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Irishman with the recessive pirate gene.

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2 weeks ago

And theeeen the following night, lobbing my elbow into a coyote trap backstage at the Great @rubberbanditsofficial ‘s live podcast with #monstersofshlock ! I’m weak at the knees from all the craic (fun ) ❤️ @venture_presents #blindboy #rubberbandits #toronto #craic

2 weeks ago

Miiiiighty craic (that means fun not drugs ) at this weekend’s @mtlcomiccon , and them lovely Dickensian threads I’m wearing were hand-stitched and pored over by the wonderful @thomasbalint , and young Cameron / Luther played an absolute blinder! ❤️🤟🏾 #mtlcomiccon @cameronbrodeur #thomasbalint #montreal #bumblebee

5 weeks ago

‘Nother tough day at the office @ellenpage @umbrellaacad #canadaswonderland #craic

last month

Amigos! If you’re doing movie night this weekend rent “The Song Of @SwayLake ”, a beautiful movie I’m so proud of and my bit in it. Y si estás en España, ven a nuestros eventos de (Y si estás en España, ven a nuestros eventos de proyección con el director @arigold HOY ) Deets at Thank oo! 😎

April 2019

Holy moly Fela Kuti. Phwoar. I’m arriving late to the game. Thanks for existing ☄️🎺😙 @felakutiofficial

April 2019

Look at that! Sexual chocolate! Pride of place up on my wall. Thanks @john colebourn you talented sexy Warlock from the distant futurepast @umbrellaacad

March 2019

Somethin’s a cookin! With @gilesduley @kayusbanks @one_armed_chef 🍱🥘🍣🍜🍨🌮🦴🥞🍗🍟🦴🥐🥕🥒🍖🍭😎

March 2019

What a penis rousing HONOUR! to meet the undisputed King of Comedy after one of his practise gigs tonight, and even greater giddy pleasure to learn that him and his boy had just binged @umbrellaacad ! @frankie_boyle ❤️

March 2019

Maestro! “Saving for a Real Piano” ❤️ @tofallimusic

March 2019

I sculpted a very mournful cheesecake

March 2019

Sci-Fi Rob Pièce de Résistance coat designed by @is liuchen who is still a fashion student! Amazing talent

February 2019

Happy Chuck Day! It’s a new National Holiday. To commemorate the day I rubbed shoulders and more besides with @chuckpalahniuk ! Oh, and @gerardway was there too 🙃🥳❤️😈🥳

February 2019

Haha, awwww this gives me great joy 😂 @umbrellaacad #portlaoise #mainstreet

February 2019

Doing my bit for the @umbrellaacad marketing machine

January 2019

Ladies and Gentleladies, I met a true childhood hero. A man with style, charisma, and just a little dollop of sexy danger. Oh, and @realwesleysnipes 😁 Wesley we love ya you’re awesome! @joesangre #excelsior #StanLee

January 2019

New trailer! 👅 (slurp slurp ) @umbrellaacad @ellenpage @emmyraver @tom hopperhops @castanedawong @justinmin @cameronbrittonh @therealmaryjblige

January 2019

@Coach lent me this fleece for all the press stuff, and here I am feeding and probably being shat on by a flock of Milanese pigeons. You still want it back @Coach hmmm? 😎💩 #fatbastardpigeons #coach

December 2018

This beer is the best I’ve tasted in London. Serious 😙 @deviantanddandybrewery @chefbyronknight oooooh

October 2018

Not long now baby #mortalengines

September 2018

Once again in the right format, The Song of @SwayLake by @arigold available now in the US on @iTunes , and on the inside of your eyelids if you do a tab of acid and eat a lock of Rory Culkin’s hair at EXACTLY the same time

August 2018

Out in the UK in all good (and pretty average ) cinemas today @badsamfilm

August 2018

Folks, if you’ve never literally shat your pants in the cinema and always wanted to, go see this

May 2018

Happy @BadSamFilm Day Norf America #BadSamaritan 🇺🇸🇨🇦

May 2018

@cp24breakfast Just after this moment, me and George started #mudwrestling

May 2018

Mushroom hat. Hat made from an ACTUAL mushroom #amadou mushroom @arigold

February 2018

Have a look at these two caricatures in the @badsamfilm trailer here US release 4.27.18 Smooch!

February 2018

To all Robert Sheehan fetishists and friends,, get the Kleenex ready cos I've just kickstarted my Insta.