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3 weeks ago

We love a good entrance and a massive coir mat. The first spatial experience in a house, it embodies all the principle that we believe in: light, texture, functionality, scale and more importantly livability of a home 🏡 . Oh and that beautiful beautiful chair for you to put your shoes on is the @ligneroset Curule chair by Pierre Paulin 👌 . #EATThreePartsHouse #threepartshouse #hawthorn #architectseat #eatinteriors #pierrepaulin #residentialarchitecture #eathouses


Soren Luckins

Love that glazing. 🔥

3 weeks ago

2 weeks ago


Still a favourite of mine 😍

3 weeks ago

I recall an article how David Hicks carpeted his Apartment with coir 💥

5 days ago

Innocent guy

@sby_khan check inbox

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