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last month

a lipstick fiend finds her fix 💄 who wants to join me? lol

last month

~just~ posted the first of our east asia series videos! comment “🦇” if u have already watched 🖤

June 2019

sunglasses and a raincoat and a whole lot of sweat... oh my 😱☔️🕶 had the best time in hong kong - now time to head back to the states and edit everything we shot!!

June 2019

mystery glam for an upcoming video 👀✨ any guesses? hint: it’s not wedding makeup, tho i wouldn’t mind a look like this at my wedding! lol

May 2019

chunky seoul-ed sneakers 👟 (that’s terrible I know but its what i came up with 🙃 ) can’t wait to show you guys what we’ve been filming on our asia trip!

May 2019

the great bat migration of 2019 🦇 comment “👽” below if u have already watched the newest video!

May 2019

can’t wait to pick my fabric ☺️

May 2019

i call this one my “professor snape jacket” 🦇 can anyone tell me, is it may or october???

May 2019

a vampy door feat. a very long arm and a claw-like grip 🧛🏼‍♀️

April 2019

it’s like slenderman, but a wedding dress 👰🏻 this isn’t the dress i chose, but if u want to see what i did choose then check out the new vid on my channel! comment “🖤” if u have seen the new video ✨

March 2019

first time buying a trenta at starbucks... im scared lol. we’re in for a long night of editing bois ☠️

March 2019

couldn’t fit my wallet in here but i could fit my dignity (and a single airpod ) 🐊🐊🐊

March 2019

in this episode of “what the hell am i doing”... finished shooting the second of our next 2 videos today! it’s been taking us a while to shoot & edit these vids, but we should have 2 videos coming your way before the end of the month!! i’m sure you guys have noticed our videos have gotten a lot longer so they’ve oftentimes been taking longer than we want to finish, but we’re doing everything we can to get them done. i’m sorry it’s been a while since the last post, but i promise we’re working nonstop behind the scenes ✨ ps, yes this still is from an actual video lol

March 2019

good afternoon from my 90s sweater 💾. and yes, yes there is a floppy disk emoji for heaven knows what reason

February 2019

on my way 2 cats the musical (feat. zozo top )

February 2019

happy valentine’s day from our inflatable jacuzzi and tyler’s chest hair 😍😍😍

February 2019

i thought i was being glam until i saw the lipstick fading from my *ahem* inner waterline 🤨

February 2019

my #ootd is this giant duffel bag of a sauna. comment “🛁” if u have watched the newest video!

December 2018

my secret shopping go pro setup is verrryyyy inconspicuous 😎 jk sorry to anyone i harassed at the mall today. any guesses as to what we filmed?

December 2018

they got me in red 😱 also, for some reason it looks like i’m missing a finger 🤔 but we were in the youtube rewind this year!! comment 💄 if u saw our scene!

November 2018

true life: these uggs are trying to eat me 👢😱

November 2018

costume three: happy all hallows’ eve from your friendly neighborhood morticia and gomez 🦇 comment “👀” if you have already watched the newest franken-makeup video!

October 2018

costume two: tyler is not on fire 1 🔥 anyone dressing up like a youtuber this year?? 😂

October 2018

costume one: bears, beets, bats, and battlestar galactica 🐻🍠🦇👽 what are you dressing up as tonight?? ps - bat b*tch hoodies are now back in stock on in sizes up to 3XL!! 👻

October 2018

didn’t win a #streamy but i did get at least one useable photo!! 👻 it’s ok guys, we’ll get em next year 😂

October 2018

look ma, it’s raining and sunny at the same time 😮 if you’ve already seen our newest video, comment “is that even good?” ☔️

October 2018

it’s cold enough for sweaters but warm enough for birks 🍁🍂👻 muahaha

October 2018

happy monday, witches 🔮 comment 👽 if u have seen yesterday’s video!

October 2018

it’s wednesday, october 3rd, so *someone* had to wear pink 🎀👽

October 2018

a bat is always prepared for october 🦇✔️

September 2018

hello fiends 👽👋🏻

August 2018

jesus take the wheel. or in this case, pant leg 🙏🏼

July 2018

hi my name is safiya and i have a basketball game tomorrow 🏀🏀🏀 comment a 🏀 emoji if u have already seen yesterday’s vid and know what i’m talking about!! 🖤

July 2018

this bat turned 26 today 😱🦇

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