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Building businesses and talent in entertainment Universal Music Group Exec 🎵 LA ☀️

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2 weeks ago

Quite a while ago, I lowkey took a position at @universalmusicgroup and have been quietly working away with @cel30ine on some awesome projects. Not too long after, @Kade joined and things really kicked up a notch. It’s a crazy team, doing some crazy things 😂

July 2019

It’s not often I get to visit my ‘city of England’ so I don’t get to see my family much! But this time I managed to get a rare pic with my Dad & Brother 😂 see you in a few hours LA ☀️ please no more earthquakes

May 2019

Doing some big things with this incredible woman @cel30ine 🤫 Happy Birthday! 🎉

May 2019

I haven’t posted in over 3 months but it’s my birthday so hi 😂👋🏻🎉

November 2018

ITS FINALLY HERE @NEWWORLDORDER ! (link in bio ) I’ve wanted to make a podcast for a long time so I’m really excited to see where this goes. I hope you can join us from the beginning by giving the first episode a listen! Myself and @Kade have some incredible guests planned for future episodes so make sure you come back every Wednesday 😁 thank you for all the support, I’m always grateful for anyone that shows interest in what I do!! ❤️

September 2018

haven’t posted a selfie since april 2017 so here we are 🤷🏼‍♂️😂

September 2018

I’m so excited to show you everything I’ve been working on! | 📸 @donaldrayturner

July 2018

I’m so proud of this guy. Most people don’t know how hard he’s been working on his music for the last few years. To see that hard work starting to pay off makes me so happy... keep your eye on him 👀 And make sure you check out his latest music video “Numbers Up” @dynamitedylan

August 2018

July 4th 🎇

April 2019

I know it’s a dead meme but David is my city

August 2018

For everyone asking, I will always love everyone that was part of the Team 10 journey. I hope they have fun on tour!

April 2018

Look at this little guyyyy 😍 I felt like I was holding a real baby 😂

May 2018

What’s your dream car? I’ve never loved anything like I love mine 😂

March 2018

3rd wheeling with Kade and Mackenzie at the park with the OVO Timbs thanks to the plug @goat What did you get up to this weekend?

March 2018

I can’t remember why I was looking at Erika like this 😂😂

March 2018

So @yallamedi was kind enough to bring food to the launch of Team 10 Gaming! They just opened a new location in Culver City and anyone can get $4 off an entrée if you use the code YallaWithNick online or say it in-store at ANY location! Thanks again for supporting our new project! 😋🍽 WHATS YOUR FAVE FOOD?

February 2018

I’m in love with my new car 😍 What should we name it? 👀

February 2018

My boy @dynamitedylan just dropped a new song with @postmalone , go search “You” on Apple Music or Spotify! 💥

February 2018

What’s everyone up to this weekend? 😛

last month

Thank you for all the birthday wishes 😛

February 2018

Monday /// Link in bio

January 2018

When these two idiots first walked into the Team 10 house, I really didn’t think I’d love them as much as I do now 😂 @imanthonytruj @imchancesutton

January 2018

My boy @izadi hooked me up with the most insane artwork and put my logo on my wall in my bedroom. If you need any art work, HES YOUR GUY 🔥🔥

December 2018

Happy birthday @jakepaul 🎉

January 2018

Instagram is my city

January 2018

Uncle Kade and I have something exciting coming 👀 @kadespeiser

November 2018

This little prankster is always up to no good! @benhampton

December 2017

You can either thank or blame this man for my existence 😂 Love ya, Dad ❤️

December 2017

The reindeer are on strike so I’m getting ready to deliver all the presents in Andy’s Chinquechento 😂

November 2018

Working on so many exciting projects 🎉

November 2018

First time in New York was an incredible experience, especially during Christmas 😍

November 2017

#tbt to a year ago when The Grove was basically our second home 😂 @tessabrooks ❤️

November 2018

Somehow just put together a Christmas album with music videos in less than a month. I need a vacation 😂

November 2018

Getting ready for Christmas 🎁😂

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