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June 2018

Troy Cove

June 2018

Work trip to Utah. 5 mile Tired but I made it 😊

July 2017

My baby got her real first paying job today. So you take care of them until they 18 and then you still don't stop...then you show them how to take care of there self. Baby you ain't got to flip burgers. You can come to work with Mama and we can make that money together. Welcome to my job RR Donnelly...A good first job this summer...then on to Lamar make that money Britt 😘

May 2017

There are not enough words to describe how proud Mama is of you! You will always be my baby. I have watched you grow into a beautiful, smart, and God fearing woman. Never letting anyone or anybody take you off track. Pushing harder when the world doesn't understand our struggles. Always keeping your eyes focused on the bigger picture. I'm so proud to be your mom. You are one of my heroes. You keep me going with your strength and your determination. I have watched you dream and achieve the goals that you set upon yourself. As you leave me I know without a shadow of a doubt you will be successful in anything you set out to do and be in life. Keeping God first like you always have. Mama is so proud of you. As you start the next chapter of your life. Just remember I will be here. I maybe hours away but you know I'm here for you. I'm going to miss your smile, your laugh, and even your moody I love you Britt!! 😘 @dallas_girl_214

May 2017

My Baby's