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Spending time with fishing communities on the lead-up to #worldenvironmentday has taught me a lot about the sustenance that comes from river and water systems and the lives that depend on them. Approximately 400 million people live along the #Ganges , making it the worlds most populated river basin. These communities are intimately connected to this body of water - living, breathing, praying, loving, surviving, and dying along its banks. The health of humans depends upon the health of our waters. Now more than ever we are being called as a species to look at our relationship to consumerism and waste and our future on this planet. We can all do better, for each other, for other species with which we share this small planet, and for future generations who need us to act now. Be the change. @insidenatgeo #Bangladesh #expeditionplastic #planetorplastic



Great 🙏🏽🌿

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San Francisco Bay Area| Raihan

Glad I discovered your amazing account. Really remarkable feed. The way you show the emotions of the characters in your pics really touched me. Keep up your amazing work and followed you and hoping to see what’s next. Keep up the amazing hard work. It’s paying off

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Brian Barreto

Amazing photo.

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Proud of you

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Annie Tritt


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rita burns

Be the change you want to see in this world.

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Nazmul Islam

Thanks for visiting Bangladesh

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Did you speak to them about cleaning up their fishing gear? Just curious since discarded fishing gear is the real killer.

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Great portrait shot!! 👏🏻

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Bret Stanley

Cool Photo! 😀

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like this frame 😀

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Son wekle baxh😱

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﷽.🌟 ( اﻟ̲ﻗ̮ـ̃ﺼبّـيَ ) ☠☠🌟 ﷽.

فپاگ للجمـيـع ♥️✨.،

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