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3 weeks ago

Descending elevation as quickly as possible 📹 @trail_slayer @vlaktheimpaler @kinetikcycles @norcobicycles @camelbak @girocycling @blueprint athlete.development #blueprintathletedevelopment #norcobicycles

4 weeks ago

Decided last minute to upgrade to the Pro category in the @squamish_enduro and pretty happy to grab a second. Raced decent and only had one crash and even managed to grab a stage win! Body feels pretty unhappy but I’m going to test my luck tomorrow in the BC cup DH. @kinetikcycles @norcobicycles @camelbak @girocycling @dvosuspension @blueprint athlete.development #blueprintathletedevelopment #norcobicycles

5 weeks ago

It was unexpected but pretty happy to hop on the podium after only preriding 2/6 stages. Such a fun weekend considering coming out late. Love the trails out here! @kinetikcycles @norcobicycles @dvosuspension @camelbak @girocycling #blueprintathletedevelopment #norcobicyles

last month

Love my new @dvosuspension coil. Looking forward to taking it racing this weekend! ⚒ @trail_slayer 📹 @lief rodgers @kinetikcycles @norcobicycles @blueprint athlete.development @camelbak @girocycling #norcobicycles

last month

Finally made it out to the Manline yesterday to experience all of @trail_slayer @vlaktheimpaler @sendpenner hard work ⛏. Was a epic session in the woods. @kinetikcycles @norcobicycles @blueprint athlete.development @camelbak @girocycling #norcobicycles #blueprintathletedevelopment

last month

Got this shot at 6:30 this morning. Was tired. Good thing @the_pinder_experience grabbed me McDonald’s then grabbed this pic. Fun times. @kinetikcycles @norcobicycles @blueprint athlete.development @girocycling @camelbak #norcobicycles #blueprintathletedevelopment

May 2019

I love revisiting old builds. Thanks @the_pinder_experience for the shot! @kinetikcycles @norcobicycles @camelbak @girocycling @blueprint athlete.development #norcobicycles #blueprintathletedevelopment

April 2019

Nice first little day of riding here in Kamloops! Hunted some loamers to prepare for tomorrow’s race. Excited to ride some ranch laps tomorrow. 🎥 @johnathanhelly @emmett_hancock @kinetikcycles @norcobicycles @blueprint athlete.development @camelbak @girocycling #blueprintathletedevelopment #norcobicycles

March 2019

Think this is my first non airborne video. Couldn’t supply pinned clips cus I’m a bit rusty from not riding for awhile but here’s some leisurely vids. @ericparsons_ on the 🎥. @trail_slayer on the ⛏. Thanks @girocycling for the fresh colourful lid @kinetikcycles @norcobicycles @blueprint athlete.development @camelbak #blueprintathletedevelopment #norcobicycles

March 2019

Not very good at snow sports so here’s me falling and stuff. Thanks everyone for the clips, stoked to sneak a few days in the mountains this winter. #whistlerblackcomb #skianddie #shredandbedead #blueprintathletedevelopment @blueprint athlete.development

February 2019

Winter riding ain’t too bad hey? @lief rodgers @norcobicycles @kinetikcycles @blueprint athlete.development @girocycling @camelbak #norcobicycles #blueprintathletedevelopment #endurolives #rangerdanger

January 2019

Yo @norcobicycles @blueprint athlete.development

October 2018

Shot from awhile back. @_trail_slayer on the ⚒and📷 @kinetikcycles @norcobicycles @girocycling @camelbak @vidiomgraphics #blueprintathletedevelopment #norcobicycles

October 2018

Shot from day 5 of filming yesterday. Edit is starting to come together 🤘 @ndelcastillophotography @norcobicycles @kinetikcycles @girocycling @camelbak @vidiomgraphics #norcobicycles #blueprintathletedevelopment

October 2018

Little corpse from today. Not sure how I crashed on such a chill jump but I got back up and sent it again 💪 #tossedlikesalad #squidmove @kinetikcycles @norcobicycles @joel_harwood @girocycling @camelbak #norcobicycles #blueprintathletedevelopment #corpseoclock

September 2018

Little bar tweak while doing doing some digging tonight. This drop is definitely the most fun thing I’ve ever built. @lief rodgers @kinetikcycles @norcobicycles @girocycling @camelbak @vidiomgraphics #blueprintathletedevelopment #miltonforrampage #norcobicycles

September 2018

A few little iPhone clips while filming a upcoming edit. Stay tuned for full send 📷 @jamesbaker p @nicoshreds2004 @norcobicycles @kinetikcycles @camelbak @girocycling @vidiomgraphics #blueprintathletedevelopment #jumptoosmall #miniflip #29er #miltonforrampage #endurolives

September 2018

Been off the bike for a couple weeks but the loam was too deep not to ride @lief rodgers @kinetikcycles @norcobicycles @camelbak @girocycling @vidiomgraphics #blueprintathletedevelopment #waterresistantcottontee

September 2018

Vedder was a blast as always. Had fun shuttling and camping but mostly enjoyed shuttling. Hope @canadian_enduro_series puts the big jump in the race next year @lief rodgers @jroddeluxe @campbell parrish @kinetikcycles @norcobicycles @girocycling @camelbak @joel_harwood @vidiomgraphics #blueprintathletedevelopment #650bhasbeenrevived

September 2018

Bothered me that the landing was never finished on the first jump so I just sent it anyway. Didn’t quite make it to the dirt cause the run in but if you’ve been here you know how sketchy this line is. 📷 @lief rodgers @kinetikcycles @norcobicycles @joel_harwood @camelbak @girocycling @vidiomgraphics #blueprintathletedevelopment #miltonforrampage #whishihadtheDHbike

August 2018

Looks small in the vid but this is one of the sketchier features I’ve ridden. Stoked it worked out @kinetikcycles @norcobicycles @camelbak @girocycling @vidiomgraphics #blueprintathletedevelopment #nosediveknation #norcobicycles #miltonforrampage

August 2018

Nice trespasser ride today. It was quite a steep trail @reilly_pow @norcobicycles @camelbak @girocycling @kinetikcycles #blueprintathletedevelopment #29erfordays #endurolives

July 2018

Nice evening trail ride in whis. Was sending so hard I broke a pedal. @carterkrasny @_julia_long_ @elliot jamieson @kinetikcycles @norcobicycles @camelbak @girocycling #blueprintathletedevelopment #norcobicycles

July 2018

Had a heater of a race today thanks to @joel_harwood for showing me how to corner. Only got 1 flat but it was in between stages 🤘Took the fastest time of the day by 7 seconds. Thanks @canadian_enduro_series for a killer Ontario race. @kinetikcycles @norcobicycles @camelbak @girocycling #blueprintathletedevelopment #norcobicycles #riprim #tubelessucks

July 2018

Shot from taking the overall stage 2 win on Sunday 📷Gabe @kinetikcycles @norcobicycles @girocycling @camelbak #blueprintathletedevelopment #norcobicycles #freeduro #endurolives

July 2018

After breaking my brake lever on stage 1 and losing that stage by 40 seconds I sent it super hard the rest of the day and managed to win by 1 second. It was awesome racing in Quebec even though it was over 40 degrees out. Thanks @canadian_enduro_series for another fantastic race @kinetikcycles @norcobicycles @girocycling @camelbak #blueprintathletedevelopment

June 2018

Another fantastic race this weekend in panorama put on by @canadian_enduro_series bummed that I got 3 flats throughout the race but it was cool racing national champs. @kinetikcycles @norcobicycles @girocycling @camelbak #blueprintathletedevelopment

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