Rafaela Potomati @rafapotomati

Everything is possible when you believe. By grace through faith. 💗🇧🇷🎉 snap: queenstarrafa

Rafaela Potomati photos and videos

December 2017

all I need is a beat, a drink and good company. ✨🎼💕

May 2017

eles têm razão quando dizem cidade maravilhosa, não há nada que traz mais paz do que a natureza no seu mais puro estado. Obrigada Deus por ter criado este paraíso. 🏞⛰🏝💕 #riodejaneiro #brazil #bestplace #nature

March 2017

I'm weak, and what's wrong with that? Boy, oh boy I love it when I fall for that! #tbt #almostaphotoshoot ✨🌸

February 2017

🌸Cause I’m a problem with problems, I know who I am and I’m not no good🌸

January 2017

Every day is like a battle but every nights with us is like a dream. 💗✨🎶 #happynewyear #2017 @estefanizzler @anddyguimaraes

December 2016

I'm a tell you how I want it Baby, tell me how you need it Hope you're good at keeping secrets 🙊💕✨

December 2016

Okay I was without expectations about this show , and i even don't know why, and the time was getting closer and closer and then when you get up on the stage I remembered why I felt in love with the little girl from camp rock, it's because of your smile when we sing along with you, because of the way that you look at us, the things that you say to us, it's the connection that we have. I will never get enough of you, I am so fucking proud of you and I will love and support you with all my strengths no matter what, just remember it. 💗💗💗 @ddlovato #demiworldtour #love #myloveislikeastar #fave

November 2016

baby the stars above will light the way, just take my hand and hear the words I say ✨👑

July 2016

Thank you guys for last night. Love you no matter what forever. PARTY ON BABY !!!!! 🎊✨💕🔞 #love #18 #party #brasil #friendship

March 2016

what can I say about last night?! It was incredible , one of the best show that I ever saw, you , guys , are so charismatics, funny, cute and handsome , and I just want to say thank you for everything , and most for doing amazing songs that inspires all , help with some personal situation, please keep doing this , and please come back , because we only are the best place to a band play because you are the best band for the fans , again thank you and love you guys . 💞💞💞 PS: @adamlevine jesussss you are so fucking handsome , i loved your dances , i love your voice , i love the things that you said , i love everything about you , i wish i had the chance to hug you but it will have others chances , anyways you are so perfect and i love yooooooou baby 💞💞💞 @maroon5 #Marron5 #M5 #AdamLevine #love #VTour #Brazil #forever #marooner #sugar #daylight #shewillbeloved #thislove #loststars

January 2016

today i realize that my life is crazier happier swetter and much much amazing with you all , really you complete my life , and i keep you always In my heart babies and I love you all loves 💞💞💞 #forever #love #friends

December 2015

So you can keep me inside the pocket of your ripped jeans, holding me close till our eyes met ✌🏻️✨📷 #love #photograph #edsheeran

September 2015

the best idol ever make the best show ever , you said that was the best show In the tour , but actually we are like this only bc of you, bc are the best, so cute, lovely, funny and brave. We are the best because you are the best, we , your katycats, are here always for you , no matter what , but you already knows that. Thank you for be this amazing perdoa that you are, for bring the light for mu life, for the support, love and music. As you said we do speak the same language, the music's language , but we speak the love's language. We love you unconditionally too, always. @katyperry 🌻👑🇺🇸💕

September 2015

a jealously girl , you are soooo important To me , in 2 years you make me laugh so hard, with you we are two kids laughing And making funny about the others. I hope this never change. Always when you need me to talk 2 hours on the fone, i will be there for you honey, always. 💕☁️🐼

April 2015

Aeeeeee bad bitch , seu aniversário chegoooou!!!! Até que enfim 16 menina ahauah bom não tenho mto tempo pra escrever massss vamos tentar fazer algo digno, você é uma dude maravilhosa que eu amo , que desde que tive a oportunidade de conversar foi como se eu soubesse que nós iríamos nos dar bem e que isso duraria durante muito tempo, nós estamos juntas em todos os momentos e tudo é como deveria ser , nós apoiamos , nós brigamos , nós rimos muuuito , temos nossas piadas internas , e ninguém nunca irá entender o dude , Little princess, bad bitch , pérolas da madrugada entre outras coisas como nós entendemos , o que nós conversamos e rimos de madrugada cada piada idiota e papos estranhos ahauahah vão ficar pra sempre assim como nossos eternos papéis de trouxas , dividimos os mesmos ídolos , os mesmos sonhos , os mesmos pensamentos e a melhor amizade de todas , tenho orgulhosa falar que tive e tenho uma amizade como essa , eu sei que falar melhor amiga todo mundo fala e quase nunca dura mas nos não precisamos falar e sim sentir , enfim é isso ae , HAPPY BDAY DUDEEEEEE 💕👌❤️👏🎉🎶 TO INFINITE AND BEYOND!!!!!! I LOVE YOU BITCH ALWAYS AND FOREVER!!!!

March 2015

a girl that i know i can trust , i can cry in her shoulders, that makes me laugh everyday, be there for me always ... i love you my little demon lol ❤️😍👭 #friend #love #forever #bff #followforfollow #friendship #bestfriend #brasil #amigas #selfie #smile #cute