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18 hours ago

all new andi mack tonight. don’t miss it, tonight @ 8 on disney channel ‼️

1 weeks ago

new andi mack tonight @ 8 !

3 weeks ago

you all know the deal! new andi mack tonight. this episode’s story has a very special place in my heart... tune in! xo

4 weeks ago

I have so much of you all in my heart.

last month

Lost in (canada’s ) wonderland

last month

photo booth vs. us

last month

happy birthday to my day one forever. thank you for filling my life with so much love. so excited to spend a lifetime laughing with you. i love you!! xoxo

May 2019

happy saturday xo

May 2019

new adventures !! link in bio !!

April 2019

olivia, thank you for hanging out with us today!! you are such a bright light!!

April 2019

In the land of shaved ice and poke

March 2019

KCA’s 2k19 !!

March 2019

ok so a couple weeks ago this video started popping up on my instagram called, “generations react to andi mack.” i was super curious so i watched it. i kid you not i probably watched it 10 times and almost cried every time. this video showed kids, teens, adults, parents, and grandparents alike, watching and reacting to some of the most pivotal scenes in our show. this video completely encompasses everything andi mack strives to be. with everyone. by everyone. for everyone. kids. parents. grandparents. girls. boys. gay. straight. it doesn’t matter. this video touched me, and made me feel so proud of what we have accomplished. then, @joshuarush and i were asked to come react to these people reacting to us. that video is now up on youtube! thank you, thank you, thank you FBE and everyone who put this video together. you have filled my heart with so much pride. also, i know i say this a lot, but thank you to everyone that made andi mack possible. we did good. and to everyone who has watched our show, thank you for giving us 30 minutes of your friday evenings. thank you for inviting us into your homes. thank you for being invested in our characters. indulging in the story lines. loving our show almost as much as i do! my heart loves you all!!

March 2019

happy birthday trent! thanks for always being there for me. can’t wait to go on more adventures together!!! you’re a real one

March 2019

so crazy lucky to have u guys (also all new andi mack tonight!! )

February 2019

hey guys! this is pretty cool! go vote now at for all of your favorites. xoxo

February 2019

Women will save the world.

January 2019

back in the city for the wknd !

January 2019

wishing the happiest of birthdays to this incredibly talented, beautiful girl. thank you for always being there for me. i am constantly in awe of your limitless positivity and undying kindness. i couldn’t be happier to call you my cast mate and forever friend. love you lots!

December 2018

pretty days !!

December 2018

i could spend the rest of my life reminiscing about the last three years. the dreams we made realities. the late nights laughing. it has been absolutely magical. that is the only word that truly embodies my experience with andi mack. magic. so whimsical and surreal. to my andi mack soulmates, thank you for making me believe in magic. you were my fairytale. cheers my family, for the aching in my heart is due to the love we have found in one another. the life we have created is one that will last a lifetime in my soul. every word. every smile. every tear. engraved into my mind. for eternity. i have found something here that in my life so far i didn’t know to be. true love. like in the movies. like in the storybooks. like in our minds. but i found it in salt lake city. i found it in lilan. in asher. in sofia. in josh. in trent. in lauren. in my crew. in andi mack the show. in andi mack the girl. so how does one go about thanking people for giving her a reason to wake up in the morning? for igniting a fire in her soul. this, i have no answers for. all i know is that three years ago i was just a girl. 11 years old. 4 feet and 9 inches tall. a dream as big as the galaxy. and today. 14 years old. 5 feet and 5 inches tall. and that massive dream has become a reality. a truth that i hold in my heart with each passing day. with every moment. with every breath. may our memories here be as vivid in our minds in 20 years as they are today. may we all feel honest happiness once again. may we all find our happily ever after.

December 2018

one for the books♥️♥️

December 2018

life is such a beautiful thing that everybody deserves to experience. instead of dreaming, running, jumping, and playing, children are worrying for their lives. i couldn’t be prouder to wear #thisshirtsaveslives and support kids fighting cancer @stjude please join me in this movement and get your shirt here.

December 2018

fries before guys

November 2018


November 2018

From the beginning, Andi Mack has been a show that sparks important conversations among families and friends that are relevant to life today. The next two episodes will cover a new topic, gun safety. I am so proud to be a part of a show that not only hopefully entertains, but empowers and inspires people to be knowledgeable about the world we live in. I can’t wait for you all to see what we have been working on♥️♥️

November 2018

when all you want to do is drink peppermint hot chocolate and listen to christmas music but you have to wait till after thanksgiving...

November 2018

today is midterm election day!!!! today is your day to make an impact on our country for the better. so get out and vote!!! vote with kindness. vote with strength. vote like our lives depend on it. because they do. every vote matters♥️♥️

November 2018

still wondering how we got here ♥

October 2018

couldn’t be more proud of these three crazy kids. i love you guys with all of my heart♥️♥️

October 2018

so fun last night!!! thanks for having me @asherangel ♥️

October 2018

my girls: ) ) )

January 2019

& @emilyskinner__

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