Candace Dyar (Bartlett)

2 weeks ago

Larches briefly light up after a fresh overnight dusting of snow. Taken during a brisk October morning in North Cascades National Park.🏔🍂 ———————————— #mountainlover #northcascades #landscapecaptures #awesome_earth #nature_photo #splendid_mountains #pnwcollective #moodynature #earthpix #nature_brilliance #autumn 🍁 #artofvisuals #earthoutdoors #naturetherapy


Danny Seidman

Nicely done! I always love these shots showing the mix of seasons in the mountains.

2 weeks ago

Simon Atkinson | Photographer

Beautiful image Candace, looks a superb place to photograph.

2 weeks ago

Destination Pacific Northwest

Love the atmosphere and light! 🙌😍

2 weeks ago

Faye | Landscape Photography

Beautifully serene. That light on the larches is wonderful

2 weeks ago

Beautiful and particular shot, with sky and clouds that extend the crest of the mountains 😍👏

2 weeks ago

John Steitz

Absolutely gorgeous work, Candace!

2 weeks ago

Erik Haake

Lovely! I really want to spend some time up there

2 weeks ago


Woooahh damn girl! So majestic and captivating! 😮🏔💕

2 weeks ago



2 weeks ago

Giusi 🌍 Wanderer

Aw 😍😍 love mountain views

2 weeks ago


Wow! This is glorious!! 💗✨

2 weeks ago

Debbie Freid

Looks like a dream fantasy world! So unbelievably pretty, Candace 👌😍

2 weeks ago

Derek Sturman


2 weeks ago

Ivan Mazzola

Fantastic shot 😍

2 weeks ago


So pretty! 🏔

2 weeks ago

Gavin Wadleigh

Beautiful capture 😍😍

2 weeks ago

Dan Ballard

Very nice, great light and good feel.

6 days ago



2 weeks ago

Dream Captured Images #oregon

Stunning light! So much dynamic range🤩

5 days ago


This is beautiful

1 weeks ago