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4 days ago

Here’s how my new baby, @RadioActiveDads , got made! Show starts 7/24 on @idobiRadio , and all podcast apps, or you can even unlock video episodes and tons of other bonus content at the LINK IN BIO. I’ll be talking about dad life, married life, telling BTS stories from the @icarly days and everything in between! Thanks for all the support you've ALREADY given us, we're amped up to give you more! Get excited!

last month

I really dont tend to post selfies, so for those that have been wondering: this is what I look like now. So there ya go. That's me, sitting on the edge of a tub. ✌ gonna go build some storage cubes and maybe clean the garage or something! Super interesting stuff!!!!

April 2019

What. A. Thug. #theTudehasarrived

February 2019

When life is so busy that you literally don't have time to post a Valentine's photo until the next day... you need a woman like this in your life. @londonelisekress , you are my JAM, and I love you deeply ❤

December 2018

We're officially the parents that creep on their kids while they sleep. Livin' that official 1 year-old blankie life, ft. Ro's favorite sleep suit from @lovetodreamusa 👶😴

December 2018

#tbt Thanksgiving Day, 2018. Quest completed, 400 XP increase: Single handedly put a baby down for a nap at a wedding, and manage baby whines until end of ceremony. Level-up: Erudite Dad-mage. Ability unlocked: Improved Stroller Jiggle.

December 2018

Buenos dias, muchachalatas

November 2018

3 years ago, we were two kids in love. 3 years later, we are two kids who are super-duper-mega-extra in love, and have the baby to prove it 😂 Happy Anniversary, my dearest. We may not have time to write novel-length sappy 'Grams anymore, but that's just because we're too busy living the most amazing life that I could have ever imagined... as a family ❤ thank you for showing me what real-life, hardcore, honest love and devotion look like. You are my greatest treasure.

November 2018

The marketing department for The Grinch is killin' it in LA. Too accurate. Freakin intersection of Franklin/Highland

November 2018

It's finally here! #BreakingBrooklyn is arriving TOMORROW on Digital & DVD from Lionsgate. So go vote, then come home and watch it with the whole fam! It'll make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Hope you guys enjoy! I have a lot of great memories from this one 😊

October 2018

"Dis mine. Dis my punkin'. Yoo can't have it." - Rosie

October 2018

Going through old photos on this fine #tbt ! 3mo old Ro getting her nightly hypnosis from her @hatchnursery night light ❤ this was back when she used to stay still for more than 2.6 seconds. What a time!!! #gift

September 2018

"What a cute moment", right? Only if you think headbutting your dinner date is cute. Somehow the camera managed to avoid the look of sheer agony on our faces. We totes love each other tho, so it'skay. #actualcandid

August 2018

#tbt to a couple of weeks ago at RoRo’s first event (outside of the womb, anyway )! Got to try out @babytula 's new Explore carrier. For a baby who refuses to be held any way other than facing out, it’s a magical thing!! #explorewithtula

August 2018

Alright, so here's what been going on! Since around 2013-14, I've been having increasingly bad back pain, while doing the simplest stuff-- driving, sitting cross-legged, even standing still in front of monitor while directing. Everything just hurt, all the time. So after a lot of procrastinating, lots of doctors visits and MRIs, and an incorrect diagnosis or two, I found out I actually had a pretty rare birth defect that placed my spinal cord under tension, and it was pulling on my nerves. So a couple days ago, I was finally able to get it taken care of! Surgery went well, but I wont know how effective it was until later. I'm in a decent bit of pain, but it'll be worth it in the long run. Right now I focus on recovery and getting my mobility back (with the help of my sexy walker ). And to those living with constant, chronic pain: if you haven't yet, please, please investigate. It took a long time to figure out what my deal was, but it was worth the effort. I never would have expected this issue, or that the solution would be so easy. You just never know! Love you guys, thank you for the support. Good to know y'all have my back (hah! )

June 2018

Tryna make New Law proud. #fortniteProAm #vghs #E3

June 2018

Imma get me one a' these. #fortnite #E3

June 2018

My favorite video of all time. I’ve watched it dozens upon dozens of times, and it never gets old. I love my family ❤️

May 2018

Twinning in NOLA. Shout out to Londy for facilitating Rosie's new "geek-chic" look with the best Christmas present ever 👐

April 2018

So I'm a glasses guy now 🤓

March 2018

🎶A girl with kaleidoscope eyes🎶 📷: @jedidiahwoods

March 2018

My two favorite humans ❤

March 2018

This moment of parental bliss, when Daddy got to enjoy his morning coffee in ONE SITTING, without having to heat it back up, is brought to you by the @4moms_hq mamaRoo. Bless you for this invention, 4moms. Turns out, it's 4 dads, too ❤😢 #gift #4moms

February 2018

Reposting this one since it's one of my favorite pictures ever and just hit me that it got deleted a couple years ago in that stupid hacking kerfuffle. This Valentine's Day was probably our least Valentine-y ever, and yet somehow, one of my favorites. It takes a special person to make cleaning up baby barf a romantic experience, but doggone it if she didn't pull it off. Lon, you're my Valentine forever and I adore you. Now put on those sweats and let's try to get some sleep before lil babe wakes up again. 😙

January 2018

I don't think I'm doing Chinatown right.

January 2018

Lol jk

January 2018

Maybe I should just go full "dad-look". This thing makes me feel like I need to seek out attractive lease offers on a minivan. #wellqualifiedcustomer #lowmonthlypayments

January 2018

Could stare at this face forever. #bathtime

January 2018

I'm sure you've seen this ad a lot lately. But look closer. See that face down there? That's the face of yours truly. Wanna know how I got there? Watch LA to Vegas tonight at 9/8c on Fox to find out!!

December 2017

Reposting this one since it inexplicably disappeared from my first post. I can't believe it's already been over a week since this incredible day. Starting with this first quiet moment, I swell with pride every time I see my two favorite ladies together. The way they got into a rhythm so fast never ceases to amaze me. Londy, you are SUCH a natural at this-- a born mother. It warms my heart to see you absolutely shine in this role, in every way. And Rosie... wow. You are already so strong, so expressive, so smart, and so very lovely. It will be an honor to watch you grow. I love my family ❤

December 2017

The many faces of Rosie. (These happened in about a 20 second period ) Sorry in advance. I'm most likely gonna be the guy who posts pictures of his baby, ad nauseam.

December 2017

Best Christmas present ever.

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