Mette Willert | Copenhagen

3 weeks ago

the silence | of the lamb (sheep ) . . . For years I kind of got afraid of the open landscape and stayed in the bustling city. The past years, I have come to realize that getting into nature has a positive impact on my wellbeing. And the best part of visiting the open landscape at Kalvebod is that you can still see the high rises in the far distance. . . #visitdenmark #københavn #ShotoniPhone #visitcopenhagen #fangdinby2019


3 weeks ago


Beautiful shoot - at first glance, the sheep seem to be floating.

3 weeks ago


Wonderful 👏👏

5 days ago

3 weeks ago

Sarah Green

Københavns prærie - dejligt du tør vove dig lidt ud i naturen 😍

3 weeks ago

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3 weeks ago

Thue T. Petersen

😍👌 -og Hehe til din billedtekst!


Be Good Be Real

@katrinemobeerg vidste ikke du var blevet model 🙃

2 weeks ago

6 days ago

Frankie von Blake

@tehske is this the alpaca place? I wonder if that guy found his dog yet....

3 weeks ago