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April 2019

💗💔🌹🥀 Who else has a love-hate-relationship w/ social media? Normally I don't express myself in this kind of way on deep topics on instagram, but let's take a moment to reflect. Especially because a lot of people are highly involved - as I'm being a part of it, too. - 🌹 A love-relationship, because instagram in particular is a platform for inspiration, plenty of colours, a benevolently and enthusiastic community (instagram has started with this concept, before it turned into serious business as it is currently ). A platform for the bright and beautiful sides of life (basically travels, fashion, sports and food ), where you can project dreams onto it. This is the reason why I use instagram - to get stimulated and get focused on aesthetical aspects in (the mostly challenging ) life. - 🥀 A hate-relationship, because tons of content you see is fake and only shows the bright side of life. Ugly and critical moments are mostly consciously avoided (even though there are still people who focus on exactly these parts in life and are committed against mainstream, which I appreciate a lot ). Basically it's putting a filter on your content and creating a misleading picture of your lifestyle. Your life looks great? People do believe so! Because people have faith in what they see. And might be getting a bad feeling of how heavenly and perfect your life must be...Frankly said I catch myself doing this too, when I follow the lives of the big players on this platform. Besides that it's awfully time-consuming and can lower your self-esteem. - 📱 However: Instagram is nothing but a surreal cotton-candy-bubble, where you may believe what you see in the first moment, but don't question what's behind the picture and all the modification done to it. "Shallow" I assume is a good word to describe it. - 🔆 As a conclusion: Get inspired by people, places and landscapes you see, but be aware that it is a filtered version of how life in fact is. Be aware that people's lifestyles on it are a projection, but underneath there is also trouble, heartbreak and all the other challenges you face. There will always be real people behind it. Pt 2 in comments. 🥀 📸: @gianluca_reich

March 2019

There will always be grey shades, not only black and white. 🥀 🌸 With the code "ANGELISTA" you get 20% off on the spring lingerie collection by @itsbeldona 🌸, valid from 15.3.2019 until 12.04.2019. The one I'm wearing is called "emma" 🌷 📸: @gianluca_reich 💕 - - - - - 📷 #photography #beldona #beldonagirl #springcollection #look #photographyeveryday #lingerie #photographer #photographysouls #visualsoflife #photoart #ilovephotography #photographyislife #zurich #instaphotography #digitalphotography #photographylovers #photographylover #photographyart #switzerland #swissblog #photooftheday #photographs #photographerlife #exposure #peoplescreatives #justgoshoot #capture #photoartist #ZHIIM

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