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Tell you how I feel when they switched sides💯💰. #WATCH856 #LLM #RB3 NJ•PG⚓️ Forex Investor💡 Musician 💰 Artist ✍🏾

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2 weeks ago

Ayyooo This One Made My Page I’m Extremely Happy To Say My Boy Touched Platinum 150🔒💰 Secured That Residual Income Every Month💸 You really became a student of the game and I’m proud of everything you’ve done, and everything you’re working to achieve🤧 Only Way Is Up, The Bottom To Crowded💡💰✍🏾 @blazebills

2 weeks ago

Accurate 😂😂😂😂😂

4 weeks ago

I can’t wait to record this one🤫🔥🤦🏾‍♂️ if you been with me since my last page then you heard it💯 I Thank You For That❤️ Trust me, I’m still working day in and day in (Ik what I said ) I cant sleep because of where I led my life to, I’m the only person who can change my position and pivot my spirit in the right direction🙌🏾 I’m coming what they say I can’t have 50years from now ... LET THAT SINK IN🤫 It’s Time Eat💡💰✍🏾 #music #rap #Jersey #SJerz #PG #RB3 #pain #life #dreams #dedication #hungry

4 weeks ago

It’s not meant for you to understand, He created me for different plans 🤫

last month

Envy nt bLOOD🔥🔥 If you been here since the beginning of my music journey, you’ve seen this before ! Appreciate that✊🏾I have a lot of work put up, it’s all coming soon and I think y’all are going appreciate it💡💰✍🏾 #music #rap #Jersey #RB3 #VA #beats #producers #boss #ENVY #bLOOD

last month

I’m just getting started but I’m ready for this new way of life to freedom. Only way is up, from here💡💰✍🏾 #Forex #Trading #Family #Eat

last month

Will you read it all👁 💡 “Who I wanna be” The Beginning to the new Beginning. I never wanted the music but it was always right there, listening to the family for years, I was blessed with a music ear, I hear then correct it just had to change up the gears.... lost my train of thought. 💯 Back to my point, I never wanted music, I loved the field, that was me💯 #PG4L #LLM so everyone seeing me creating art is like “oh you just like all those other Kings trynna rap” but y’all don’t understand, my mind does not operate how’s yours or none else’s I’ve come a crossed, “I got the football, it’s time to shine the light”~ RB3, half y’all reading this if you read It this far lost like what is trying to say, I’m going to say one more thing and answer your question. The music that got me hear today @queens_jr ShiderGang🙌🏾🔥🔥 @starchildjr @troubleman31 “Dead and Gone” @lilbibby_ “killing me” whole mixtape @nolimitherbo “Play it smart” 🙌🏾🙌🏾 @meekmill “on my way” “used to be” @tmoney4tf_ “Paper Chase” @guapo2gunz x @noheartspazzo iv “Life” @nipseyhussle R.I.P King✊🏾 you spoke and gems dropped, I caught em💯 The ones that’s next we getting in place🙌🏾 The marathon continue✊🏾 “Dedication” It’s not just music and a getting check, but when you don’t have, you want, go get. Stumble across music but What message are you trying to teach? Don’t get me wrong I fw all music, all genres, one question is what is music, introduction, 3 bodies, conclusion? We need unity that’s only way to win. I’m fighting you, the white man, and these thoughts💯 the minute we don’t see one another as the enemy, the world will have a catastrophic change💡 the answer to your question is “Life what is you it make” ~RB3❤️ #blacklivesmatter #Prayforsudan #blackexcellence #blackresilience #blackunity #POCunity #Blacklove #blackownedluxury #blackwoman #kings #queens #blackandeducated #blackculture #RB3 #RB3Art #RB3wayoflife #beats #music #inspiration #unity #JERSEY #PG4L #family #KINGS #rapping #rappers #fire

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I’m seeing it💯💰