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12 hours ago

🤔Can you guess who hatched from this 🥚egg recently? Promise we're not eggs-aggerating 😂 how cute this little addition is- check back tomorrow for the answer!

19 hours ago

🐻Sundance, the grizzly bear, sure knows how to beat this summer heat💦

1 weeks ago

Riverbanks Zoo and Garden will soon bid a bittersweet farewell to our pair of popular pachyderms as we prepare to welcome the return of another charismatic species—the Southern white rhinoceros. . Riverbanks is working with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ African Elephant Species Survival Plan® to find a new herd for 48-year-old Robin and 37-year-old Belle. The move will enable Robin and Belle to live with a larger group in a more social environment. . “The decision to move Robin and Belle was not easy, but it is the right decision for the animals and Riverbanks,” said John Davis, Director of Animal Care and Welfare at Riverbanks Zoo and Garden. “There is no doubt that Robin and Belle will be missed by our staff, our members, and the community.” . Belle came to Riverbanks from Columbus Zoo in 2001 and Robin in 2007 from Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The two are among 13 African elephants that have lived at the Zoo since 1973. Despite the animals’ upcoming departure, Davis adds that elephants could eventually return to Riverbanks. “It’s certainly not out of the question,” said Davis. “Ideally, we would like to one day manage a breeding group; however, housing male elephants is not an option in our current habitat. Additional space is required to separate males and females during non-breeding season when bulls tend to be solitary animals.” . Following Robin and Belle’s departure, Riverbanks plans to re-introduce and breed Southern white rhinos at the Zoo—a species last seen at Riverbanks in 1989. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN ) estimates less than 22,000 individuals remain in the wild most of which are found in the grasslands of southern Africa. Northern white rhinos are now extinct in the wild because of poaching. . Riverbanks is slated to open the Southern white rhino exhibit in the summer of 2020. The Zoo is planning special activities for the public prior to Robin and Belle’s move beginning with World Elephant Day on August 12. Guests also will have an opportunity to sign a farewell card that will be sent with the animals to their new home. Additional details will be announced in July.

2 weeks ago

🐢 Riverbanks Backstage: Meet our oldest residents face-to-face inside the tortoise habitat. Each guest will have the opportunity to touch and hand-feed the Zoo’s giant Galapagos tortoises. 👋🐢🥬 *Fridays at 11:00am and Sundays at 1:30pm, admission not included in tour rate- $45 Riverbanks members and $60 general public, ages 8 and up only; children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Book now: link in bio!

2 weeks ago

Dads enjoy FREE admission to the Zoo on Father's Day! Join our pride today as we celebrate all those WILD dads out there. 🦁 *All fathers receive FREE Riverbanks admission on June 16th* 📸: Michael Jones

2 weeks ago

Look what native resident just hatched in the Botanical Garden nursery 😍 this little pipevine swallowtail sure is a welcome pollinator here at Riverbanks! 📸: Beth Owens, Botanical Registrar

2 weeks ago

We're very sad to announce that Riverbanks' female siamang, Josie, passed away today. Josie was nearly 20 years old and had been under veterinary care because of a very poor appetite. Our veterinary team performed surgery and determined that her condition was greatly affecting her quality of life and she would not improve. Animal care staff made the decision to humanely euthanize Josie this morning. Josie was a well-known member of the Riverbanks family, famous for her echoing calls sung with her companion, Max. These vocalizations could be heard throughout the entire Zoo and Garden numerous times each day. She was a favorite among guests and staff alike and will always be remembered for her sassy, independent, and very loud personality. Our entire Riverbanks family is saddened by the loss of Josie, she will be deeply missed. ❤️

3 weeks ago

🐘 Riverbanks Backstage: Meet Riverbanks' largest residents and gain a bigger backstage perspective. Discover just how massive elephants are and learn about the care they receive. Each guest will have the chance to feed an elephant as part of the animals’ morning training. 🍠🥬🥕 *Thursday and Sunday mornings at 11:00am, admission not included in tour rate- $45 Riverbanks members and $60 general public, ages 8 and up only; children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Book now link in bio! 🐘❤️

3 weeks ago

Cleaning up the banks of the lower Saluda River is part of Riverbanks' mission to positively impact conservation and create a healthier, more sustainable planet 🌎 In May of last year, Riverbanks initiated a monthly effort to clean the shores of the lower Saluda. Over the last year, staff and volunteers have collected 2️⃣6️⃣7️⃣8️⃣ pounds of harmful debris that otherwise may have ended up in the Atlantic Ocean. The Zoo has been able to ♻️ more than 1,000 lbs. of the litter collected over the last year which included mostly plastics and aluminum cans.

3 weeks ago

Have you visited Pangea recently? Now is your chance, Dinosaurs Around the World is here! And these dinosaurs are dying to meet you #ExtinctionBITES Dinosaurs Around the World: May 25–October 31 from 9:00am–4:30pm daily. ($5 general public, $4 Individual and Family-level members, $3 for Explorer, Patron, and Gold-level members ) Tickets will be available at the gate and all Explorer’s Outposts in the Zoo.

3 weeks ago

💦Celebrate World Oceans Day at Riverbanks today from 10am–4pm! Become a steward of the seas and make waves for ocean conservation! AND enjoy some tasty snacks from @swedishfish Don't miss today's special enrichment at 10:30- sea lions and 2:00- river otters! #WorldOceansDay

3 weeks ago

🐟How much do you know about fish? Complete the quiz in our bio and enter to win a FAMILY MEMBERSHIP to Riverbanks Zoo & Garden, courtesy of @swedishfish Visiting Riverbanks this weekend? School like a fish to the Main Plaza and score yourself a sample of some red, chewy and delicious @swedishfish while supplies last. #SwedishFish

3 weeks ago

📞 Ring, Ring 🦖 Hello? The DINOS are calling! Come hangout with us and meet some really BIG dinosaurs at Dinosaurs Around the World, now at Riverbanks. And along the way we'll learn about the importance of protecting wildlife from extinction! 📸: Sierra Kirkland, Guest Engagement Ambassador

4 weeks ago

🦍 ZaKota's First Birthday was a success! Perks of having a summer birthday include "bomb pop" popsicles 🔴⚪️🔵 made by your keepers. They included special ingredients like raisins and oatmeal, all in a fruit flavored frozen treat! The whole family troop loved them, especially ZaKota- check out his little tongue licking the cherry flavoring!

4 weeks ago

🎉 Happy birthday to you 🎉 happy birthday to you 🎉 happy 1st birthday to ZAKOTA 🎉 happy birthday to you 🎉 Join us in wishing ZaKota the happiest of first birthdays and head to the 🦍 Habitat at 1:30pm today (June 4th ). ZaKota and the entire family troop will be enjoying some special birthday treats!

4 weeks ago

Over 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ plastic bottles saved! The water bottle filling station inside Sea Lion Landing recently exceeded 100,000 plastic water bottles saved by folks refilling their reusable water bottles. This neat counting system tracks the number of 20 oz. plastic water bottles saved by simply #BYOB Keep up the green work everyone, together we can all be a #ForceforNature 🌊 📸: Jeff Mihok, Mammal Keeper

4 weeks ago

🍻Brew at the Zoo: make plans now to join us for the coolest suds sippin’ safari in Columbia. 🍺 Tickets go on sale TODAY! Click the link in our bio to purchase your tickets: riverbanks.org ($40 for Riverbanks members and $50 for general public- or join the Club for VIP Treatment: $90 for Riverbanks members and $100 for general public- begin your Brew at the Zoo VIP experience one hour prior to the official event start. Enjoy exclusive beer tastings, complimentary food pairings, an indoor/outdoor VIP lounge in the Ndoki Forest, and an animal encounter. )

4 weeks ago

👀 Cutest keeper view to cheer up your Thursday afternoon 🦍💕 📸: Emily Guertin, Assistant Curator of Mammals

5 weeks ago

We hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend close to family and friends 🦍💕 📸: Michael Jones

last month

🦖When are you coming to take a BITE out of extinction? Dinosaurs Around the World opened this weekend 🌋 Come and explore this immersive new experience as you walk the shaded walkway past prehistoric giants! Dinosaurs Around the World: May 25–October 31 from 9:00am–4:30pm daily. ($5 general public, $4 Individual and Family-level members, $3 for Explorer, Patron, and Gold-level members ) Tickets will be available at the gate and all Explorer’s Outposts in the Zoo.

last month

🦎We recently received the @zoos_aquariums 2019 Species Survival Plan Sustainability Award for our work with the Henkel’s leaf-tailed gecko. Sean Foley, the SSP Coordinator and Herpetology Keeper at Riverbanks has worked with this species since 1992. To date, over 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ Henkel's leaf-tailed geckos have hatched here at Riverbanks. Congrats to Sean and the entire Herpetology team for their amazing work in #savingspecies 👏 If you want to spot them in person, head to the the Aquarium and Reptile Complex and see if you can locate these masters of disguise.

last month

Check out these fishing skills 🐟 Namfon, one of our fishing cats, is staying true to her species' name. In the wild fishing cats with hunt along rivers and stream-beds for fish. They tap the water with a paw to attract fish to the surface. When the fish appears, the fishing cat scoops the fish out of the water to eat them. But they don't just hunt on the surface: fishing cats aren't afraid to dive right into the water. They are adapted to swimming with their eyes open, giving them an advantage when chasing prey underwater 💦 Despite their amazing adaptations, fishing cats are vulnerable to extinction. Their greatest threats are habitat loss and conflict with encroaching humans.

last month

Don't forget to join us tonight at 🎳 Bowling for Rhinos 🦏 Have a bunch of fun as we help save rhinos at JC's Lexington Bowl from 6:30-9:30pm! Tickets include two rounds of bowling and shoe rentals (adults $15, children 12 and under $10 ).

last month

🎳 Who knew bowling could help save rhinos 🦏 Join us tomorrow night at JC's Lexington Bowl for Riverbanks' AAZK chapter's annual fundraiser- Bowling for Rhinos! Even the red ruffed lemurs 🎳 are helping STRIKE out extinction! There will be silent auction items, prizes, food and drinks. It's sure to be a night full of rhinormous fun! 🦏 🎥: Brooke Hunsinger, Mammal Keeper

last month

🎳 Join us and BOWL for RHINOS! Who knew supporting rhino conservation was as easy as spares and strikes! Together we can help STRIKE out EXTINCTION and protect rhinos! This Sunday (May 19th ) join us for a family-friendly night of bowling, at JC's Lexington Bowl! Tickets are $10 for children 12 and under, and $15 for adults - includes a shoe rental and two games of bowling. Tickets can be purchased at the door.

last month

ZaKota and little Mo sure appreciate this ☀️ weather for chasing and wrestling each other! 🎥: Gina Ballerino, Commissary Technician

last month

When was the last time you strolled Riverbanks' botanical gardens? 🌱🌷🌺🌿🌻🌹 📸: Larry Cameron

last month

#FeatheredFriday Cue the collective ahhhhh! At just two week old these two spotted dikkop chicks sure have grown. See if you can spot them on your next visit to Riverbanks' Bird House! 📸: Larry Cameron

last month

#FeatheredFriday Look closely... you might be able to peek at our youngest avian additions! These little dikkop chicks hatched on April 25th, and can be found in the African aviary of the Bird House. Check back later today for some more ADORABLE pictures of these two little ones! 📸: Amy Gooding, Bird Keeper

last month

🗺 Scavenger Hunt 🧸 Take off on an adventure around Riverbanks as you� #discoverwithTeddy more about healthy diets and favorite snacks of the animals at the Zoo! Click the link in our bio to find out more!

last month

🦍Gorillas don't like getting caught in the rain either... 🌧 Our keepers spotted the family troop as they were heading inside to avoid last Friday's downpour. This video has created quite the buzz, and has been viewed by MILLIONS of people around the WORLD 😱 We can sure see why, their expressions are so relatable! 🎥: Brooke Hunsinger, Mammal Keeper

last month

🦁 It’s hard to tell which cub is which these days... especially when they’re all lion around! 📸: Catherine Connell, Mammal Senior Keeper

last month

We're giving the entire Midlands a BIG 🐻 HUG! Your generous gifts helped raise $13,440 to assist with sharing our mission of – creating connections, inspiring actions, and impacting conservation. This year #MidlandsGives raised a record $2,038,465 in support of the important work at more than 400 nonprofits throughout our community. Thanks to you, the Midlands' sixth annual local giving day was a huge success – we couldn't have done it without you.

last month

SOUND ON! As Chewy enjoys her meal, check out this Sloth Menu! Each year Riverbanks orders a bunch to feed our two two-toed sloths: •240 lbs. romaine 🥬 🥬🥬🥬 •30 lbs. 🍎🍏🍎 •56 lbs. 🥦🥦🥦🥦🥦 •30 lbs. 🥕🥕🥕 •22 lbs. 🥒🥒 •22 lbs. 🍇🍇 •22 lbs. 🍠🍠🍠 •16 lbs. 🍅🍅 •74 lbs. yellow squash Don’t forget, a little goes a long way when we give all at once. Make your donation today to help feed the Riverbanks sloths - click the link in our bio - #MidlandsGives 🎥: Meredith Hinton, Mammal Keeper

last month

Everyone can be a philanthropist! With a gift of $20 or more, you can help nonprofits in the Midlands achieve their goals with #MidlandsGives 🤩 Donate today! Riverbanks employs approximately 800 part-time, seasonal, and full-time employees in the Midlands! Your #MidlandsGives donation is a direct investment in our community. We can’t wait to see the impact your donations have on Riverbanks this year!

last month

A big thank you to everyone who has helped us exceed our $10,000 organization goal for #MidlandsGives 🥳 Our work doesn't stop here.... With 🔟 more hours to go, let's see if we can double our impact on conservation and community by reaching $20,000! 📸: Eric Danko

last month

🐠The Midlands is waking up on the right side of the bed today! 🐡Start your day with a little ocean therapy and click the link in our bio to take part in #MidlandsGives 🌊

last month

Tomorrow is #MidlandsGives 🤗 Want a quick, easy way to help Riverbanks? Maybe help care for a 🦒 giraffe? Your gift goes further at MidlandsGives.org/RiverbanksZoo - click the link in our bio 🥰

last month

🐐Farm Update🐓 The all-new Farmyard is OPEN offering a bigger, better farm experience! Now guests of all ages can meet new farm animals and enjoy up-close encounters, an interactive walk-in yard, play structures for human kids, climbing structures for goat kids, and plenty of hands-on family fun! Connect with domestic animals and learn about South Carolina agriculture at Riverbanks Farm. To participate, a reloadable Explore More Card is required; cash is not accepted. The new Farmyard experience is 2 Explore More Credits* per person. Purchase your Explore More Card at the nearby Explorer's Outpost. *$1=1 Explore More Credit*

last month

Do you think Daniella is saying cheeeeese? It's hard to tell from this angle, but a tapir's nose can be used as a snorkel when they are underwater. 😱 This time of year you're pretty likely to see one of our tapirs going for a swim!

last month

We have been voted one of the 🔟 Best Zoos by USA TODAY 10Best 🥳 Thank you to everyone for your support 🐡🦓🐐🦜🦔🐅 we are so excited to be ranked 7th 🐊🦘🐠🦋🐦🦍 #WeAreRiverbanks

last month

Have you seen their latest antics? These two boys sure have grown! They are spending more time together wrestling and playing, which both Kazi and Macy appreciate! 📸: Eric Danko

last month

Don’t let Chase’s adorable face fool you… black footed cats are best known for their ferocity 😸 You probably notice behaviors similar to your house cat (like grooming ), but black footed cats are considered to be the deadliest cats in Africa. (at hunting small 🐦- 🐁- and even large 🦗 ) Researchers have known this species to have a 60% success rate- which is over 3x more successful than lions! Black footed cats might be tiny but they can sure pack a punch 💪😻

last month

Searching for Sunday plans? Stick your neck out and head to Riverbanks 🤣 📸: Lynn Hunter-Hackett

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