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Make Magic Happen 🧿 Sold at Bergdorf Goodman, FortyFiveTen, Joanna Czech. Seen in Glamour, ALLURE, WWD, Forbes, etc. #WitchMade

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2 days ago

Wake & Smudge: Start your week off with a clean energetic slate. I’m headed to NOLA to deal with a ghost issue for a client and consume lots of @willajeanneworleans ! #sageandsalt

6 days ago

Let the universe know you could use a little more cha-ching in your life with this prosperity-focused Manifestation Candle. Conjured with the intention to attract abundance, burn it in your place of business or just at home to keep the cash coming. #sageandsalt

2 weeks ago

Actual photo of me headed to brunch. #SageAndSalt

2 weeks ago

Counting down the seconds until this weekend, so I can soak in our Smudge Bath Potion. If you love the scent of our Smokeless Smudge, you’re gonna dig this. Perfect for washing away a week’s worth of unwanted vibes. #SageAndSalt

3 weeks ago

Are you familiar with our Spell Salts? Enchanted dusts/powders, created on my altar during specific moon phases and filled with magical ingredients to help you manifest a variety of things. Seen here is our Lust Dust. Discover them all on #sageandsalt

4 weeks ago

Good Vibe Essentials: Our Smokeless Smudge and black tourmaline palm stone, which will be released next week. Black tourmaline is the OG of protective crystals: think of it like an energetic bouncer. Shady vibes not permitted. #sageandsalt

4 weeks ago

Weekend Vibes. #SageAndSalt

4 weeks ago

Protection Candle: Manifest boundaries and cut cords with people / things that do not serve your best interest. Circle candle (but not too closely ) with images of loved ones, stones, or your written desires. #SageAndSalt

last month

Smudge whenever, wherever and as often as you’d like without setting off any smoke-alarms. Our Smokeless Smudge is a magical blend to banish negative vibes. #SageAndSalt

last month

Did someone say weekend? #SageAndSalt

last month

Spritz our Abundance Mist and tell the universe you’re ready for prosperity. Fill your space with this magical-invitation to whatever you desire. #SageAndSalt

last month

News: Sage & Salt can now be found at @joannaczechofficial ! Joanna is the high priestess of skincare and we are thrilled to be bringing a new kind of magic to her Dallas studio. #SageAndSalt #czechlist

last month

Actual photo of me thinking about crystals + cake. We’ve got big things coming up and can not wait to share. Also, listing a few of our curated, cleansed and charged stones next week. Stay magical, friends. #SageAndSalt

last month

Conjure up some prosperity with a single spritz of this money-making magic. An enchanting mist that fills any space with the spirit of abundance, this opulent spray is crafted with real 24-karat gold, and magical herbs to ignite your best life. #SageAndSalt

April 2019

Unwind and cleanse away bad vibes in a magical brew of sacred Palo Santo, white sage, and Dead Sea salt that’s been bathed in moonlight. Dive into this charged potion and wash away the day’s negativity. #SageAndSalt

April 2019

One. More. Day. Check in tomorrow to see what magic I’ve been brewing up. #SageAndSalt

April 2019

NEWNESS INCOMING: On April 15th I’m introducing a few new products that are magical AF. They are going to go fast, but if you don’t snag them in time, I’ll have a waiting list too. #SageAndSalt

April 2019

Often Imitated, Never Duplicated: when you purchase a bottle of Smokeless Smudge from Sage & Salt, you’re buying a product that was mindfully created from start to finish. From the ethically sourced ingredients, to the people who create and package your order, it’s all good vibe-orientated. Proudly #WitchMade #SageAndSalt

April 2019

Before I start any meditation, reading or just need to clear the fog from my third eye, I spritz our Intuition Spray. Also, I’ll never be over all of this aquamarine. #SageAndSalt

March 2019

This photo means so much to me... my baby, my magic, MY BRAND displayed at Bergdorf Goodman (next to a Prada shoe, no less ). It’s so surreal. Huge thank you to everyone for the years of support. #SageAndSalt 📸: @thealexandraarnold

March 2019

BACK IN STOCK: These hand-poured, small batch Money Manifestation Candles are infused with scents, oils, colors and magic to inspire the spirit of abundance in your life. #SageAndSalt

March 2019

Sunday-funday, witches! Straddle a broom and brew up a naughty potion. I’m resting and recharging before working on some major newness. #SageAndSalt ( @itsbestfree )

March 2019

Just did a whole lotta readings in Dallas. But not without the help of our Intuition Spray. A brew of natural scents and amethyst to open your third eye and boost your hunch. #SageAndSalt

March 2019

Witch on Wheels: we’ve returned home and taking the weekend to recharge. Give us a few days to get back to all of these emails/DMs. Hope you’re having a magical weekend. #SageAndSalt

March 2019

Looking to open your third eye and establish a stronger instinct? Have your hunches fallen flat lately? Get your psychic on with our Intuition Spray. This magical potion is a potent blend of moon-charged ingredients that will up your clairvoyant energies. Say goodbye to doubt, and hello to intuition. #SageAndSalt

March 2019

Smokeless Smudge: when you encounter a shady mofo and can’t light up a bundle of sage. Good vibes anytime, anywhere. #SageAndSalt

March 2019

Working on some new products that you are gonna L-O-V-E. But you know I’m not dropping during Merc Retro... #SageAndSalt

March 2019

I don’t know what’s in the air, but I can’t make enough of these Love Manifestation Candles. Let the universe know you want some love, lust or romance. #SageAndSalt

March 2019

Thrilled to announce that @sloanhall will be carrying Sage & Salt! Sloan/Hall is so chic and filled with fabulousness. Houston just got a little more witchy. #SageAndSalt

March 2019

Cleanse the energy of your space with our Purification Manifestation Candle. Banish the creepy vibes of that guest bedroom or lingering memories of an ex. #SageAndSalt

March 2019

No bitching, but lots of witching on this fine Saturday. Slaying orders before a week-long beach retreat for this crew. Orders placed after 6th, won’t be mailed until 18th. #SageAndSalt

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