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2 days ago

Notorious in school, Freeman played a prank on his female teacher and as a penalty, he was ordered to participate in the drama department. He then fell in love with this art form! #CharacterScoop

3 days ago

The underwater predator is on the loose! Take a screenshot when you spot him and share it with us. #CueToPlay

3 days ago

Written and illustrated by Alvin Schwartz & Stephen Gammell, 'Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark was a children's horror book which is now being adapted into a movie. Do you love horror movies? #FactFiction

4 days ago

Are you excited for the 3rd Fallen film? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below! #PopcornTalks

5 days ago

#ContestAlert Tease your mind! Comment below with the correct answer and one lucky winner could win PVR movie tickets. #FilmHub

6 days ago

That's how all hell broke loose! Tag your siblings! #MemeBox

1 weeks ago

*Pow* *Bam* *Zap* Tell us what your inner assassin would be called in the comments below. #CueToPlay

1 weeks ago

In Greek Mythology, the Cerberus or Hellhound is the three-headed dog that guards the gates of the Underworld. It keeps those who have died from escaping across the river Styx. Are you excited for the new Fallen movie? #FactFiction

2 weeks ago

Are you excited for Chadwick Boseman's new movie - 21 Bridges? #PopcornTalks

2 weeks ago

#ContestAlert Keep your eyes on high alert! Tell us how many PVR movies you can spot and comment below. One Lucky winner would get PVR movie tickets! #FilmHub

2 weeks ago

In the mid 1990's, Butler shifted his profession and took up small roles in productions such as Mrs. Brown, the James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies, and Tale of the Mummy. Did you spot Butler in any of these movies? #CharacterScoop

2 weeks ago

A battlefield like no other! #MemeBox

2 weeks ago

It's all in your mind! Can you guess the movie using these emojis? Comment below with your answers. #CueToPlay

2 weeks ago

Finely chopped broccoli was one of the many things used to replicate the organisms found underwater in 47 Meters Down. Actress Mandy Moore even compared it to filming inside a soup! Tell us some facts you know about this movies! #FactFiction

2 weeks ago

What did you think of the new Hellboy film? Tell us in the comments below! #PopcornTalks

2 weeks ago

#ContestAlert Guess this famous star and comment below. One lucky winner could win PVR movie tickets. #FilmHub

2 weeks ago

The script went through and was passed over by several actors before it made it’s way to Sylvestor Stallone. He accepted the role after being offered a chance to rewrite the screenplay to make Rambo more sympathetic! Can you see Rambo as any other actor? #CharacterScoop

2 weeks ago

And just like that everything disappeared! Tag your friends. #MemeBox

2 weeks ago

Chalang toh lena hi padega! Have you watched the No. 1 trending #Super30 trailer yet? @hrithikroshan @mrunalofficial2016 @nandishsandhu@theamitsadh #PankajTripathi#AnandKumar @sarkarshibasish #SajidNadiadwala @reliance entertainment @nadiadwalagrandson

3 weeks ago

If Rambo and Wick were to battle against each other who do you think would make it through? Tell us in the comments below. #CueToPlay

3 weeks ago

The king of Mathematics is here to give you an education like never before! Check out the Super 30 trailer now! #Super30Trailer #PVRPicturesRelease #NewRelease #HritikRoshan #Super30

3 weeks ago

Shooting the movie in another continent was logistically and financially impossible with a production that big. The Mexican jungles doubled up for Vietnam and small details were cleverly inserted to make it seem like they were in Asia. Did you know this Rambo fact? #FactFiction

3 weeks ago

Gerard Butler is back as Secret Service Agent Mike Banning who is wrongfully accused of trying to kill the US President. Can he clear his name and find the real threat? Or will he succumb to the imminent danger that awaits him? #PVRPicturesRelease #AngelHasFallen #GerardButler #MorganFreeman #JadaPinkettSmith #mikebanning

3 weeks ago

Are you excited for #hrithikroshan 's new movie #Super30 ? Stay tuned for the trailer coming soon! #PVRPictures #AnandKumar #sajidnadiadwala

3 weeks ago

Intense drama and emotion along with a mix of thrill! This Pankaj Tripathi movie will keep you on the edge of your seats! The Kissebaaz trailer will be launching soon. Stay tuned! #PVRReleases #NewRealeases #Kissebaaz #PankajTripathi #RahulBagga #AnupriyaGoenka #EvelynSharma #ZakirHussain #RajeshSharma #MouliGanguly #AnnantJaaitpaal

4 weeks ago

Rambo is back in action! Here's a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes. Rambo 5 coming soon! #pvrpicturesrelease #NewReleases #Rambo5 #Rambo5Movie #JohnRambo #SylvesterStallone

4 weeks ago

From sneak attack to hug attack, Mr. Wick can do it all! Tell us which one was your absolute favourite! Watch John Wick 3 now! #PVRPicturesRelease #JohnWick3 #JohnWick #KeanuReeves #HalleBerry

4 weeks ago

Have you ever tried counting the number of times John Wick pulled the trigger? Tell us what your wild guess is! John Wick 3 in theatres now! #PVRPicturesRelease #JohnWick3 #JohnWick #KeanuReeves #HalleBerry

4 weeks ago

Tick Tock! Time is running out. Hurry and watch John Wick 3 in theatres now!  #PVRPicturesRelease #JohnWick3 #JohnWick #KeanuReeves #HalleBerry

4 weeks ago

What do you need? Tickets. Lots of tickets! Tell us how you liked John Wick 3. In theatres now! #PVRPicturesRelease #JohnWick3 #JohnWick #KeanuReeves #HalleBerry

4 weeks ago

Unexpected weapons, tons of action, and a sharply dressed Mr. Wick, what gets better than that? Hurry and book your John Wick 3 tickets now! #PVRPicturesRelease #NewReleases #JohnWick3 #JohnWick #KeanuReeves #HalleBerry

4 weeks ago

Lose yourself in a world of perfectly choreographed action and drama! Grab your tickets and watch John Wick 3, in theatres near you! #PVRPicturesRelease #JohnWick3 #JohnWick #KeanuReeves #HalleBerry

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