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1 hour ago

Portofino from above 😍 Italy. Tag who would you stay here with 💦 Photo by @sebastianmzh #nature

12 hours ago

The sound of waterfalls soothing? 💦 Switzerland. Video by @ananya ray #nature

20 hours ago

The tree of life 🌳 Honolulu, Hawaii. Photo by @crisp_artography #nature


I understand the principle of not touching wildlife, keeping @nature pure and pristine. But when a 2 ton shark decides to engage with you, you may have to engage back 🦈 Tiger Beach, Caribbean sea. Photo by @juansharks #nature


Mud Volcano 🌋 Qobustan, Azerbaijan. Video by @gezimanya #nature


Caption this photo 🐺 Norway. Photo by @togethertheytravel #nature

2 days ago

It’s a rainforest inside of a volcano, with a lake at the very bottom. Wild @nature spot! 😍 Terceira Island, Azores, Portugal. Photo by @nate_dodge #nature

2 days ago

Tom Tom likes to start each day (even Mondays! ) 😄 jumping for joy. The orphaned gazelle, who we hand-raised from infancy, may just be the most agile member of our Nursery herd. Although he’s now living partially wild in the surrounding park, he comes by frequently to show off his stotting skills. This is a signature move of gazelles — also called pronking — in which they spring high into the air and lift all four feet off the ground simultaneously. We think Tom Tom has nailed the technique! Kenya. Video and caption by @sheldricktrust #nature

3 days ago

Tulips are blooming 🌷 ’t Zand, Schagen, Holland. Photo by @dirkjanpiersma #nature

3 days ago

Worse ways to start a day 😄😘 Wild Cat Conservation Centre, Wilberforce, Australia. Video by @wildcatcentre #nature

4 days ago

Have you ever seen a white kangaroo?😍 Sweden. Video by @liifeoflunaa #nature

4 days ago

Air-balloons at sunset 😍 Kapadokya, Turkey. Photo by @hobopeeba #nature

5 days ago

Whoa! 😲 Unexpected passenger! Glad the little guy was ok in the end! 🐧 💙 Video by @oceanx #nature

6 days ago

Take time to smell the flowers 🌼European Ground Squirrel. Photo by @julianradwildlife #nature

1 weeks ago

A cat in a raincoat? 💦 Here you go! Tag someone who has to see this! 😻 Canada. Photo by @sukiicat #nature

1 weeks ago

When someone try to steal your favourite toy 🐼 Video by @sandiegozoo Tag your friends! #nature

2 weeks ago

Breathtaking @nature ⛰💦 Tumpak Sewu, Indonesia. Photo by @malthezimakoff #nature

2 weeks ago

The fact that you can walk right out the door of these moving trains in Sri Lanka is both mesmerizing and terrifying. Where else can you do this?! I must go there!! 🤯🚂 Video and caption by @agrimisadventures #nature

2 weeks ago

Summer mode 😎 Who would you try this cabrio ride with? 🚠 😍 Stans, Switzerland. Photo by @alaa_oth #nature

2 weeks ago

Me everyday at life 🤣 Tag a @nature lover 🐼 #nature

2 weeks ago

Grandalas birds flight 😍 Aren't they amazing? What do you think? 🙌 Lachen, North Sikkim, India. Photo by @adityaa_chavan #nature

2 weeks ago

Holding the moon 🌝 Really enchanting effect a 100-400mm lens provides 😍 Knights Ferry, California. Photo by @a_guy_named_eric

2 weeks ago

The colors of @nature 🌸🦋🌼 California. Photo by @odwyer_sio9 #nature

2 weeks ago

Dolphins enjoying @nature 🐬🌊💙 Hawaii. Video by @nolanomura #nature

2 weeks ago

Caption this photo 😜 Mount Slamet, Indonesia. Photo by @whiby_40 #nature

2 weeks ago

Grandalas birds 😍 Lachen, North Sikkim, India. Photo by @aviantrails #nature

2 weeks ago

Walking through paradise 🏔🐕 Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. Video by @michelphotography_ch w/ @rastawhiteshepherd #nature

2 weeks ago

"Throwing it back to one of the best experiences of my life, Paddle boarding with Manatees at Weeki Wachee in Florida! 🏄🏼‍♀️ 🌊🐄 These creatures are so beautiful and gentle, @nature at its best! 💙" Video and caption by @rhip32 #nature

2 weeks ago

Dinner time for Spiny Flower Mantis 🌱 Tag a @nature lover 😋 Video by @bugsincyberspace #nature

3 weeks ago

Furong ancient town in the Hunan Province of China has a beautiful @nature landscape, rich Tujia ethnic folk customs and is also a perfect place to explore a lot of protected cultural relics and records of Tujia political and military history! 😍 Who would you want to go there with? Tag them! Video by @myaqua102 #nature

3 weeks ago

Dinner in the lake anyone? 🌅🥂 Sulzano, Lake Iseo, Italy. Photo by @giuseppenervi #nature

3 weeks ago

Seaglass beauty 🏝🌅 Japan. Photo by @byeen0402 #nature

3 weeks ago

A dog lover's philosophy: if you're not covered in dog hair, your life is empty 😜 Photo by @alexeetstitch #nature

3 weeks ago

Powerful @nature magma breakout! 🌋 Kilauea volcano, Hawaii. Video by @epiclava_ #nature

3 weeks ago

Cherry blossoms tunnel 🌸 Who would you get lost here with? ✨ Kawazu, Japan. Photo by @tsumizo #nature

3 weeks ago

A bad dog owner dumped this wolfdog at a kill shelter when he got too big and too much to handle. Luckily a sanctuary took him instead and saved his life! His DNA testing came back as 87.5 % Gray Wolf, 8.6 % Siberian Husky, and 3.9 % German Shepherd 🐺🐶 Video by @brit_allen_ & @shywolf_sanctuary #nature The strength, incredible instincts, sharp intelligence, and social abilities of the wolf is what has made them one of the most respected animals in the world. The stunning animal has been featured in legends, books, movies, paintings and other products of culture for centuries which slowly taught us to appreciate them even more. So it’s understandable that people wanted to take a bit of that wilderness home. With the idea of combining the best of both worlds, people created a wolfdog. Wolfdog is basically a mixture of wolf and domestic dog, both of which are members of same Canis species. You probably wouldn’t think twice about his descent when meeting Yuki, and no wonder why. Yuki is one of the highest content wolfdogs at the sanctuary where he is currently staying. Most wolves shy away from people and are not aggressive toward them by nature, but with wolfdogs – it’s always a one-of-kind case. Wolfdogs are a mixture of traits, which results in less predictable behavior patterns compared to either the wolf or dog. So with adopting these breeds come unique challenges that people are not often aware of. Especially when purchased as a puppy, it’s impossible to predict how much wolf will be in an animal.

3 weeks ago

Kedung Kayang Waterfall 😍 Java island, Indonesia. Photo by @rooney_atmoko #nature

3 weeks ago

This incredible shot of a couple kissing while hanging from a train in Ella, Sri Lanka will surely be one for the books. So powerful! 🚞💑🌴 Tag the person you would want a photo like this one with! Photo by @backpackdiariez #nature ​ ⛔️Please, do not try to emulate this yourself!⛔️

3 weeks ago

Amazing viewpoint in Norway 🏔 Video by @michelphotography_ch w/ @rastawhiteshepherd #nature

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