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last month

RIP Sweet Pea

March 2019

Part two 😂

January 2019

To say I’m shocked would be like saying being at the gym has made a profound impact on my life; a gross understatement. I’d like thank coach @snoopror for being the best coach I could ask for, I only wish I was better equipped at expressing myself, however I’m hungry to spend years on these very mats to hopefully express myself in other realms. Thank you to everyone at @parabellummma for pushing me as a person, and here’s to us taking 2019 by the neck. #BJJ #NOGI @parabellumquintet

October 2018

For everything, merci.

June 2018

Happy 9th birthday you beautiful butter ball 💕

June 2018

RIP chef

December 2017

When these ho-ho-hoes play with your feelings :(

November 2017

When your neighbour makes movie sets for a living...

October 2017

"I'm sober enough to know what I'm doing, and drunk enough to really enjoy it" Jim Lahey - RIP John Dunsworth #trailerparkboys

July 2017

The shitty part of growing up. RIP

June 2017

Couldn't find the right picture in time, and before you ask, yes that is my dad holding his grandson while the dog humps his leg. Happy Father's Day 😌💕

June 2017

My first love, meet my first car 💕

May 2017

If it wasn't for him, half the music I listen to wouldn't exist, I never would have picked up a bass or written songs. The world lost something special. RIP Chris Cornell

May 2017

The best part is, that's a real photo. #WelcomeToSaturn

April 2017

When I'm not being called daddy, Royce can call me uncle ❤️

March 2017

The new addition. Meet Goldie.

March 2017

My friends told me to

March 2017

HAPPY PERSIAN NEW YEAR🎉🎊🔥 If you give a fuck

February 2017

Happy 61st to my pops, the OG PapaKosh. You make me want to sacrifice, take risks, analyze things to the fullest extent , and be the best I can be. You inspire my ass to be find a person to spend 40 years of your life to give the world to, kids to do anything for and morals to refuse to let go of. You love just as much as you forget to put on sun screen which Is constant..clearly. Love you dad ❤️

February 2017

Punta Cana-bis

December 2016


December 2016


December 2016

RIP Princess

December 2016

This one hurts RIP George Michael

December 2016

Be buried with a fly suit and a microphone. Rest in peace Craig Sager.

October 2016


October 2016

Harley - 1 Cancer - 0. #FuckCancer #Hestiredfromcelebrating

September 2016

Say hello to nephew Royce, can't wait to teach you how throw hands LOL ❤️

August 2016

My favourite movie as a kid was Willy Wonka and nothing shows an exceptional actor than someone who made you feel like you were entering the world he created. RIP Gene Wilder.

August 2016

He wore the bow-tie better 🐶

June 2016

When you get to that age were you're too cool to celebrate your birthday...Happy birthday to my bundle of love Harley ❤️ #7

June 2016

I was driving with my parents earlier in the day and we took a wrong turn and ended up at a dead end. There was graffiti all over a wall and the portrait of the famous "Ali under water" picture caught my attention immediately. There's a reason I have a poster of him hanging over my bed, a reason that my father would talk for hours about Ali in his prime, and a reason I even fight. Much of that can be contributed to him. He wasn't technically perfect, undefeated, or without his demons. But the legacy he leaves is the same I want to strive for, whether that's in fighter or any other aspect in life. It is the horizon I wish to chase, but never will I find that destination. Thank you for inspiring millions over the years, and billions to come. The greatest, the king of kings, the butterfly that stung. Muhammed Ali, is down for the count. RIP

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