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// i'll learn to love the skies i'm under // 🌜⭐️🌛

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December 2018

dear 2018, you weren’t absolute shit, let me tell you that. you were the year of a lot of firsts, a lot of seconds (mostly servings ) and a handful of lasts. friendships; sometimes a persons exterior does no justice to the glorious beauty that is in their soul heartbreaks; holding unto the quivering frame of a young mother after she had a miscarriage fear; of falling in and subsequently falling out hope; studying an entire module the night before an exam (also see: dumbass ) and a thousand other moments; most too mediocre and some too extraordinary that made this year just right. now, dear 2019, don’t fuck with me, thanks. 🙏🏽✨🌿

December 2018

// here’s to more mornings spent soaking up wintry sunshine, drinking second-rate coffee, and flipping through the eloquent maze that is arundhathi roys mind ; fools gold // 🌞✨

November 2018

// life is absurd, but oh so splendid // 💫

November 2017

// to hell with happy endings, you're here for the story // B.T 🌿🌙⭐️

October 2017

// i miss the sea. i miss the mountains. i miss vapummas unsteady trot up the dirt path to our house. i miss atlas' soft paws and gentle purrs. i miss rays of golden sun making a home of my body. i miss dadas post-fajr talks on sufism, mysticism, and the wondrous relief of complete devotion. i miss saras amma, and her trumped-up tales of the village bazaar. i miss nights spent on the balcony, the tip of my nose stiff from the cold, with the moon and olafur arnalds' brilliance for company. i miss ma, knowing that wherever she was there'd be a warm cup of tea, and a warmer heart for sanctuary. it's strange. i miss every breath of the present, one so familiar and flawed. // 🌜⭐️🌛

August 2017

// waking up to ulundhu vadey (done right ) and pol sambol, a two hour rickshaw ride in sweet smelling rain with "the shins" playing in the background, spending all my credit on an hours call with my sister and her many alter egos and genuinely feeling pretty damn good. day made // ❤️ 🌿🌜⭐️🌛🌿

July 2017

// "if you believe in signs, maybe this is one" // 13/07/16 07:01 am 🌿🌜⭐️🌛🌿 #rural_love

May 2017

// they say home is where the heart is, but my heart is wild and free. so i am homeless, or am i heartless? did i start this, did it start me? // Home / Passenger ❤️🌿🙌🏾

April 2017

// home away from home // ❤️🌙🌿

April 2017

// spending my days chasing fading light, as it waltzes across her tired face. her face; so silent, yet narrating a story of 10,000 words. her face; so still, yet dancing a ballet of chaotic grace // 🌜⭐️🌛

March 2017

// you remind me so much of life's simple pleasures, and everything effortless and sweet in the world. A good read. Fresh, clean sheets. A quick dip in the sea. A cozy, rainy Sunday morning with a hot cup of tea and no place to be. // B.T 🌙⭐️🙌🏾🌿

March 2017

// breathe, begin, believe, become // 🌿✌🏾️✨🙌🏾⭐️❤️

February 2017

// dreams ; interrupted stories // 🌜⭐️🌛 self-centred poser : @majidajiffry ❤️

January 2017

// a realist with a cloud for a home // 🌿✌🏾️✨

January 2017

// the misty mountains ; everytime i look at this, i can almost see Pippin and Merry second breakfasting amidst the thick and growing fog. bless you Tolkein, bless your heart // 🙌🏾🌿❤️

December 2016

// divine revelation seeks; divinity speaks // 🌜⭐️🌛

December 2016

• ...fallen dreams and fleeing hope... • 🌿🌳🌞

December 2016

• ...every moment sounds like "welcome home"... • 🌿✨🙌🏾✌🏾️❤️

December 2016

•... فسبح بسم ربك العظيم ...• 🙌🏾⭐️❤️🌿✨

December 2016

• ... amidst quiet company; healing... • 🌿🙌🏾✨⭐️

October 2016

• ...this side of paradise... • 🌞🌸✨

September 2016

• ...say hello to bertie, starsky, heinrich and 3 others I haven't got around to naming yet, such beauties... • 🍃❤️

August 2016

• ...favourite place in Colombo : Madre's little garden... • 🍃🌸🌺

August 2016


August 2016

• ...brutally honest; this book is an absolute must for anyone interested in achieving a comprehensive understanding on the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory... • #prayforpalestine

July 2016

• ...there are few things in life so beautiful they hurt: swimming in the ocean while it rains, reading alone in empty libraries, the sea of stars that appear when you're miles away from the neon lights of the city, bars after 2 am, walking in the wilderness, all the phases of the moon, the things we do not know about the universe, and you... • - Beau Taplin

July 2016

• ...ان الله مع الصابرين... •

July 2016

• ...books ; friends that never disappoint... • ✨📖🙌💖

June 2016

• ...and so time makes fools of us once more... • ✨❤️🌸

June 2016

• ...for now; just breathe... •

June 2016

• ...exam stress has me binge watching wacky conspiracy theories and getting into heated debates with "myself" on the subject of theocracy when i'm supposed to be making out with my anatomy text books. pray for me... •

May 2016

• ....series : little places we call home... • (2 ) within past meanderings of the mind 💫

May 2016

• ...series : little places we call home... • ✨ (1 ) between the pages of a book ✨

April 2016

• ...lately i've been sleeping on the floor quite often, (with a bed-sheet folded in half and a few scraps of my clothing as a pillow ), in the hopes that the discomfort of my resting place might actually get me up quicker, saving me more study time. i was terribly wrong. that alarm snooze button will forever know no mercy... •😴✌️✨

April 2016

• another lifetime, i'm a hobbit without a care in the world... • ✨✌️🌸

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