is someone who is able to smile this morning, like she wasn’t crying last night. They must have been talking about @selmablair My Monday (and everyday ) motivation

April 2019

Thank you all for making me feel like a queen on my birthday!!

April 2019

Just like my dog, it’s time for my summer cut #newhairwhodis 💇

April 2019

#mondaymotivation Because some days, I need a reminder 😂

April 2019

I am so excited to announce the official reboot of #swanscrossing That’s right Sydney Rutledge is all grown up. “You gotta grow up sometime” Who else is excited....for #aprilfools

March 2019

#donotdisturb If anyone is looking for me over the next 24 hours, I will be very busy devouring my advance copy of @karinslaughterauthor new book. #thelastwidow You know what’s even better than reuniting with #willtrent and #saralinton ?? Finding out that I get a shout out in the book!! #bookworm

March 2019

#flashbackfriday My #21yearschallenge @selmablair

March 2019

Is there a 21 year challenge?? On the left my 21 bday with @selmablair , on the right today (I know you all can do the math... I don’t need to remind myself literally ) Thank you @disneyland for a truly magical day!!

March 2019

Happy birthday to my stand-by husband @leeepfrog Thank you for always being ready to go on when @realfreddieprinze doesn’t want to.... #metball #oscars #projectrunway #bdayparties although neither of you likes musicals (guess that’s where @deleonmakeup comes in handy lol ) #happybirthday

March 2019

Which was your favorite quote?!? @cruelintentionsmovie

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