Kevin Russ

4 days ago

Wyoming in August


John Kirkley

Was on the road in the Tetons and this got me stoked and into the Winds for a couple nights. Thanks dude, happy trails to ya!

14 hours ago

michael flugstad

Made my day

3 days ago

Brenton Clarke Little

Wow man. I was just around telluride a few weeks ago...was not this summer-y

4 days ago


Gorgeous. Missed you. ✨

4 days ago


How were the mosquitoes? I love the winds but have been eaten alive in them. I’ve heard they’re not as bad in August.

4 days ago

Dimitri Visser

Looks like Austria in August ; )

4 days ago

lynne hoppe

is that indian paintbrush? 😳

4 days ago

Stian Servoss ⎈ Norway

Back at last! 🙌🏻 I need your photos in my feed!

4 days ago

haley coffman

I want a print of this 💜

4 days ago


Went in May and it looked nothing like this

4 days ago

Lindsay Hollinger

Headed there next week to hike the cirque of towers! 💕✨😍

4 days ago

Tanner Wendell Stewart

So great to see your work again : )

4 days ago

Constance Autumn Pearson

Wow..I need a print of this

4 days ago

🌙 Hayley

I’ve missed your images ✨

4 days ago

Missed your stuff man 👋🏼

4 days ago


I can’t even believe it 👏👏👏

4 days ago

Kirsty Gillan 🌜

Oh my lord this is beautiful Kevin!!

4 days ago

Duncan Wolfe

A beauty, Kev ⭐️

4 days ago

Ben Schuyler

It’s Christmas Day when you post, kev!

4 days ago

Steve Carter


4 days ago