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my lil goblin


ideas ideas ideas idk i’m just bullshittn n freestylin n i can’t even freestyle


eye dunno what to caption this

2 days ago

turned a freestyle into a song. let me know what you think #freestyle

4 days ago

Who’s gotten your tickets so far?? i’m headed back to LA to rehearse the show and choose the songs i’ll be performing. What songs do you wanna hear? Can’t wait to see you guys 🗣❤️🚀 #tour tickets at

6 days ago

EVERYONE TAG YOUR CONCERT BUDDIES! IM EXCITED TO SEE ALL OF YOU GUYS. FIRST DAY WE SOLD OUT SO IM WORKING ON ADDING TICKETS! If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet don’t wait , go get them! tickets at enjoy your sundays, cheers!! #europe #tour #la #nyc

2 weeks ago

let’s gooOooOoo!! i’m so fuckin jazzed to get back on the road. like ive said once i start i’m not stopping!! see you soon. i’m racing everyone in shotgunning once i get to europe

2 weeks ago

lets fuckin party baby!!! tickets are live!! go to!! THEYRE SELLING OUT GET TOO IT DONT MISS OUT!! CHEERS 🤷🏻‍♂️🍻🚀

2 weeks ago

EUROPE!!!!! It’s about fuckin time i’m coming to you!! AFTER THE PAST 5 years of you asking for me. its finally happening 🚀💪🏼😭🥺 hitting new york and LA as soon as i’m done raging in europe!!! tickets on sale tomorrow on!! . playing old music and new music!!! rally your friends, let’s party🍻

2 weeks ago

i look drunk or confused but most likely both but had a good time at the @dkny event the other night! 🤷🏻‍♂️🤣cheers #nyfw

2 weeks ago

i can take your bad days and make them better days!!! lmao i love this app. happy sunday, i’m just here enjoying it w my children 😀🤟🏼 CHEERS. ps if u haven’t heard this song click the link in my bio!! #triller

2 weeks ago

first game of the season. dial up!! i’m fired up!! we headed to the super bowl this year, let’s gooo🚀😤😤😤😤 @bakermayfield

3 weeks ago

good laughs with a good lad

3 weeks ago

nash takes great pics @expressionthroughperspective

4 weeks ago

lol last pic from the other night. whatchu rate this fit

4 weeks ago

in case u were wondering what drunk sammy is like. usually my speech is the first to go. used to get caught by mama n papa wilk very easily in highschool cause i’d pull up n start talkin like this 🤣😭😭😭

5 weeks ago

out now!!!! click the link in my bio!! comment below your favourite line in the song 👀❤️

5 weeks ago

midnight tonight.

5 weeks ago

im gonna be in new york to support my guy @iamshaft on sunday!! i’m hoopin in the basketball game!! come out and support!! @sneakergames tix at

last month

lil sammy 🥺

last month

hahahahah you’re my idol @bakermayfield

last month

2nd post today but fugggggggit we havin too much fun w this shit 🤣😭 EP still goin strong run that bih and throw her on some playlists. link in bio. love u nerds 😏😏❤️ #triller

3 weeks ago

new music coming soon 😛😛😛 this ones featuring @jackj 👀👀👀😈😈 cheers #triller #sammywilk

July 2019

willa wouldn’t stop moving but yknow just hangin w my second family 😇

July 2019

still unbelievable that my sister got married. cheers em and bake. i hope every day feels like Saturday for you ❤️

July 2019

atleast i saved the corona. cheers, happy thursday

July 2019

sitting sophisticated bc i fuckin am. hopped on a red eye flight right after the celebrity basketball game lassnight. landed and went straight into interviews. may or may not have spiked my cold brew w vodka. very tired now. happy wednesday!! who’s got a beer for me?

July 2019

on my European swag 😝😝🍺

July 2019

congrats nash n taylor we love you

July 2019

my mood after my sis and bakes wedding this weekend. fun weekend but not enough sleep. time to get after it though. what’s ur favourite song on my new project? tag a friend who hasn’t heard it. sendin big love to you all

July 2019

hi brother @bakermayfield

July 2019

happy july 3!! i’m out here jigggin today to my new ep. everyone send me you jammin out i’m gonna be posting some of them!!! tag all your friends in this post that needs to hear the new music. link in bio!!!!! cheers!

June 2019

tonight. 12am pst. KEEP IT IN THE MIDDLE ep

June 2019

Keep It In The Middle Friday June 28th // 4 new songs. tag your people in the comments

June 2019

the best is yet to come... 4 new songs // Keep It In The Middle - Friday June 28

June 2019

boat life’s always good. side note - new sammy wilk music friday june 28th, tag your friends below to let them know. WHOOOOOOP

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