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Partner @genflow_ I build global brands. — 🌍 Top 20 Podcast @mindsetmattersmost out now 👇🏽

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5 weeks ago

Back at the HQ. Good to be home. Working on some big projects 🌍 Target is to surpass every goal I set for 2019 and start early on 2020 God Willing.

last month

@rocnation meeting today. Not here by chance. I spent years breaking down every door that was closed to me.

last month

NYC 🇺🇸 #ajbxng

May 2019

Been digging deep, finding new levels of focus. Something big is on the way ✨

April 2019

If people say you’ve changed... Tell them standing still is not an option.

April 2019

Family matters most 👌🏽🙏🏽

April 2019

At 16 I couldn't force my way into a job. When I finally did, was let go for trying to move too fast. . . Today I run businesses that create jobs, futures and make a positive impact on people's lives. . . In my mind I always knew it would end up okay, even if at the start I was not where I wanted to be.

April 2019

Episode 9 of @mindsetmattersmost Is now live with @dean schneider (link in bio ) . . In our journey to success timing is everything. If we are not doing what we love on day one, this is not a reason to give up but a reason to work even harder. . . Dean built a multi-million pound business and had everything. People would have thought he was living his dream, when in actual fact this this couldn't be further from the truth. . . His passion was caring for animals and he left everything behind in Switzerland, moved to South Africa and now lives with his family of rescued animals. . . Today, Dean has one of the fastest growing accounts in the world and is putting out some of the most viral content in the current social era.

March 2019

How can I complain when all I see is opportunity

March 2019

When challenges become harder, focus on your “WHY”

March 2019

Allow your circumstances in life to drive you. . . Understand that our hardest times will prepare us for our best days. . . Know that in the end it will all work out. . . Quitting is not option, those that quit live with not knowing what could have been.

March 2019

Episode 8 of is now live with co-founder of @thegoodquote @roxannesvibe (Link in bio ) . . Leon and I got deep in conversation with Meggan about all things life, self development and becoming stronger through our mistakes. . . The power of communication is it can become a form of healing and for me this was one of those moments. . . Completely unplanned and raw, but so real. . . Be sure to take a look at @thegoodquote it has over 15 million followers on Instagram alone and creates awareness around mental health and self care through literature and content.

February 2019

Amazing where hard work and dedication can take you. Successful trip to New York complete ✅

February 2019

Episode seven of @mindsetmattersmost with @joshdenzel is now live. Link in bio. . . Excuse my passion in this video but this is a journey I've been on myself so it definitely hit home . . We touched on so many relatable subjects including: . . The importance of seeking fulfilment in life How to stop over thinking The value of being surrounded by positive people How to become an entrepreneur and study at the same time . . A must-listen episode ... Josh was so passionate and had such a great perspective on life and how he just moved through the motions by being himself and doing what he believed in.

February 2019

Truly humbled to confirm we have now surpassed 1 Million Views on @mindsetmattersmost Thank you to every single person that has supported our movement so far. . . A massive thank you to  @facebook who supported our last episode and believed in our vision, not forgetting our guests that have played a key party in our growth. . . So much more to come 🙏🏽

February 2019

I always say "your purpose will find you"  this for me is one those moments. . . Excited to announce my new partnership with @genflow_ & @shan hanif . . Genflow is a global one of a kind business that help people of influence create, launch and run their own brands. The company has grown fast showing huge revenues and is now a few months away from the launch of its first International office in Los Angeles. . . We have co-created an invitational personal brand development division that will build and manage businesses for our elite clients. Some BIG projects are currently in development and I will be sharing more information on this in the coming months. . . Yes I’m sharing this news but please take away that you should never stop believing in yourself. Only keep positive people around you, work hard and be consistent. Don’t let your failures crush you, learn and allow them to build you. . . If you have a vision for yourself and don’t know where to start send me a DM, I’m going to choose a few and use my own experiences to give the best possible advice.

January 2019

After our New Years break, Episode 6 of is now live (link in bio ) . . We tell the story of  @edjackson8 a professional rugby player for 10 years, however in April 2017 had an accident that would change his life forever. . . Ed suffered with a spinal injury after diving into the shallow end of a swimming pool and was told by his doctor he may never walk again . . He spent 9 months in a wheel chair not knowing his fate and today against all odds and through his positive mindset Ed is not only walking, he is climbing mountains to amplify the message that “we should never give up on ourselves”, no matter what we are going through. . . This story was a massive eye opener for me and will help us to put things into perspective.  We have to make the most of each day and never take our existence for granted. . . Honestly, such a powerful episode we will all benefit from. . . Link in bio.

January 2019

Looking back now I wouldn't change a thing. No regrets, just lessons in life. - - Adversity will always present itself but so should our self belief, commitment and character. - - Never give up on your dreams, find new ways to fight for them.

January 2019

So this just happened....... - - After weeks of work and planning, today we filmed an episode of  @mindsetmattersmost in partnership with  @facebook - - I had the pleasure of speaking to  @edjackson8 who shared one of the most inspiring stories I have ever heard. - - I am genuinely still coming to terms with how surreal this all is. - - Moments like these make me think back to how we "almost" didn't start the show because of conflicting time-restraints, worries of over-committing not to mention we don’t have media training or hosting experience. - - In the end I say; make your own voice the most positive, believe in yourself, do things that make you happy and who knows, one day something great might just happen? - - For me, that day was today. - - We didn't set out to make history but it wouldn't be a bad thing making it either.

January 2019

Successful strategy meeting with today with @facebook For those of the mindset that companies like Facebook are too big to collaborate with smaller businesses, this couldn’t be further from the truth. . . The same goes for other huge corporations. They are accessible. For all of us. . The question is are you creating a business, product or have an idea outstanding enough for them to be interested in? . . If you have something exceptional, trust me all great companies you could never have dreamed to work with, will eventually find you. . . Be a doer, a great thinker and most important an executor. . . 2019 - I’m giving way more than expected

January 2019

Every day, we make choices between the difficult and the easy path. When we visualise our goals, how many times might we tell ourselves its not possible, it's too difficult, unaffordable, we're unqualified. This negative mindset is in fact a form of comfort which stops us from challenging ourselves. In an era of endless possibilities, resources and self education; if we train our minds to believe we will, then I assure you we can. In 2019 lets say goodbye to: Self doubt. Not challenging ourselves. Over complicating matters/ideas. Thinking our lives can't and won't change. Giving to much importance to what others think. @mindsetmattersmost will be back after the NY break mid Jan 💯

December 2018

Set myself a goal this year to add more balance to life. Hard work yes. But to also take the time to feel grateful, blessed and spend more time with family and friends.

December 2018

We created @mindsetmattersmost to change other peoples lives and to be honest, it’s ended up changing mine. My desire for personal success & that sense of achievement, just doesn't come close to receiving personal messages from complete strangers telling us that what we're doing, is positively impacting their lives. More motivated now than ever to inspire, change & spread positive energy. Do good for others - it will return to us when we least expect it.

December 2018

Episode 5 of  @mindsetmattersmost with @healthychefsteph is now live (link in bio ) . This is the reality of running your own business in the early stages. Before sales, structure, employees, success; it's complete chaos (which you learn to love ) you have to be all in at every stage. What we often see on social media is the end product and not enough emphasis on the failures and hardship along the way. Simply building a brand is not enough, living and breathing your brand is EVERYTHING. The community of successful business women is growing and Steph is part of this movement, pushing for more and striving for change. As someone raised by a female entrepreneur, it's important for me to show how powerful females are in business and hope this episode does exactly that 🙏🏽 Available NOW // Link in Bio

December 2018

Be better than you were yesterday... #progress

December 2018

“Exceed your vision” Everything that’s possible to imagine, can become real 💯 @facebook we’re ready - @mindsetmattersmost

December 2018

Right Hand Man 👌🏽

December 2018

Episode 4 of @mindsetmattersmost is now live (link in bio ) discovering the inspirational story of @mim_shaikh Are you fighting a constant battle of finding your purpose in life? Don’t just be, live for something. There is no secret formula, do good, set goals, work towards them and stay focused. Your purpose will become clear and the better you do, it will evolve naturally. His documentary 'Finding Dad' aired on @bbc and achieved over one million views on opening night. Yes. One million. People might think Mim has just turned up with a documentary and made it overnight, this is so far from the truth. This man has been grafting for years. From working for free, to now being paid to do what he loves. Every step has been with pure self belief knowing that one day it will work out. Episode 4 now live…link in bio

November 2018

I inherited my fathers passion for speaking and if he’s listening, I hope he’s proud 🙏🏽

November 2018

New Episode of @mindsetmattersmost is now live (link in bio ) @humzaproduction gives us an insight into his story & how he has become one of the most watched YouTubers. - - People will take so much from this episode, we learn how Humza struggled early on by mixing with the wrong crowd and how it could have been detrimental to him achieving his dreams. - - He eventually found the strength to recognise what all of us need to, that the company we keep can really make or break you... And thank God, addressing this and moving forward, made him. - - Our surroundings, our friends, they should elevate us. When we do good congratulate us and when we're doing bad speak up.. - - Building a circle or network of power and strength is one of the key components to making it in life, both personally and professionally. - - Be honest with yourself - you'll know.

October 2018

Amazing meeting with @prevulondon today and looking forward to the start of something great.. . . Having now been to the heart of where it all happens, it's no surprise why the standard of the end product is so high. . . If you are on the start of your journey, or just want to build a successful brand: Don't compromise on what you believe in. Understand that it is not a commitment you can walk away from when things get tough. Showcase your brand individuality. Maintain sight of your end goal. . . Believe it will all fall into place.

October 2018

Episode 2 of @mindsetmattersmost is now live on Itunes (link in bio ) In this episode we talk about so much and get to really know Kem in a different light. What stands out the most has to be his battle with anxiety and depression, and as someone who has always suffered with anxiety I think this one really hit home. The scary thing is, mental health is an invisible illness that stays within a person. People don't have a sign on them asking for help. Everyone has their own reasons for why they may suffer with the same or similar problems. Hopefully following this episode we can raise more awareness, and people might seek some help or speak to someone close to them. I guess in short what I would say is we need to always make the effort to be kind to each other, be kind to ourselves. You never really know what someone is going through so be nice, it's always the best option. I really want to thank @kemcetinay doing this because I think this will make a lot of us feel more comfortable to speak about how we really feel.

October 2018

Today on @mindsetmattersmost it was tough,we tackled some delicate subjects.. But if it helps even a few people it will be so worth it 🙏🏽 - - So much respect for @kemcetinay for opening up and keeping it so real.... - - Can’t wait for people to listen/view this episode. - - Live date coming soon...

October 2018

We are what we put the effort into BECOMING.. - - It just takes one idea to change your life. - - The more ideas we have, the more urgency we have, we increase our probability of success. - - This is not motivation, this is encouragement. If you want to do something - GO DO IT.....

September 2018

Quick clip from our first ever @mindsetmattersmost @sirskinz podcast with our guest @bradleysimmonds - - Bradley was such an inspiring guest, we discovered everything about his journey in business, fitness & lifestyle. - - Episode 01 // keep posted for live date...

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