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2 days ago

One of my Montana Silver Tip x Sour Apple Bx females from a couple years back. A very special varietal that’s incorporated in to quite a few of my projects. #originalgardeners #breedingcannabis #rareselections #terps

1 weeks ago


2 weeks ago

It was a good time getting to tour my buddy @blazing_blasian farm. I haven’t spent much time with hemp but it reminded me of the first seed pack I ever ordered, Ruderalis indica, from sensi seeds. I decided on these because I grew up at 9300’ in CO and needed an unusually hardy variety for my region. Luckily ruderalis has some interesting traits that allow it to thrive in climates with large temp/humidity differentials, high winds, and high UV intensity. I hope to make quite a few hemp/high-thc cultivars in the future.

2 weeks ago

I stole this meme. 🤷🏻‍♂️

2 weeks ago

🌱is life. #originalgardeners // #highlandprovisions

4 weeks ago

This was the strain I was most excited to run from my lineup. It’s the #chemD x #mothersmilk ( @plantmoreseeds ) . I call her the Apache Chem names after the Apache peak in my home of the Indian Peaks in Colorado. Really excited to share her with everyone! #originalgardeners #breedingcannabis #rareselections #highlandprovisions @highlandprovisions

4 weeks ago

#originalgardenerstech this facility is a my lifes work. The production flow, Know-how, genetics, and all cultivation procedures. I am very proud of what the team has been able to accomplish in less than 7 months of production. #originalgardeners #cultivateeducateelevate #highlandprovisions #breedingcannabis #cannabis #rareselections #design #SOPs #sealed #dripirrigation #rollingbenches @vegplusbloom @elite91_nutrients @front_row_ag @charcoir @nanolux_technology @ggsmarijuana @samgesten @pilgrimsilks @alt_organix @harry__garcia @swall0211 @roaming420roots

4 weeks ago

Getting close to the finish line in Flower #2. This is a test run of the @front_row_ag @solstice donnie really excited to see how the final product smokes! #originalgardeners #highlandprovisions #cultivateeducateelevate #cannabis #skywvlk #tastywaves #cowboykush #dolcedeleche #apachechem #lemonroyale @highlandprovisions

last month

#Dolcedeleche #theuno ( #c4sfvog x #MothersMilk ) #originalgardeners #breedingcannabis #highlandprovisions The Uno is a special pheno of the Dolce de Leche which combines my C4SFVOG with the Mothers Milk (Nepali OG x Appalachia ) stud. She has a black licorice aroma that I’ve come to love 😊

last month

♻️ growing and flowing #originalgardeners #highlandprovisions Our cultivation team has been really putting in the work. We have come together to optimize the processes over the last 6 months. Super proud of my team!

last month

Lots of troubleshooting last weekend. It was isolated down to relay 3 in fan coil 2 (low fan speed relay ) in flower room 4. #originalgardeners #highlandprovisions

last month

#cowboykush ( #hells OG x #STARDAWG ) #originalgardeners #highlandprovisions @highlandprovisions —— It’s a gratifying feeling seeing your vision come to fruition. I would say I am more proud of the design, know-how, and getting to pass my knowledge on to others than I am of getting bring my genetics to the legal market. I can’t think of a prouder moment in my life than seeing my dream and vision of how a commercial facility should be run. So much to learn every day in this life. Keep working hard and your dreams will become a reality.

last month

Throwback to crushing hoops at 9300’ in CO. I failed many times before crushing out colas like this in a “dynamic” climate like the east side of the divide in CO. This is the original skywalker cut showing off 💅🏻 I miss my greenhouses at home. This will be the second summer I won’t be growing greenhouse. Hope to be getting back to my breeding projects soon. I will be rebranding my seed company over the next year. I’ll update everyone soon. As always thanks for the support! #originalgardeners #breedingcannabis #rareselections #onthecomeonup

last month

Hunted out a unique pheno of the C4SFVOG x MST/SA — the Montana Silver Tip Sour Apple male went under intense selection in 2016-2017 before I settled on the breeding male used to make this and other amazing crosses. @highlandprovisions #originalgardeners #cultivateeducateelevate #originalgardenersgenetics #cannabis #breedingcannabis #thirtyplusgang

last month

Words can’t describe the feeling of having my flower for the first time in my 14 years of growing, but most importantly, preserving heirloom “clone-only” strains like: Pre-98 Bubba Kush, Master Kush, Chem D, and Sour Diesel (RVille cut ) available to people to buy on the Oregon legal Rec market. My family (like many ) have been in this industry before it was ever close to legal. I will always retain the integrity and passion that I started this journey with! Thank you to everyone who has been there and believed in me. Thank you @highlandprovisions for the chance to make my dreams a reality! Now I have so much more to work towards 🙏🏻💯 @samgesten @imakehash @raftingray @alexgomezandrews @carl Special shout out to my brother and best friend @snowgove I could have never made this happen without you 🙏🏻

last month

This #cowboykush is one of my personal favorites. If you are a fan of OGs and chem varieties this pheno of #hellsog x #stardawg is the epitome of ⛽️ 🍋 bred by : @greenpointseeds__gu @greenpointseedsbank —- @highlandprovisions #originalgardeners #highlandprovisions #cultivateeducateelevate

May 2019

This #Fallfrost ( #MobBoss x #MSTSA ) pheno is off the⛓. Starting to get her purple tinge and reeking like grape and berries 🍇🍓 #originalgardeners #originalgardenersgenetics #highlandprovisions #rareselections #breedingcannabis @highlandprovisions

April 2019

I never brag, how real I keep it, cause it’s the best secret #originalgardeners #breedingcannabis #highlandprovisions #ocho #nas #takeitinblood

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