Adam Gibbs

2 weeks ago

This weeks video will be a bit late so here is an image to help pass the time. Just a bit of light moving across the North Atlantic .…


Alex Noriega

I love these images of light over the ocean. Few would even think to photograph such an occurrence, yet it’s so powerful the way you’ve presented it.

2 weeks ago



2 weeks ago


This is amazing. 😍 Beautifully captured.

2 weeks ago

Buddy Price

You missed getting the alien spaceships above frame beaming down!

2 weeks ago

Kelly Brian Pettit

Amazing image yet again. So simple but original and powerful. Q: Do you ever like an image of yours that others aren’t as fond of or equally opposite - surprised by the amount of likes you get on certain photos you thought weren’t that special? Sometimes I find it hard to choose between 3 similar photos to toss two and promote the other. Art is so subjective eh? 😬

2 weeks ago

Curt Tweedle

I love this kind of weather. In this case, it makes me think that you're supposed to hop forward via the sunlit areas. : )

2 weeks ago

Andy Mr.O

Gorgeous light 👌

4 days ago

Mason Sharpe Photos | Miami

Wow... really cool capture!

6 days ago

Matthew Slager


2 weeks ago

Randy Redding

Amazing light Adam!!!!

2 weeks ago

Roland Andersson

A very unique and beautiful photo. Were you flying in a small plane looking for photo opportunities?

2 weeks ago



2 weeks ago

Toni Cañabate

These are the lights of an alien starship. You were lucky to escape.😂

2 weeks ago

Owen Lawrence

That is quite beautiful. 👍

2 weeks ago

Tristan Todd

I can't stop looking at this 😍

2 weeks ago

John Paul Critchley

Rule 1 for photography, Right place right time. Simple composition. Nicely done Adam.

2 weeks ago

yuujinn landscape photographer

Beautiful capture!🙌

2 weeks ago

Marek Brzeszcz

Amazing image. 👏👏👏👏

2 weeks ago

Luiz Fernando Gouvea

Great capture!!! 😍🙌👏👏👏

2 weeks ago

Sopavadee Blazy


2 weeks ago