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when you open a pack of gum in public ((tag friends who do this to you ) ) 🤠

2 days ago

the aliens from area 51 abducted half of me so now i’m even skinnier than before tee hee 😤✋🏼

3 days ago

how to make lots of money super easy 🤠❤️(tag some friends who need this tutorial for a follow )

4 days ago

this new iPhone camera shows all my flaws 😭😭😭 still skinny tho👋🏼🤪

6 days ago

kind of shook at the light as a feather challenge and i’m SO confused how this worked

2 weeks ago

the only person i care about at all periOODDTTTTtttTT.

2 weeks ago

howdy y’all! thinking of being a cowboy now, opinions? 🙈🤠

2 weeks ago

#bottlecapchallenge they switched the water bottle with my phone...

2 weeks ago

i asked strangers who they would really date.. i got 0 DLSKJDKS

2 weeks ago

decided to go vegan and eat these flowers for breakfast 😋 they were so yummy!!

3 weeks ago

i taught myself how to walk up walls today : ) it’s so much easier to do these things when you put your mind to it!

3 weeks ago

stressing people out for my own entertainment 🤠🤪 tag someone who would love this video

4 weeks ago

so this girl was in front of my car and i decided to do this...

4 weeks ago

this is how my love life goes

5 weeks ago

Sorry i don’t make the rules ((send this to someone who needs to send you $10 ) )

last month

we’re all guilty of doing this

last month

Air horn prank on my nephew 😂 (tag someone/ send this to someone you would do this to ) ps. sorry for looking crusty xoxo

last month

The 5 Types of friends in a friend group ((tag which friend is which if you’re brave ) ) 🤠

last month

I asked strangers to rate/ date me and this happened 😂 tag someone/ send this to someone you want to do this with

last month

Cannot believe I turned 95 years old today.. when i was born (as you can tell by the picture ) i was trying to fit in with the dinosaurs so they wouldn’t hurt me... it’s been a wild ride man

last month

how God made me 🤠 send this to a friend / tag a friend who was made the same as me 🤪

last month

hey guys, so i accidentally learned how to float today! decided to take this pic for 100% proof : ) life is crazy

last month

did u guys know i’m best friends with @billieeilish ?? her and @justinbieber never stop hitting up my dms ughhh it’s hard being a mega millionaire super star sometimes :( there isn’t enough of my clout to go around for everyone...

last month

Came all the way from vegas to LA to surprise my friend ❤️ tag a friend/ send this to a friend you would do this for😊

last month

just bought the whole desert : ) not trying to flex, but i did!! it’s super easy to once you decide to be rich and famous! not that hard!!

last month

when your crush snapchats you but then this happens.... (tag someone who relates )

last month

got herrrr 😂 tag a friend / send this to friends you would do this to

last month

if you got this, i’m so sorry

last month

how to get anything for free online 😱 tag someone who needs this!

last month

i always lose to myself in rock paper scissors :(

last month

flew across the country to surprise my friend with cheese 🤭 ((tag someone you would do this to ) )

May 2019

i would like to thank all of my followers for making this happen <3 i’m the first mega millionaire super star on the walk of fame 😍✌️ everyone else cant compare.. sorry bout it :/

May 2019

i completely forgot about this video, so i just figured why not post it now?? hi sisters! *breathes tea*

May 2019

welcome to the worlds most satisfying video 😍❤️✌️ ((tag friends/ send this to friends who would be satisfied ) )

May 2019

i make pregnancy part 2 look good 🤠😍 does anyone have name suggestions?! we already have soap Jr, thinking of something cute like “rust” or “saliva” let me know ☺️ ((new youtube video, link in bio! ) )

May 2019

1500 miles, 12 hours, but so worth it ❤️(tag a friend / send this to a friend who loves animals )

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