Anthony Joshua

June 2019

This is Andy’s night, congratulations Champ 🇲🇽


I see u

2 weeks ago

Give him a snickers

2 weeks ago

Ferhat Baran

Tek krall 👑👑👑

2 weeks ago

1 weeks ago

Brenda Ruiz

❤️ A man

6 days ago

Josue castro


6 days ago

Rahmon Olaleye

AJ! Forward ever

5 days ago


Anthony did us all proud well done champion you are the man❤️

4 days ago

4 days ago

Tyler Shain TV

You threw that fight on purpose

3 days ago

3 days ago

Young Truth

We all Champ

3 days ago

Bumi Kristen

@xyzoea Ruiz grew up in IV bout the time we were there

3 days ago

》Gökhan Tarık Kılınç

Adamım be💥👑

2 days ago

Tom Westermann

A true champion shows his colors during defeat. You sir, are an absolute inspiration to millions of people. Cannot wait tp see you comeback even stronger! 🙌

2 days ago

zoey itohh

I don't like him 😭



John Ruiz beat up Holyfield, now this Ruiz beat up Joshua? 🤣 let me find out out of shape Ruiz’s be winning

9 hours ago