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18 hours ago

🎵Check On Me🎵 - @justinbieber @chrisbrownofficial Probably my favourite song atm, fanx @fovvs for da G-tar x

2 weeks ago

Exploring London this eve 🎡

2 weeks ago

It’s a look 👑

2 weeks ago

Ma pals 🤙🏻

3 weeks ago

Happy birthday to my big bro, my guy, my soul mate, the man who’s changing my stars! We also won best dressed for his 30th!👏🏻 love you sir x

4 weeks ago

I’m a fleece guy x

4 weeks ago

Miss you Romeo 🐴

4 weeks ago

🎵I See Fire🎵 - @teddysphotos I only got 2 takes coz had to go on stage 👀 so not majorly happy with it but this was one of the first covers I ever put online a few years back when I decided I wanted to become a singer....I’ll post that video one day ; )x

last month

Thank You Manchester for what was hands down the best headline show we’ve ever done! 🔥x

last month


last month

Fovvs really wanted to take a pic of me coz he felt suuuuper guilty for the 10000’s of times I’ve shot content for his insta. So this one goes out to him ✌🏻x

last month

I did a thing, credits to @awkwardfilmguy for the support x

last month


last month

Dynamite EP 🧨 out for pre-sale on the 5th of June, release date is the 14th of June x #dynamiteep

last month

Good evening, how are we?😌x

last month

You should see it into a car seat 💺

May 2019

I normally stand like this tbf x

May 2019

🎵Jealous🎵 - @labrinth Lovely tune x

May 2019

🎵Always Remember Us This Way🎵 - A Star Is Born @ladygaga Comment your thoughts on dis cheeky number, I’m looking 😌x

April 2019

This is beautiful! The song, the sentiment and the togetherness it portrays are all testament to what artists/ celebs and the leaders of our world can do to advocate a powerful message for us all!💪🏻 Do anything you can to contribute, we have one shared planet, no second chances and we owe it to each other and ourselves to put differences aside for the one thing that matters most... #earth ❤️ #welovetheearth

April 2019

Comment song suggestions for a new cover 😌x

April 2019

Feel I should be rubbing shoulders with Troy 🏀....anyone else see the problem with this photo? Tag me if you do 😑

April 2019

Filming for the next 2 days, you gonna like it 😌x

April 2019

Just visiting x

March 2019

Good evening x

March 2019

🎵Shallow🎵 @ladygaga TAG 2 FRIENDS who might like or hate this 😂 I’m in the comments x

March 2019

Meet Mr Wong! 🙌🏻 We met with Rugby Free School today and this gentleman was incredible with his students enthusing them to be excited and engaging with us as well as showing off that cracking smile to everyone he spoke to! 😁 it really inspires me to see teachers engaging with their students on a human level not just an authoritative one, education should be seen as a fun, creative exercise and after speaking to some of Mr Wong’s students they believe he is a brilliant Maths teacher 😌 you may not believe this sweeping statement but as students are the future for all of us I believe that... “teachers like Mr Wong can single handedly change the world for the better” ❤️

March 2019

🎵Lay Me Down🎵 - @samsmith A casual sing song 😌 TAG SOMEONE this reminds you of, I dare ya ; )x

February 2019

🎵Someone You Loved🎵 - @lewiscapaldi Guys Lewis is very close to a UK number 1, go download his song NOW and tag me and him to show you’ve done it! Let’s help him get there 💪🏻🔥 Thank you for your endless support! I’ve been working on my guitaring 😂 promise I’ll get better COMMENT what you wanna see next 😌

February 2019

🎵Heard this tune online?🎵 TAG a friend if you think they’d like it😌 COMMENT if you want more of these cheeky acapellas!🔥

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