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2 days ago

Getting 0 foward movement when you open is always fun, high winds make for softer landings though 👍🏻

2 weeks ago

Missing this place and the awesome people there! Counting the days til I can go back 😅

3 weeks ago

Cleaning these puppies up #survive2019

4 weeks ago

Doubled my age in BASE jumps at 42 so might as well do a double right? #survive2019

last month

Ready setty 🍝

June 2019

Super stoked on this one! Awesome way to end the trip, time to get back to the states and shred the wingsuit 😈 Can’t wait to be back out here again to keep training 🤘🏻

June 2019

First gainer felt sooo good 😎 can’t wait to double and maybe triple it who knows 🤷🏻‍♂️

last month

First sub terminal jump at Campione, pretty sure it’s just under a 1000 ft exit 🤘🏻we got dealt the perfect conditions for this jump

June 2019

2 way tracking jump today, finally starting to find the full range of my sumo track suit! I would say I’m at about 85% performance and it’s all thanks to @maurizio_di_palma unbelievable talent and awesome coaching. Amazing what such a small suit can accomplish. Can’t thank him enough for introducing me to terminal BASE jumping the safe way and also bringing me to the next level 🤘🏻What an unreal experience this trip has been and there are plenty more jumps to be made @brentobaseschool

June 2019

Charging as hard as I can in my sumo suit! Such an awesome feeling seeing the ground race beneath you as you pick up more and more speed 😈

June 2019

It’s amazing how my life has changed in 3 years ever since I showed up for a tandem skydive eager to get after it! I explained my dream of wanting to proximity fly wing suits and the response I got from my TI was a laugh and told me that I wouldn’t even think about coming close to it for 10 years if not at all. Strong determination has lead me this far and there’s no stopping anytime soon 😛 Taking the proper path and learning the safest way from the one of the best in the biz @brentobaseschool @maurizio_di_palma can’t wait to upload all the jumps I’ve completed when I return back to the states 🇺🇸 looking forward to the “beat the legends” event in twin falls this September. I’m coming for you @miles_daisher

May 2019

Ain’t no hatchling anymore 🐣 Good surprise getting to jump with the man who taught me how to skydive! It’s been a while bro @austin laun

February 2019

Thanks for the tease of summer weather this past week Mother Nature. Today sucked 🥴 I need to move more south

February 2019

Goal of the day: Take the @gopro fusion for a spin and get a sick shot of me and my bro shredding! Mission accomplished ✌🏻

December 2018

7 years ago today I took to the skies all alone for the first time. It’s been so long, yet I can still feel the euphoric emotions that were drowning over me and remember myself saying”I better not fuck up” just before launching! That day I shared one of the most special moments of a lifetime with my old man 🤟🏻wild to think 21 years ago he set me down in a nursery bed after being born that said “born to fly” .... he always knew 🛩

December 2018

Successful mission to Park City’s highest peak 🏔 at 10,026 feet! Even though it was a lonely hike, being able to take in the scenery with no distractions on the way up was something special 😩😍

December 2018

Welcome to my future backyard 🤟🏻 Incredibly blessed by God to be able to do the things I do! I ❤️ Utah with its endless opportunities for epic adventure

November 2018

Hmmm 🧐 this 360 world with the @gopro fusion is pretty interesting

October 2018

Shipped up to Boston for a couple hours for the Red Sox parade, Travis couldn’t get in this pic cause he didn’t have a jersey 🤦🏼‍♂️ #bostonstrong #worldserieschamps

October 2018

#basejump #2 my nerves on this one were out the roof and so was the excitement 😛 Waiting for my rig to be made so I can get after it 🤟🏻

October 2018

First stowed jump 🤪 time to quit pitching so early and get a nice delay in 🤟🏻 #basejump #7

September 2018

What an indescribable feeling 🤪 @apexbase

September 2018

Getting super comfortable in my track suit lately 😝 shoutout to @brenttonlindsey with the sick shot as we charge through the clouds☁️ @squirrel ws @performancedesigns

July 2018

Knocked out my 100th jump this past weekend. Charging forward to get in my wing suit.... halfway there! Nothing has ever consumed my mind as much as that goal 😈

July 2018

Look upon the lord while standing in awe of his beauty. What a breathtaking scenery to witness, what’s to come one day will put this to shame.... very hard to imagine and wrap your head around that 🙏🏻

June 2018

Pointing to the end of the hike, storming like hell, windy, and the most insane mud slip and slides on the steepest most narrow trial ever... this is the kinda of things that keeps me going! #living

June 2018

Lazy days 🤙🏻

June 2018

How do you take your showers?

March 2018

Epic first skydive boogie at zhills 🤘🏻it's a little intense flying your canopy when there's 30+ others in the sky but such a blast! This marks my 50th skydive ✔️ Thankful for God keeping a watch over me while I chase my dreams

December 2017

Getting some early season laps in with brother bear. Mother Nature has yet to bless PC with much needed pow 😐.. I'll be doing my snow dance tonight but still having a blasting getting reported for ducking ropes in search of tiny powders spots lol #parkcity #canyons

February 2019

City of lax with my homie

July 2017

Explored an abandoned mansion in Malibu with @arniewatkins and @codyjwatkins not one bit creeped out that the fans, lights, even the fridge was on and cold! Sketchy or nah 😏 who would go inside??

July 2017

Sunrises in Dubai were some of the best I've ever seen, this was the last time I crossed something off my bucket list 😜 next one I'm crossing off is Yosemite in a week! Super excited 😁😁

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