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5 days ago

💥 the #HenryDangerMusical trailer drops tomorrow, ☄️ lookout for it!

6 days ago


4 weeks ago


4 weeks ago


5 weeks ago

low quality pic, high quality memories ♥️ love you daddy, happy father’s day! 🥰

last month

me & bawb

May 2019

legendary director John Singleton was sadly buried today. just wanted to send love & appreciation for the kindness he showed Reiya and I when we worked on our first feature film together, Four Brothers ♥️ #RIP

May 2019

omw to candyland 🍡💫

May 2019

it was my momma’s birthday saturday!!!🥂🤪🎉🥰 i love you! ♥️ thank you for being my biggest supporter through this entire journey, & for all of the laughs, adventures, & love along the way 🥳

April 2019


April 2019

🥰🤙🏾🤪 #NationalSiblingDay

March 2019

#details 🐉🙈

March 2019

I couldn’t decide between the two, so made them both! 🤷🏾‍♀️♥️ which one y’all, white or brown? #kcas

March 2019

hello hello, it’s been a while 💛😊

December 2018

all smiles! 😁💖

December 2018


December 2018

hey, y’all! i’ve had so much school to catch up on, haven’t been on social media much ♥️ (special thanks to Ali, my fabulous teacher who dedicated extra time to help me! ) but the semester’s finally over! looking forward to posting again 😁

November 2018

I’m currently amidst working on set and on my chemistry work, but I knew I had to get a post out there before the day came to a close. Today is crucial for the future of this country that I have the pleasure of making my second home. I can’t vote yet, so I will be relying on my amazing peers to make the important decisions today. Your voice matters!! We need to work together to fight for change. So if you have the right, get out there and vote for the America you want to see before polls close! And if you already voted, thank you!! ❤️🌎 #votevotevote 🗳

November 2018

it’s freakin’ bats. i love halloween

October 2018


October 2018

Today, more than 98 million adolescent girls are not in school. That’s a lot of empty desks. That’s a lot of dreams that are being cut short. That’s why today on International #DayoftheGirl , I’m proud to join @MichelleObama and the @GlobalGirlsAlliance to stand up for adolescent girls’ education, Join us—because the future of our world is only as bright as our girls. #GlobalGirlsAlliance ♥️🙏🏾

September 2018

so excited for my girl’s new show that premieres tonighttt 🙌🏾😊 #amillionlittlethings ⭐️

September 2018

the new Henry Danger season starts tonight! ♥️👏🏾 (thanks to @therealcooperbarnes for making this! )

September 2018

(someone said )

August 2018

when your shadow’s your goal height 🙆🏾‍♀️

August 2018

Slaying the @BET red carpet at the Black Girls Rock event!❣️So excited to share this day with some AMAZING women. Today’s all about celebrating who we are. Confident, resilient, magical... Those words describe the energy coming from this carpet! ✨  #ad #BLACKGIRLSROCK @CocaCola

August 2018

I am SO excited to spend the day with the @CocaCola M.A.D. girl honorees! These young women have made huge waves with their contributions to society, and it's time we celebrate them! Tune in to @BET on Sunday, September 9th @ 8P/7C to witness some real #blackgirlmagic #ad #BLACKGIRLSROCK

August 2018

peep the pin i decided to twin with 😋 (fingers crossed a curly hair emoji gets released soon ) 🌀

July 2018

come up in the spot lookin’ extra fly ✨

July 2018

rierie, do you love me? ♥️ haha, please enjoy this impromptu #inmyfeelingschallenge with the homies! @jaheemtoombs @creecicchino @reiyadowns 🕺🏾 tag @champagnepapi in the comments 😉

July 2018

bite ya earring... but make it fashion 🧚🏾‍♀️

July 2018

love this 😍 thank you guys for sharing your talent! 🎆

July 2018

took a much needed phone break yesterday, but came back online today + was greeted w/ lots of love!❣️ thank you all!! wowie this birthday really crept up on me, I wasn’t prepared lol! ✨ I feel like I grew a lot mentally this year and was able to get past some of my fears in order to better myself. I met a lot of incredible people, travelled, read, had valuable conversations... I hope that this year I can continue to stride towards becoming my best self and accomplishing more of my goals along the way 😄 also!! i’m so incredibly grateful for my amazing friends + supporters! y’all truly made this year monumental. here’s to another amazing year! #cancergang #17 ♌️

July 2018

Happy Canada Day!!! 🇨🇦🎇

July 2018


June 2018

giving the puffs a fluff ☁️

June 2018

was rushed and only had a mechanical pencil butttt here’s my sketch of @saintrecords ⚡️watch me draw it (via time lapse ) on IGTV! you can find the button on my profile 😄

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