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The theme this month is #Ps_Vibrant. Tag your most compelling pieces for the chance to be featured on Photoshop!

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@sibmount ’s swan floats alone.⁠

3 days ago

Welcome to our gumball abode. #Ps_Vibrant piece by @frvnkyvng ⁠ •⁠ True or false: gumballs have different flavors!⁠ ⁠

4 days ago

Van Gogh walked so @kellansworld could run. #Ps_Vibrant

5 days ago

Hey everyone, @Calop_ here! This is the last day of my takeover! It's been a huge honor to be chosen for the week, and I'm extremely grateful.⁠ •⁠ When it comes to my composites, I try to make the most realistic scenes possible. For me, this means having the right lighting and accurate bokeh. I like to get the lighting right during the photo shoot. Then, going to the blur gallery options in #Photoshop helps with making a convincing, artificial blur in post.⁠ •⁠ Check our Instagram Stories today for one last snippet of my workflow! Thanks for tuning in.⁠ •⁠ Be sure to tag your most striking work with #Ps_Vibrant for a chance to be featured on the #Photoshop Instagram page! Looking forward to seeing all your submissions!⁠

2 weeks ago

It’s @Calop_ back again! I created this edit using my own screenshots, lighting techniques and, of course, #Photoshop Something as simple as a user interface can be used to make a compelling edit. To make the icons glow, I duplicated the layers, changed them to Screen Mode and then used Gaussian blur. Voila! I have a subtle glow effect.⁠ •⁠ Check our Instagram Stories for the (simple ) editing process!⁠

2 weeks ago

@Calop_ here! This image was pretty simple to create. All I needed were my jellyfish overlays and some color grading.⁠ •⁠ Thanks to the lighting that was already present in the photo, all I had to do was match it with the added elements that I’ve grown so accustomed to using. I placed the main jellyfish close to my puppy’s face and then added some dimension by blurring additional jellyfish and adding specs.⁠ •⁠ @Photoshop 's Instagram Stories show a bit of behind-the-scenes content and the entire editing process!

2 weeks ago

Hey! It’s @Calop_ , here for the 3rd day of my takeover. This image was made using neon paint with ultraviolet light. With the use of #Photoshop , I was able to make it pop even more to get it that finalized glow and color. Selective Color and Curve adjustments were especially useful in this case, specifically for targeting magenta and blue hues.⁠ •⁠ Head over to our Instagram Stories to see a more in-depth look into how I created this!⁠

2 weeks ago

Hello again, @Calop_ here! Combining multiple colors into a scene is hardly ever a bad decision. I find it helps to bring a significant boost of vibrancy whenever a scene may be lacking. By simply painting red and blue with the Soft Light blending mode in #Photoshop , I was able to achieve this look.⁠ •⁠ Want to see how I created this photo? Check out our Instagram Stories!⁠

2 weeks ago

Hey everyone! I'm @Calop_ , and I'm so excited and honored to be taking over the #Photoshop Instagram this week! Currently, I'm a freelance photographer and a full-time student in California.⁠ •⁠ My Photoshop journey started about five years ago in mobile editing. Gradually, after tons of trial and error, I arrived at my current skillset. However, I’m always trying to outdo myself, which is something I think all artists should strive for.⁠ •⁠ This photo represents the moment I understood the power of the soft round brush in Photoshop compositing.⁠ •⁠ Make sure to check out our Instagram Stories for the process behind this photo!⁠

3 weeks ago

Would you just go with the flow on a road trip, or would you planet? #Ps_Psychedelic piece by @circlestances

3 weeks ago

Presenting @egzonmuliiqi 's #Ps_Psychedelic piece, for all the world to see.⁠

3 weeks ago

Seeing signs in the stars with @sidomatic_ #Ps_Psychedelic ⁠ •⁠ What’s your star sign?⁠

4 weeks ago

She’s a bit of a space face. #Ps_Psychedelic piece by @pills_for_skills ⁠ •⁠ What’s your favorite planet?⁠

4 weeks ago

When the moon and stars say ”goodnight” back. #Ps_Psychedelic piece by @marcozagara

4 weeks ago

Hitting the road with @nak_bali_ #Ps_Psychedelic ⁠ •⁠ What’s on the other side of the clouds?⁠

5 weeks ago

All of the Lights ft. @gokuraz #Ps_Opposites

last month

@beeple_crap is a real fun guy. #Ps_Psychedelic ​⁠ •​⁠ What’s your favorite mushroom pun?​

last month

@isurajghosh is bridging the gap between #Ps_Psychedelic and reality.​

last month

Hi all, it’s @indg0 here for the last day of my takeover! I've seen hundreds of edits which are clever and skillfully done, but my art is about my soul and my memories. I make diaries of moods and feelings.⁠ •⁠ I think about my childhood and the way I grew up. Somehow, as I get older, I'm starting to get the feeling that my memory gets more and more distorted, in the sense that I tend to glorify the past. I remember only the good stuff, and I always wonder why. So, for this image, I placed the amusement park in the sky to represent my utopia—I know it doesn't exist but I need to be there. 🙂⁠ •⁠ I also wanted to introduce the new theme for the month, #Ps_Psychedelic ! I’m looking forward to seeing your dreamworlds, so let your imagination run wild and thank you all for appreciating my little world.⁠ Love,⁠ @indg0

last month

Hey guys, it's me, @indg0 ! Today is the fifth day of my takeover, and this image is very dear to my heart. It represents unrequited love and all the things in life which are not meant to be. Even when I’m emotionally hurting, I try to translate my pain into something beautiful.⁠ •⁠ How do you deal with pain?⁠

last month

@indg0 here with day three of my takeover, and today I’m sharing this lady I call ‘Moon Goddess.’ I created her to represent pain and how noble it actually makes us, if only we are able to open our eyes.⁠ •⁠ I see pain as an inevitable part of life, and to me, living is more or less overcoming it. There is something so beautiful in doing that with dignity and grace.⁠

last month

Hi all, it’s @indg0 here for the second day of the takeover. This is how I see nature—I’m completely obsessed with and mesmerized by it! Is there anything more glorious or perfect than Mother Nature? (Hint: the answer is no ).⁠ •⁠ I've always been that weird kid who caresses water and hugs trees. Can anyone else relate?⁠

last month

Hi everyone, this is @indg0 , and I will be sharing my world and my dreams with you this week! I am a digital artist from Serbia, and I started using Photoshop last September. My world revolves around art, music, magic and the idea that we are all one.⁠ •⁠ I picked this piece to start with because I wanted us to talk about love. Love is the only thing I've ever believed in. (Well, that and good food ). I’m talking about the kind of love that makes you feel like it's okay to be vulnerable and open up, that helps you grow as a person in each “good person department” and that makes you remember that you are omnipotent and infinite.⁠ •⁠ So tell me, have you ever really loved anything like that?⁠

last month

Haters will say it’s Photoshop… and they’d be right! 😉 Piece by @darkflawless and @dall_vika

last month

Don’t let your balloon fly away without you! #Ps_Escape piece by @daniel_serva ⁠ •⁠ Where would you want this balloon to take you?⁠

last month

Just how waterproof is that raincoat? #Ps_Escape piece by @umutrecberart ⁠ • Stock image of person in raincoat by @itstheseekboi

last month

If we lived here, we’d never want to #Ps_Escape Piece by @suricts ⁠ •⁠ What is your ideal fantasy land?⁠

last month

@semieceturgay makes us feel like we’re dancing on cloud nine! 💃 #Ps_Escape ⁠ • What makes you feel like you’re on top of the world? ⁠

last month

@alirizvie is taking us over the moon in today’s #Ps_Escape

last month

@ikevinadams is lighting up the city! 💫 #Ps_Escape ⁠ •⁠ Which do you prefer: city lights or starlight?⁠

last month

Interrupting all your usual content with an important message from @athinlinebetween #Ps_Opposites

last month

Lollygagging with @aronvisuals and @bryanadamc in this #Ps_Escape piece. ⁠

July 2019

@sphantasy_art is heading off to another realm in this #Ps_Escape ⁠ •⁠ Would you step through this door?⁠

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