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23 hours ago

Who can name this new @milkmakeup product ?👇🏽HINT: it's made with crushed gemstones ✨ - Triple tap for the answer 🙃

7 hours ago

Which foundation coverage do you prefer??👇🏼 ✨light coverage ✨medium coverage ✨full coverage - But can we also talk about this perfect shade match tho?? Find your match on RN 😌 @sephora

7 hours ago

NOTIFICATION: time to put on #KushGrowhouse ⏰ - Apply 1-2 times a day on lash lines + brows for optimal results in 12 weeks ✨ @sephora

7 hours ago

Admit it, you watched this more than once🤩 - Snatch your highlight game with #FlexHighlighter in shade Blitzed @sephora

2 days ago

SPOTTED: @milkmakeup mingling in @sephora - Shall we pay them a visit? XOXO, gossip girl💋

3 days ago

How many 🖤🖤🖤's would you rate this #milkmakeup look?👇🏻☺️ - Triple tap for deets 👌

3 days ago

Spell MILK in the comments without getting interrupted 👇🏽 - Serving up your daily dose of greens 🌿 w/ #Kushbrow + #Kushmascara

7 hours ago

We're just gonna let this video do the talking 😌 - Double tap if skin needs #hydrogrip RN 🥺 @sephora

7 hours ago

Hot Tip for this Hot Summer: use #lipandcheek in Perk for that fake post-run flush cause, let's be honest, who wants to run in this heat 🔥 - Shop this baby now on ☀️ @sephora

5 days ago

Us if we were a mermaid 🧞‍♀️🦀🌊 - Triple tap for product deets ✨

5 days ago

I keep that thang on me 😎 - #glowoil in Flare

6 days ago

Just a bunch of heavy hitters ready for play. Choose your fighter👇🏼 ⚡️ #FlexFoundation#FlexHighlighter 💪🏼 #FlexConcealer ☀️ #sunshineskintint ☁️ #blurandset ⚪️ #blurstick 🧡 #mattebronzer

6 days ago

#kushgrowhouse : photosynthesis for the lashes + brows ☀️ - Take a hit on, and @sephora stores NOW! ( @cultbeauty on 8/22 )

3 days ago

✈️LET'S TRIP OUT✈️ #GIVEAWAY - Get pumped b/c we're heading off to bring #milkmakeup somewhere new... GUESS WHERE IT IS 🧐 - We're choosing ONE v lucky winner to #win a $1,000 worth of #milkmakeup goodies and this cute travel bag😱 HOW TO ENTER: ⚡️Follow @milkmakeup (we're checking 😉 ) ⚡️Like this post ⚡️Share this post to your stories EXTRA ENTRY: tag 3 friends in the comments 👇🏽 - Check back tomorrow to see where we’re off to 🤫 🌍 - Giveaway ends 8/14 @ 9:00PM EST Winner will be announced on this post on 8/15 Full rules: CONGRATS to @moon

7 hours ago

Guess that #KushBalm shade! 👇🏽 @sephora

7 hours ago

Leave a ✨ if you can't live w/o highlighters 👇🏽 - #FlexHighlighter has a weightless pearlecent base and is packed with 💎crushed gemstones ✨ to take your glow up a couple hundred levels 📈 - available in: ✨iced ✨blitzed ✨lit ✨glazed @sephora

7 hours ago

MAKE MOVES WITH FLEX - #FlexFoundation is a buildable medium coverage foundation that's infused with elastic marshmallow root extract so it can flex with you 💪 @sephora

2 weeks ago

You've got new residents at your local @sephora 💖 - ⚡️ #FlexFoundation ⚡️ #FlexHighlighter ⚡️ #KushGrowhouse ⚡️ #GlowOil - TAG @sephora in the comments and let them know you're coming thru👇🏽

2 weeks ago

How you lookin when you hit the #HydroGrip + #KushBalm 🤑

7 hours ago

Lush lashes + brows stem from here with #KushGrowhouse 💚 - Falsies, yes or no?! Let's disscuss 👇🏽🧐 @sephora

2 weeks ago

Can we get a round of applause for #FlexFoundation ’s medium coverage tho?? 👏 - Shop #FlexFoundation , available now on & in @sephora stores tomorrow! on @cultbeauty on 8/22

2 weeks ago

QUICK! Describe Milk Makeup with only emojis, GO!👇🏼

2 weeks ago

💪Show some skin with #FlexFoundation in Golden Nude and #FlexHighlighter in Lit - Grab one on and RN! ✌🏼 Available in-store @sephora 8/9 @cultbeauty 8/22

7 hours ago

The holy trinity of complexion: ⚡️ #FlexConcealer ⚡️ #FlexFoundation ⚡️ #FlexHighlighter - Take your pick 👇🏼 - Available on and RN! ✌🏼 Available in Sephora stores 8/9, @cultbeauty on 8/22 @sephora

2 weeks ago

Do you see your shade of #FlexFoundation ?? 👀👇🏼 - We've got 36 shades cuz you've got places to go and there's no time for 8AM shade match sessions - #FlexFoundation is now available on and in-store @sephora 8/9 on @cultbeauty 8/22

2 weeks ago

💪FLEX ON 'EM GIVEAWAY💪 - MAKE MOVES. WIN BIG - To celebrate our Flex Foundation Stick and Flex Highlighter launch, we're choosing 1 lucky winner to win a MASSIVE #milkmakeup complexion haul AND lots of other swag. PLUS 10 winners will score a #FlexFoundation & #FlexHighlighter - HOW TO ENTER: 💪Follow @milkmakeup (we're checking 😉 ) 💪Like this post 💪Tag 3 friends EXTRA ENTRY: add this post to your story 🤩 EXTRA EXTRA ENTRY: tap the link in bio & enter your email - Giveaway ends 8/8 @10am EST Winners will be announced on this post on 8/8 @ 3PM EST Full rules on: - CONGRATS TO OUR WINNERS GRAND PRIZE WINNER: @faeryn princess @keomi_will @aerokor @brandi_jk @grace official @leascope @themaddiehall @navildacosta @athenapartington @theprettyprincesss @kevers24

2 weeks ago

We made a foundation that's as solid as you so you can do whatever you want, whenever you want ✨ - #FlexFoundation is a buildable, medium coverage stick foundation with a natural finish. She's got 36 shades and a solid base that'll hold you down. Oh and don’t worry, she’ll never cake or crease because it’s made with marshmallow root extract 🙃 So go on, flex on ‘em💪 - Available on and 8/6 in-store @sephora 8/9 and @cultbeauty 8/22

2 weeks ago

We’re making moves, tmw @ 10am EST - Head to stories for a clue 🤭

3 weeks ago

RBF: Resting Blur Face but with #BlurFoundation - Who's guilty? 👇🏽🙋🏻‍♀️😌

3 weeks ago

Whole complexion fam here ✌🏼what should be the newest member? 🤔👇🏽

3 weeks ago

No cover fees with #BlurFoundation in Espresso

3 weeks ago

Swipe right on #blurfoundation because she enjoys long walks to the fridge and goes to therapy - But also bc she's oil-free, silicone-free, and instantly blures pores/fine lines with blurring microspheres 😍

3 weeks ago

That hydration hit different when it's got hemp-derived cannabis and blue agave extract 😌

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