Nigel Dundee, Litter Hunter

2 weeks ago

G’day Mates! Had a bit of a hiatus, but we’re back to cleanup some nature and fight against the trash-holes. Bottles, cans, micro-trash, power cords, frisbees and clothing articles all left behind in the beautiful Wasatch mountains. If you’re in utah, join me for National Cleanup day on Saturday, September 21st- more details soon! #bigcottonwoodcanyon #adventureresponsibly #litter #cleanupyourshit #donttrashutah #utah @cottonwoodcanyonsfoundation @saveourcanyons @utahdotcom #publiclandshateyou @utahoor @visitutah #cottonwoodcanyon #pictureline #litterhunter #nigeldundee #nature



Will it be an AM thing?!? If I can’t make your time you tell me another trail to hit and I’m in!!

1 weeks ago

Nikki Hanson

I’m in!

1 weeks ago

Donnah Overton

Bless your heart for being compelled to keep our environment clean.

1 weeks ago

R Diane Martinez, renegade

Keep up the great work 💙🌹😊

1 weeks ago



1 weeks ago


Wish I was in Utah I would definitely help. I pick up people’s disgusting trash wherever I walk. There is ALWAYS something. It is quite sad. Thank you for your hard work and efforts!

1 weeks ago

حسین عزیز مادر

بن 👏چھطچھبطجبچخ۔

4 days ago


Hey I’m sending you a DM about a cleanup event I saw going on this weekend ♥️

1 weeks ago