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5 minutes ago

Photo by @amytoensing | A cellist with the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center performs at the Spa Little Theater in Saratoga Springs, New York. #Cello #Music #SaratogaSprings

23 hours ago

Photo by @christianziegler | A male panther chameleon native to Ambanja, Madagascar displays its rare turquoise form. #Chameleon #Ambanja #Madagascar


Photo by @carstenpeter | A cormorant fisherman rows through the Li River in the Guangxi region of China. #Fishing #China #River

3 days ago

Photo by Otis Imboden | Thousands gather at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida to watch Apollo 11 lift off. #Apollo1150thAnniversary #Apollo11Anniversary #Apollo11

4 days ago

Photo by Maynard Owen Williams | Women rest at the Parthenon whose damaged structure is under repair. This image was originally published in the December 1930 magazine. #ThrowBackThursday #Vintage #Greece

5 days ago

Photo by Captain F. E. Kleinschmidt & L. Peterson | A black bear and a brown bear stand on their hind legs in Seward, Alaska. This image was originally published in the November 1916 magazine. #ThrowBackThursday #BlackAndWhite #Alaska

6 days ago

Photo by @stevewinterphoto | A pair of one-horned rhinoceroses face off in Kaziranga National Park, India. #India #Rhino #Wildlife

1 weeks ago

Photo by @amivitale | A giant panda rests amidst vegetation in the Wolong National Nature Reserve, China. #GiantPanda #China #Wildlife

2 weeks ago

Photo by @gerdludwig | A local relaxes on a rock covered by blooming red lichen near Cape Barren Island in Tasmania. #Tasmania #Ocean

2 weeks ago

Photo by @stevewinterphoto | A chital deer, also known as spotted deer, feeds in India's Bandhavgarh National Park. #Chital #SpottedDeer #India

1 weeks ago

Photo by @ronan_donovan | A ranger rides her horse to monitor the landscape to deter predators from coming near livestock. #Montana #Agriculture #Landscape

2 weeks ago

Photo by @brianskerry | A pair of southern right whales swim together in the Auckland Islands Marine Reserve, New Zealand. #Underwater #Whales #NewZealand

2 weeks ago

Photo by Library of Congress | An archival photograph of the RMS Lusitania as it entered the New York Harbor. This image was captured in 1910. #ThrowBackThursday #BlackAndWhite #RMSLusitania

2 weeks ago

Photo by Herbert G. Ponting | A portrait of a dog resting on the British Antarctic Expedition of 1910. #ThrowBackThursday #BlackAndWhite #Antarctica

2 weeks ago

Photo by @ronan_donovan | Lightning strikes a purple horizon in Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda. #Dusk #Lightning #Uganda

2 weeks ago

Photo by @thomaspeschak | Bottlenose dolphins swim along the floor of the Indian Ocean within the Ponta Do Ouro Marine Reserve, Mozambique. #Dolphins #Underwater #Mozambique

2 weeks ago

Photo by @drewtrush | A wild pika chews on plants found within the mountains of Wyoming's Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. #Pika #Wyoming #Yellowstone

2 weeks ago

Photo by @ladzinski | The sun sets over Mount Tabor in Italy, illuminating a field of pink wildflowers. #Italy #Wildflowers #Sunset

2 weeks ago

Photo by @michaelnicknichols | Adolescent African elephants tussle playfully in Samburu National Reserve, Kenya. #Elephants #Wildlife #Kenya

3 weeks ago

Photo by @daviddoubilet | A diver inspects a ship that was sunk to create an artificial reef in Key West, Florida. #Underwater #Florida #Diving

3 weeks ago

Photo by @shonephoto | A feast welcomes an international expedition team of cavers in Uzbekistan. #Hospitality #Uzbekistan #Exploration

3 weeks ago

Photo by @lucalocatelliphoto | A scientist checks on an algae bioreactor at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. #Science #Research #Netherlands

3 weeks ago

Photo by H. C. Tibbitts | The high Sierra Nevada mountains from the summit of Central Dome. This image was originally published in the July 1915 magazine. #ThrowBackThursday #BlackAndWhite #California

3 weeks ago

Photo by @randyolson | Early in 1875, this general store in Lorman, Mississippi was a popular shop for the community to buy their groceries and household necessities. This image is available as a limited edition fine art print at any of the National Geographic Fine Art Galleries. Visit @natgeofineart to learn more. #GeneralStore #Mississippi #FineArt

3 weeks ago

Photo by @jenniferhayesig | An open-mouthed curious gray seal swims near Bonaventure Island in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. #GraySeal #Underwater #MarineLife

3 weeks ago

Photo by @davidliittschwager | The crown jellyfish lives in the perpetual darkness of the deep sea. If another animal touches it, its bell lights up. If the jellyfish is left undisturbed, its bell remains transparent. #CrownJellyfish #MarineLife #AquaticAnimals

3 weeks ago

Photo by @dguttenfelder | Pedestrians and shoppers stroll along Chuo-dori Street in Ginza, Japan. #Japan #Shopping #Lifestyle

4 weeks ago

Photo by @anniegriffithsphotography | White pelicans are among the largest Mississippi Flyway migrants. At an average weight of 16 pounds, they rely on a nine-foot wingspan to enable flight at very high altitudes. #Pelican #Migration #Mississippi

4 weeks ago

Photo by @argonautphoto | An ice climber treks on lower Ruth Glacier in Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska. #Glacier #Alaska #DenaliNationalPark

4 weeks ago

Photo by @timlaman | A keeper carries and holds hands with orphan orangutans at Borneo's International Animal Rescue. #Orangutan #WildlifeConservation #Indonesia

4 weeks ago

Photo by @davidliittschwager | Spotted jellies, which drift in South Pacific bays and lagoons, swim up during the day so that tiny plantlike organisms that live inside them and nourish them can catch the sun. Their feathery arms are lined with stinging cells and mini-mouths that eat animal plankton. #JellyFish #Underwater

4 weeks ago

Photo by Robert Goodman | Divers defend plastic bags of specimen fish from hungry predators near Shaab Rumi Reef in the Red Sea. This image was originally published in the April 1964 magazine. #ThrowBackThursday #Underwater

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