Nat, Bill & Co.

2 weeks ago

Affenpinscher is a German word for monkey terrier. That alongside the Remarkables mountain range, a love of Disney and definitely a need for sparkle were all top of mind when working on Ralph’s Adventure Badge for our friend Craig of @furtographynz ❤️ I’ve loved working on each and every badge, but this one was extra sweet and a fun challenge with the signature Affenpinscher beard ❤️ . . . . #thelabsandco #illustration #adventurebadge #adventuredog #dogillustration #affenpinscher #furtographynz



Nailed it! (Not that I’m an expert—I’m not ) but that beard! And “has affitude”! ❤️

2 weeks ago

Terran Bayer, Dog Photographer

Love this soooo much!!!!

2 weeks ago

Craig Bullock

Aaahhhhhhhhh, Monkey, look at your gorgeous face. This is amazing Nat, thank you 💜🐾

2 weeks ago