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2 weeks ago

this hit different for me... 💯——————————————————————— •Choreo - @nat_bat_ ytkv : ) thank you for the release for real, love you fam 💙 •Artist - @jayladarden Captured by - @emjaymendez

4 weeks ago

Mercades - @blocboy_jb 🎒 ———————————————————————• Dancing with the big bro @_gordonwatkins •Filmed by my guy - @kreativebeno

4 weeks ago

Bacc At It Again 🏆 💯——————————————————————— •glad to finally get back into my guy @jblazeofficial class. It defiantly was the vibe i need for that night for sure. •shot by - @kreativebeno 🎥

4 weeks ago

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5 weeks ago

happy birthday mom 💜 thank you for everything that you’ve done for me, you are a light of sunshine not just to me but to everyone you will come in contact with. I know I can always count on you no matter what and im glad you are proud of the boy you are raising. I love you to the moon and back - Josh

last month

🐴 | pony | @dababy @pyrexwhippa @cubeatz ——————————————————————— • i saw this lil island in the middle of Lankershim & Ventura and i thought let’s film here. •Shot by my guy - @ant artefakt 🎥

last month

🍷 | cranberry juice | @kcamp @beatgodxl ——————————————————————— • i am for real about to start sharing more of my freestyle journey heres a lil something my guy @ant artefakt shot and I got some more clips comin so stay tuned 👀🙏🏾💯

last month

Experimenting with the fam is always gonna be crazyy🔥💯/ @dtrix @konceptxv •Song - Solo by @bdash_2

last month

Press 📸 @iamcardib ——————————————————————— •always a good time in @staronstage class love you man! 💯 •dancing with my big bro - @yoitswagg

last month

wild child 😤 @y2heru ——————————————————————— •shoutout to @kennywormald for letting me come thru and teach for the one time! I had such a good class and I can’t wait to teach again! 💯🙏🏾 | Dancing with the bros @itslilct & @young christian4real #joshanddeshawnchoreo

last month

#REBIRTH | I am so HONORED to be apart of this cast 🙏🏾. I’ve dreamed about this moment for so long and I’m excited to go though this journey and receive all the training and knowledge that will come with it!! Thank you @monstersdance & all the faculty for giving me this amazing opportunity and I can’t wait to Awaken The Artist Within Me. 💯🙏🏾

last month

Mood for class tonight! 😂 Teaching at @theplaygroundla Tonight 6:30pm excited to dance with some of y’all ! 💯🙏🏾

last month

you crazy @kolaniemarks 🔥!! thanks for the push last night my guy 💯🎒 #rawfootage

last month

@ysabellecaps @fefe_burgos 💯

May 2019

Lottery 💰 @kcamp ———————————————————————• when these two collab it’s always gonna be a vibe! thank y’all so much for this super tight class, i haven’t had this much fun in class in a minute : ) 💯 •Choreo - @riehata X @melvintim2 | Dancing with the amazing @reina_qm Also Happy Birthday Reina!!!! 🖤🎁🎉🎈 #srankxriehatatokyo

May 2019

SMASH 👊🏾🔥 @zaehd @ceohd ——————————————————————— •First of many collabs with the amazing @reina_queenme i had an amazing time learning and vibin with you on your trip to LA and I can’t wait to dance with you again : ) 💯 #じょしゅとれいな #チームバケツ #srankxriehatatokyo #Crack #Klank #Git #Schwaap

May 2019

sessions w/ the bro @juliandeguz13 🌊🌎 •inspired by @ian_eastwood & @shaylatukolan | Filmed by @romazanpfff |

May 2019

@Dunkin Cosmic Coolatta on repeat with my Cosmic Crew!! @Dunkin Cosmic Coolatta flavors are back, grab one and space out! #DunkinCosmicCrew #ad

May 2019

wild child 😳 @y2heru ——————————————————————— •always a good time when collabing with the big bro @deshawn_da_prince thank you to everyone who came thru it was a good time and can’t wait for the next one | Filmed by @twincitytv |

April 2019

What’s It Gonna Be 🔥 @bustarhymes & @janetjackson ——————————————————————— • glad i finally got to be in town for a classic @deshawn_da_prince & @nat_bat_ collab. you already know I love both of you guys and thank you so much for this dope combo💯. | Dancing with the homies @that_kidmanny & @_d.will_ | 🎥 - @twincitytv

April 2019

Robotics 👾 #joshpricechoreography @zaehd @ceohd ——————————————————————— •thank you so much to everyone who came out to class. i had such an amazing experience and i can’t wait to come back to the city 💯🙏🏾 | 🎥 by - @aidangibney |

April 2019

break fool tings 🇸🇬 •choreo - @melvintim2 & @officialjoshprice •event - @arenadancecomp •Artist - @therealrahdigga

April 2019

NYC! it’s going down this Wednesday at Ripley Grier from *Time Change ( 9-11pm ) | it’s gonna be a good time 👾|

April 2019

Ukraine... it’s been real. Thank you for all the new food, friends and memories this country has given me and I can’t wait to come back next year 🙏🏾 🇺🇦 big thank you to my guys @gregchapkis & @eugenedside for an amazing experience y’all are the best 💯

April 2019

Robotics 👾 #joshpricechoreography @zaehd ——————————————————————— •hitting some steps with the bros @melvintim2 & @rileybourne •Filmed by - @brandonesparza •Cc- @thehubnoho

April 2019

Never Know - @6lack 🇸🇬——————————————————————— for this performance i really wanted to show a more mature side in my movement while still having fun. I hope you enjoy 💯 •filmed by the homie 🎥- @geraldnonadoez •big thank you to @bboynick90 aka papa nick for the amazing experience in singapore. that whole trip inspired me so much and I can’t wait to go back : ) 🙏🏾

May 2019

freestyle tings 👾 🎥 @charlesdupouy

March 2019

Thank You Singapore 🇸🇬🙏🏾

March 2019

Middle Child 🙏🏾 @realcoleworld @jamrepublicofficial ——————————————————————— •choreo🔥 - @lylebeniga •dancing with💯 - @melvintim2 @trevortakemoto @zaihar •filmed🎥 - @paven_gill

May 2019

I wanna be with you till the sunrises 💯🎒 ——————————————————————— Thank you so much for this class @nat_bat_ it was definitely a release that i really needed to get off my chest that day : ) 🙏🏾 •choreo - @nat_bat_ •filmed - @robfish_inc •artist - @ayellemusic •location - @theplaygroundla

February 2019

That S-Rank Chemistry 💯🚀 ——————————————————————— •Choreography by one of my biggest inspirations - @tuckerbarkley 🐐// •Dancing with the fam - @melvintim2 & @baileysok1 ⚡️ •Filmed by🎥 - @timmilgram •Studio - @tmillytv •Song - Voicemail / @impoppy #srank #dance #joshprice #baileysok #melvintimtim #tmilly

February 2019

No Bystanders (Class Version ) ——————————————————————— • thank you @gregchapkis for bringing me out there to train the @chapkisdance family. I’m so proud of you guys for opening up just being ready for whatever challenges I threw at you guys! I can’t wait to see the new studio once’s it finished and I’m super excited to everyone’s growth from this point forward : ) 🙏🏾💯🚀

February 2019

I choose to live #TobaccoFree because it gets in the way of what moves me. I want to be sure my body is 100% healthy so I can continue to dance, choreograph and do everything that I love. As I continue to #MakeFreshMoves and pursue my dreams, I live a smoke-free life to ensure that addiction doesn't get in the way of my hustle! @freshempire #sponsored

February 2019

bury a friend ⚰️ @wherearetheavocados ——————————————————————— •it’s been a minute but i’m glad I got to get back in @jakekodish class : ) 💯 |Filmed by @timmilgram | Studio - @tmillytv

February 2019

when rob’s phone goes silent for a couple seconds...you just gotta grab the phone, throw it and double stomp that bih 😂🤷🏾‍♂️

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