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3 days ago

Disco thinks his arms are skis. Still hasn’t learnt to crawl normal... #stuffnormal 🎿 🤣

3 weeks ago

So I love traveling but @sockie norris doesn’t... and I get to choose a holiday for our family (because we never go on any ) but Sockie reckons she isn’t going to leave Australia... Do you guys have any tips on how to convince Sockie to go overseas? 🤔 @dhdsurf (the best surf boards ) @ripcurl_aus

4 weeks ago

I realized I forgot to tell you Instagram that my mama is pregnant. And this time I didn’t even cry with the gender reveal. 💗🤣

4 weeks ago

Tie dye legends T-shirt Merch dropping times- •NEW YORK Saturday 22nd June 7pm. •LA Saturday 22nd June 4pm. •SYDNEY Sunday 23rd June 9am. •LONDON Sunday 23rd June 12am. HALF PRICE SHIPPING FOR AUSSIES 🇦🇺

last month

Ok so I know I should say I don’t care if the baby is a boy or girl as long as it’s healthy and of course I hope for that ♥️ but to me that’s like me answering the question “Sabre what do you want to be when you’re older”and me saying healthy. I definitely wish that for sure but I also hope for others things. This is Discos gender reveal. I was devastated he was a boy, it’s so weird because now we have him I wouldn’t change him for anything because he is perfect. Can’t wait to see the gender of the new baby and yep I still hope for a girl but hopefully I don’t cry this time 🤣

last month

We dressed up in blue or pink if we think our new baby was going to be a boy or girl..... what do you reckon?? Hope it’s a GIRL!!!!!

last month

Our TOY MANIA Facebook Live with BIG W is TODAY! We’ll need YOUR help as we take on challenges to reveal the coolest toys in the Toy Sale! Follow the link to the BIG W Facebook page and click ‘Get Reminder’ to be notified of when we go live TODAY at 4:30pm AEST! See you soon!  https://bit.ly/2KnFmJ2 #bigwtoysale #toymania @bigwaustralia

last month

Never did we imagine we would sell out Merch styles in hours!! Thanks so much to everyone who bought something it means so much. And if your parents didn’t let you buy any don’t worry our parents don’t let us either and it doesn’t make you more or less of a #legend ❤️Also sorry to the Aussie legends that had to pay for international shipping costs, the company we work with lives in America, they are the best at what they do (you’re going to ❤️ the Merch ) but I know the shipping costs suck. We are trying to work out a way to make it better for future drops. @naznorris

May 2019

We finally made MERCH! Link in bio or Norrisnuts.shop. It’s super limited. We worked so hard on it hope you guys dig it. Who watched the YouTube clip? What team did you think won? 📸 @naznorris

May 2019

The first time I met @markmathewssurf was the same day that I decided I was quitting surfing forever. I had watched my hero Mick and the 🦈 at Jbay that morning and it really scared me. I was about 20 mins into my retirement and our friend Dan Ross sent us a text and said let’s surf and he had his friend Mark with him. Probably due to the fact we had watched Marks movie fighting fear so many times we knew it by heart I stuffed my retirement plans and within 30 minutes not only had we met Mark but also somehow convinced Mark and Britt (his wife ) to take us to all you can eat Pizza Hut that night. (He didn’t even get mad when we put 🍦on our 🍕————————————— When all the good things started happening for me (going on Ellen, Sally’s event etc ) it seemed lots of bad things were happening for Mark. Injury after injury. I remember visiting him in hospital after he almost lost his leg. It was pretty scary. But it didn’t matter what bad stuff Mark was dealing with he always made time to help me and cheer for me. To see what Mark did today and to know what he has overcome was... well I have no words just a feeling. So so so stoked for you Mark. YOU DID IT! Yes you broke your foot.... but you did it.

April 2019

Nazzy just testing if Disco is insane or not. 🤣❤️ Phew he passed.

April 2019

We've teamed up with PlayStation in the school holidays. So many fun games to play together like Little Big Planet 3 & Ratchet and Clank on PS4. It's heaps of fun! If we get sick of a game, there's always new apps and games available to purchase from PlayStation Store @PlayStationAU #PSSchoolHolidays

April 2019

No Way- we hit 2 MILLION on YouTube! Imagine these 4 kids going up to a tv network and saying “we want to produce, script, edit, film and star in our own show, can you give us a crack?” C’mon we’d have Buckley’s.... but because of the amazing platform @youtube and our love of making videos this bunch of donuts have done exactly that and you know what’s even crazier we’ve getting more traction than any other Aussie show! We got NO managers, NO videographers, NO filmers, NO MCNs... but what we DO have is SO much better than all those fancy titles we have a team of #legends (our YouTube subscribers ) who completely back us, accept us, support us and get the homeschool freak nuts we are. Thank you legends your support allows us to have full creative control, answer to no one and not be molded by nothin or nobody. Thank you thank you thank you. #2million

March 2019

I googled and read about your story the whole way home from Sydney @turiapitt and I’ve been thinking about you all day. I worry about being small, my 2 younger sibling are now taller than me (very annoying ) but after meeting you I promise I’m going to get over it and accept myself, that’s what you taught me . You are brave, courageous, funny but my fav thing was you are just you, I could feel it. Thanks for spending your time talking to us. ❤️ ps can’t wait to go surfing with you and your family.

March 2019

This was baby Discos 3rd 2 hour sessions of the day. He’s progress amazes me 🤣❤️ #skaterboy

March 2019

We are shooting the reading peoples assumptions about us YouTube video, please comment if you want us to include yours. Funny ones welcome!

February 2019

Trying to convince Naz to cuddle me instead of Bunny. ❤️

January 2019

Happy Birthday BIGGY! I’m looking at him now and he is fast asleep. Tonight when we were brushing our teeth he looked in the mirror and I could see tears in his eyes. I asked him why he was crying he said he could see his face turning old and he is worried that will mean he might turn boring in the next few months. I tried to explain to him that I just didn’t think that it was humanly possibly that he could ever become boring. So happy birthday to the most unboring, funny, one of a kind, emotionally unstable, intense, competitive and unique person I know. Being your sister makes my life the opposite of boring. ❤️ Sabre @biggynorris

January 2019

We met the most special girl, her name is Emily. Emily and I both had pressure in our brain and we both had an MRI to see if we had a tumor. I was the scariest I have ever felt in my life before I had all the tests. But I got lucky my MRI showed that I just had a bit of a bigger brain than average but Emily for some reason got the result that I was so scared of getting she has a brain Tumor and had to have emergency surgery. She was just like me except she got the bad result and I got the good. I couldn’t imagine how she must of felt when they told her she has a tumor. Emily is one of those special people that makes you feel so comfortable to be around. She is just stoked and happy and makes everyone near her feel good. I asked Emily for some advice because sometimes I get really anxious about my medical tests. Emily’s advice was not to worry it doesn’t change anything anyway and she also said to always stay still. Which really made me feel sad because I thought of all the needles, operations, tubes and test Emily has had to stay still for can you imagine? But she just keeps smiling. Emily has touched my heart. Emily also has a go fund me page (link in bio ) because she can’t go home from hospital (she’s been in there since September ) because her house isn’t fit for a wheel chair, so if you can please donate some money to Emily (and all together let’s get her 🏡 home ) if you can’t please send her good vibes and hope Emily gets better. ❤️Sabre

December 2018

I’m so exited for Christmas! Merry Christmas guys. ❤️🎄

November 2018

Introducing Biggy Fanning. But seriously who doesn’t want to be Mick Fanning. Girls and parents always asks me what’s the best boards to learn to surf on it’s an easy one @mfsoftboards they are a STACK easier than the other soft boards to get up on and turn and I bet you $5 once you are able to get up on a surfboard you’re gonna fall in love with surfing for the rest of your life. Now Surfing is my sport I wouldn’t ride anything else other than a @dhdsurf - They are the best performance board you can get. Andddd my fav wetsuit are @ripcurl_aus For my grip and leg rope I use @creaturesofleisure Wax must be sex wax *sounds sketchy but it’s the name. (This isn’t paid ad I just thought it might help people who are keen to start surfing. ) 🎥 @shane blue 🎶 @baddreems ❤️

November 2018

Wait for it.... Happy Birthday 🎂🎁 to my littlest sister Nazzy who is born in njanuary (aka November 🤣 ) The least explosive and loyalist out of us 5 kids. 🎀😊🍪 @naznorris This clip always make me laugh. Love you with all my heart @naznorris

October 2018

My favorite moment on our YouTube so far. Meeting baby disco❤️ love at first sight. Thanks so much for 900k #legends , that’s insane!!! link in bio if you missed this one

October 2018

I’m not really an animal person, I’m scared of dogs especially after what happened to Biggy. But my little sister Naz LOVES animals so much it doesn’t matter what animal she loves it. She was allowed to have a gold fish 🐠 but the bad news was it died a long and painful death (swim bladder disorder ) and the whole process broke Naz’s ❤️ heart. We tried to replace it but naz realised it wasn’t the same fish and her heart broke. We thought a funeral might help heal Nazzy heart so that’s what we did. This was Nazzy eulogy she said at the funeral. I wouldn’t say I’m heartless but I don’t feel emotions as much as Biggy and Naz but this one broke my heart. It was the cutest. Especially the full stop 🛑 Link to full YouTube clip in bio.

October 2018

Q- What’s better than pieing your sibling in the face?🤷🏼‍♀️ A- Watching them get pied in the face in slow motion (10 times ) 🤣 Watch us try out 5 awesome new games from @hasbrogaming ! #sp

September 2018

Possibly the best conversation they have ever had about puberty. 🤣 YouTube link in bio

September 2018

We are shooting a Q&A for YouTube. Please 🙏🏻ask us some questions (otherwise it’s going to be a pretty boring video 🤣 ). Funny or serious what ever you reckon. Can be one for Biggy, Sockie or Naz too. ❤️ Sabre

September 2018

I finally thought of way to control my nervous feeling. I took a coloring book to the competition and colored in on deck between my turns. Not sure if that makes me a proper extreme sports athlete but it definitely helped me not to vomit 🤣🤢. I wish I won gold for @markmathewssurf and @mfanno but I was happy enough with the silver. Behind the scenes is on my YouTube ❤️ Sabre

September 2018

Sockie and Biggy are now taller than me so I’m so stoked that I’m still taller than Disco. 🤣❤️ Ps Still can’t believe we hit 800k YouTube #legends !! So grateful, thanks guys 💕

September 2018

@biggynorris is thinking about getting a proper boy haircut? I can’t imagine Biggy with short hair? What do you reckon? 🤔

August 2018

I don’t have the heart to tell them the reason baby @disco norris isn’t laughing is because they just aren’t funny.🤣

August 2018

I’m looking for a boyfriend, any takers??🤣 @sockie norris fully set me up with this edit, hey. This morning we released my all time favorite YouTube clip. Hope you guys got to watch it.. just close your eyes for this bit. 🤣❤️ (link in bio ) Sabre ps #legends aren’t perfect. Pss at least I didn’t eat it 🤦🏼‍♀️

August 2018

We got a 👶🏼 !! My siblings and I were responsible for choosing his name (anything we wanted. ) We chose DISCO, because we reckon Disco makes people think of fun, laughing and good times and because we all have weird names we thought he would match 👍🏻.I’m not sure if you guys watched on YouTube our gender reveal? But what happened was when I cut the 🎂 cake and found out we were having a boy. I cried because I was hoping for a girl. (I find it hard to hide and pretend with my emotions 🤦🏼‍♀️🤣 ) it’s so funny because now I’ve met Disco and fallen in love with him I would never change Disco to be a girl even though at the start I really wanted him to be one because he is just so perfect the way he is. ❤️ Sabre ps Birth video out now- link in bio. @biggynorris @sockie norris @naznorris @disco norris @norrisnuts

July 2018

Wow, we are freaking out that our YouTube team has over 500k #legends ❤️! Out of everything in my life, this is definitely the thing I’m proudest of. Being part of a movement of honesty and not perfection, but still trying hard to be good but then failing a fair bit too...🤦🏼‍♀️🤣❤️. Thank you so much to everyone of you guys who are part of our #legend army, and hoped good things for us. We ❤️ u🙏🏻! Ps can we make it to a million????? 💁🏼‍♀️ @sockie norris @biggynorris @naznorris @norrisnuts

July 2018

It took us about an hour to convince @naznorris into having a crack at the big jump. We told her because she is little she wouldn’t get much air that’s the rule of physics, she bought it.... 🤣❤️

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