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6 days ago

Stoked to have finally experienced a long time favourite building and inspiration in Seattle today - St Ingasi Chapel by Steven Holl, built 1997 Skylight detail

last month

Annual RSA boat trip is booked. Looking forward to more waves like this one from last year - heading towards Monkey’s Corner with its custodian supervising from the channel. @sumatran_surfariis Just got to get @ware_architects and @alexcleary onboard

June 2019

Interior detail of our Langston St courtyard house. Staggered walls, perspective, layered space, warm materials highlighted by natural light.

June 2019

X-Ray of our office. When you take a break from drawing at night, go outside and look back this is what you see.

May 2019

Bathroom detail from our Redmond St house project for @petey_seidel Photo @derek_swalwell

May 2019

Extremely excited to commence this special housing project for @petey_seidel near Wilson’s Promontory, south eastern Australia to be built by @thesociableweaverhomes

May 2019

A big (and belated ) thanks to @thedesignfiles for covering our practice and work. Link in bio

May 2019

When low sunlight, half open blinds and furniture mix together on the wall. Autumn in our almost complete studio.

May 2019

Desert sound baths - the integratron

April 2019

One coffee with water = 3 single objects made on earth and thrown back to the earth after one single short use. Of the 3 pictured, one is low grade recyclable, 2 non recyclable, but all 3 are usually discarded together into big plastic bag lined bins. Take out packaging is bad enough but cafes that only provide single use containers don’t make sense.

April 2019

Mountains containing the urban sprawl like a dam. 3 of 4 of Reyner Banham’s ‘Ecologies’ on show here. As he observed half a century ago - down there you can find everything from “Tacoburger Aztec to Wavy-line Moderne, from Cape Cod to unsupported Jaoul vaults, from Gourmet Mansardic to Polynesian Gabled and even – in extremity – Modern Architecture.” Not so much has changed. All surrounded by epic, arid and beautiful mountain ranges.

April 2019

Thanks @anniversarymagazine for covering our Yoga Studio project today. Check out the article here @marinoconstructionmanagement @arorygardiner

March 2019

Schematic model making for a new project of ours in Melbourne.

February 2019

Detail of our reading window seat at the Fintona Girls’ School Library @fintona official Working on further projects for Fintona now

December 2018

A constellation of granite boulders for @cushlawhitingjewellery The clear tubes slide up and down on counter balanced weights providing access and security for the precious jewellery. @arorygardiner photo

October 2018

Kitchen and dining area of my own home. A part time building renovation project slowly coming together.

August 2018

Our restoration and extension of a mid 20th century factory with a beautifully asymmetric brick facade. Argyle Street, Fitzroy. The thin steel windows above operate to allow air flow through the office spaces from the back courtyard garden. A new entry opening offers a glimpse of gardens and staggered mezzanines within. Photo @derek_swalwell

April 2018

Construction progress shot of a current office project of ours in Melbourne. A long and narrow site - with only two standard windows available at one short end means - natural light and the movement of the sun and weather throughout the day (important daily experiences ) are provided through the layered ceiling / roof system. Built by @marinoconstructionmanagement

April 2018

Front end of our studio building. Subtle tweaks to, and the restoration of, an existing light weight building. An old and well understood form reinvented to provide continuity.

April 2018

Bathroom pavilion. The walls are translucent and along with high clear glazed windows, the movement of light and weather and the surrounding trees are experienced from the inside. Photo @arorygardiner

April 2018

Sleeping and kitchen pavilions together. The ever burning camp fire sits between them. Another shot from our bush camp project in southern Australia. Photo by @arorygardiner

March 2018

A sleeping pavilion in southern Australia. Accompanied by dining and bathing pavilions and forming stage 1 of a current project of ours - see preceding post. Raised above the ground to allow animals, water and air to pass under. The north and south sides are glazed for bedside animal and weather watching. The north side is sheltered by a large Banksia tree. Translucent east and west faces open up to provide views across the water towards Wilsons Promontory, and to grasses and large gum trees up the hill. A fine steel mesh upper triangle provides cross ventilation at night. Based on precedent works by Chancellor & Patrick, Peter McIntyre, Sean Godsell and Kenzo Tange. Photo by the talented @arorygardiner

February 2018

A beautiful sunburnt and occasionally stormy site. Part of a current project of ours, this section of land will be rehabilitated to reconnect national park (right ) with an ancient existing wetland (left ). An enlightened client, not-for-profit organisations and architect working together to return farmland back to the natural habitat and nature corridor it once was. A joy to be apart of.

February 2018

Inhabiting half built houses - a classic Australian condition.

February 2018

Our stick chair, a prototype.

February 2018

Fixing and tweaking a familiar form.

January 2018

Showers - a detail from our recently completed yoga studio project. Photo by @arorygardiner

January 2018

Make shift blinds softening a hot sun with @braddwestmoreland

December 2017

Our dry boulder stairwell garden. Using warm artificial light to create layers and depth in a narrow space.

November 2017

Material textures from our Langston St courtyard house, 2016. Photo of a b+w photo by us.

November 2017

Greys, greens and browns. Detail of the reading wall and garden path of our Fintona Girls' School Library. Plants starting to grow. Photo by us.

November 2017

Bright Australian sunlight mediated through glass, fibreglass, and raw timber. Skylight detail in a staff break out space, in one of our current office projects under construction in Melbourne. Built by @marinoconstructionmanagement

November 2017

When we're not designing buildings, there are still very important decisions to be made: how to fit 5 current favourites into a 3 board bag...

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