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I like to surf, skate and blow kisses 😘[email protected] @norrisnuts @biggynorris @disco.norris *Parent managed account. NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO 👇🏻

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I was proud for that Biggy was on my team and we beat Sabre and Sockie in making the best video clip. I know Biggy made it but I will try one time to make a video too. I promise 😍💃👍🏻🤗

1 weeks ago

What heart is your favorite ❤️ or ♥️? I think I like ♥️

3 weeks ago

I like surfing when it isn’t too cold or too big. What do you like to do? 🤔💝💝

last month

When your Papa won’t buy you a guinea pig.... any ideas how I can convince him?

last month

Two more sleeps till our TOY MANIA Facebook Live with BIG W! We’ll need YOUR help as we take on challenges to unlock the secrets of the Toy Sale! Follow the link to the BIG W Facebook page and click ‘Get Reminder’ to be notified of when we go live this Friday 7th June at 4:30pm AEST! We’re so excited! https://bit.ly/2KnFmJ2 @bigwaustralia #bigwtoysale #toymania

December 2018

I didn’t get a ginea 🐖 pig but did get a beautiful dress and I got to put Disco hat on his head. I love you and I hope you and eating lots of cake not Christmas cake but chocolate cake today. 💓 NAz

December 2018

I try to get the basketball in the ring and one time I did and I feel like wow I did it. But I couldn’t do it again. 💓 Naz (did you get to watch the vlog today? )

October 2018

I was picking Disco a comfortable outfit when l found the cutest outfit ever so I decided to dress him up in it .l even found a hat for Disco and a a matching hat for me and then I thought I want to remember this moment for ever in case I forget. 🐠💝🍩👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼💍💋💝🥖🧀🍪🎂🍀

June 2018

“We’re not freaks we’re friendly” ... we went hard today trying to sell lemonade that was even better than Coles one 🍋 ❤️Sockie 🤣🐥

April 2018

When I was there a big mosquito bit me and I feel ichy all day but then I go to shops and get cream and feel better 💓Naz 🧜🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️

December 2017

😎 👗 I really hope for Christmas I will get a Guinea pig or a dog I would love But my dad say no 🙁I'm so happy with my family. . I love you and pink things . I will think I will wear this dress on my wedding day. A nice dress for the beach. I love pizza people.💖Naz @gradigroup @johnny di.francesco

September 2017

@mfsoftboards So soft softer than my mums pillow hell board for grommets. Thanks so much mick 😘😘 you would do 360s on the same time on that board. Mark I miss you and Britt everyday I live. Can't wait to surf with you. I am a little sick I ate to much 🧀 at the party.😢I vomit at the park 🤢on the grass. I am so excited to get back on the special kind board you gave me. 💝💝 I like my photo shane @shane blue but I like your dog 🐶 even more then the photo✅ 🇫🇷 for Meme 💗💗Nazzy noddle

April 2017

I just found this on mums phone. It made me laugh. Naz has got the days of the week down now 😂❤️️sabre

September 2016

I love when Naz surfs with us. She gets so proud of herself❤️ Sabre

September 2016


July 2016

When your outfit looks amazing 😂❤️ Sabre

July 2016

#outfitgoals ❤️ Sabre

July 2016

Part 2 of the clip I found. How many people in your family?? Well...Nazzy was kinda close 😂💁🏼❤️ Sabre ps we have 6 👍🏻

July 2016

Part 1- 👍🏻Just found this. When's your birthday Naz??? (Ps naz's birthday is November ) 😂❤️ Sabre #njanuary

January 2016

When Nazzy falls asleep in the car she always asks the person sitting next to her to hold her hand because she reckons it make her not get bad dreams. ❤️ Sabre and Nazzy

October 2015

We had to wait for ever for naz but yesterday she put her wetsuit on and took it off all by herself. 24th October ❤️ Sabre

August 2015


August 2015

4 wetsuits 2 kids 😂😂😂. 4 by 3 steamer plus 2mm springy = warm as 🔥 ❤️ Sabre and nazzy noodle

April 2015

I like to skate 💗 naz and Sabre (naz is not very good at typing so I help her )

April 2015

I met the easter bunny 💗 Nazzy noddle and Sabre (i help naz write because she is really slow and forgets how to spell words )