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2 weeks ago

Marti Gould Cummings, Drag Queen, Politician: @martigcummings “Being a performer who became a drag queen who became a political activist has been an experience that has forever changed my life. Being able to use drag as a way to educate people absorb lgbtqia causes and to speak out about social justice is something I don’t take for granted. We must use our voices to speak out in this world to help those who may not be able to use their voice.”




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ADS Interior Design

Wonderful view ❤

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Except drag Queens lip sync every song...

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Simon Beni

Whenever you come to Israel, I can produce for you

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Xris A Black

feel this big grind.. Always on better options I can't stop loving it not you're one of the most wonderful thing to watch

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Christian Gallina

Fantastic shot and very deep meaning 👏👏👏

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Is this a guy😧???

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Amy J. Smith

Come photograph @maebeagirl too!! 🙌🙌🙌

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@martinschoeller thank you.

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