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@OL & @OnsOranje footballer. @UnderArmour athlete. #WalkInFaithNotBySight Contact |PR | Brand Strategist: The Britto Agency [email protected]

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17 hours ago

Lyon Night Lights. Let’s do this! @OL 🙏🏽⚽

2 days ago

I’m so excited to grace the cover of Vogue...the leading and top fashion magazine in the world. To be aligned with such a globally celebrated brand that is at the forefront of fashion is both an honor and a blessing. Thank you to the amazing team who made this special milestone happen for me! #Blessed #Vogue #NLVogue #VogueMan #Alifefullofblessings Photographer | @casperkofi Stylist | @lee_stuart Grooming | @pernellkusmus Production | @georginaschrama Interview | @m_verhoeven

4 days ago

We keep going, we stick together, we keep building! Getting ready for another big game on Sunday! #WalkInFaithNotBySight @OL 👉🏽🦁👈🏽

5 days ago

Happy to get a goal tonight but we have to do better as a team. That was not good enough! Big game on Sunday, let’s fix up and come back stronger! @OL 👉🏽🦁👈🏽

5 days ago

It’s back! @ChampionsLeague 🏆 Let’s get it! @OL 🔥⚽️

6 days ago

Preparing for the @ChampionsLeague opener tomorrow night, in Lyon! @OL 🔥⚽️

1 weeks ago

What country would you like “Heart Of A Lion” to be released in next? 📚🦁

2 weeks ago

Vintage nights is what she likes. 🎞

2 weeks ago

Back with @OL getting ready for tomorrow’s game! 🔥⚽

2 weeks ago

Elmina Castle. We’re gonna talk about this place in detail one day... #SayNoToRacism 🙏🏽🌎🏁

2 weeks ago

How do you start your day YoungKing!? 👉🏿👦🏿👈🏿

2 weeks ago

Last night, I played my 50th game for my country! 15th October 2013 I made my debut, as a 20 year old boy. Damn, times fly! 6 years later, I look back at the journey I started and I can tell you that it’s been a bumpy road, with a lot beautiful moments, mixed with hard lessons, but I’m proud of what I’ve done so far and the journey is not done yet. I’m very excited to see how far we can go as a team! #TheNewWave #50CapsNo🧢 #HardWorkDedication

2 weeks ago

Nothing sweet tonight, like I said! Happy to help the team with two assists and a goal! We putting on for the nation! Let’s keep this focus and spirit together with the supporters! @OnsOranje 🔥⚽ 👉🏽🙎🏽‍♂👈🏽 #WalkInFaithNotBySight

2 weeks ago

Nothing sweet tomorrow! 👉🏽🙎🏽‍♂👈🏽

3 weeks ago

CHARACTER NO CAP! 🔥 #WalkInFaithNotBySight

3 weeks ago

Lion season, international edition! We faced hurdles in the game, as you do, but we fought till the end and got what we came here for. All glory to God! @OnsOranje 🔥⚽️

3 weeks ago

On the hunt tonight! @OnsOranje 🔥⚽

3 weeks ago

Just two Young Kings, kicking ball for the nation. Two different backgrounds, two different races, two different stories, but we are equal and have the same desire to win at all costs. There’s been a lot of racism in football recently and the consequences of those actions must be the harshest possible. There’s no room for racism in this beautiful sport we all love. 🙏🏽🌎🏁

3 weeks ago

Exciting times! @UnderArmour x @OnsOranje 🔥⚽️

3 weeks ago

Stepping up the pace, ready for Friday! @OnsOranje ⚽️🔥

3 weeks ago

We back baby! Friday it is showtime, let’s get the focus right! @onsoranje 👉🏽🦁👈🏽

3 weeks ago

Touchdown! @OnsOranje 🇳🇱 Had to get that @GigiVitaleOfficial drip that matches the national team colours, for my arrival! ⭕️

4 weeks ago

The draw today is annoying and unfortunate but you win some and you learn some! We will continue to improve on our game and it’s still early in the season. We need everybody to stay positive! #WalkInFaithNotBySight 👉🏽🙎🏽‍♂👈🏽

4 weeks ago

Matchday! @OL 👉🏽🦁👈🏽

4 weeks ago

Back at home tomorrow! @OL 💪🏽⚽️

4 weeks ago

Young Kings! Congratulations! 🤴🏼🤴🏾

4 weeks ago

Imagine sitting at the beach of cape coast in Ghana, looking at the ocean and asking God for the guidance and strength so that you are able to inspire and help millions of people! That’s exactly what happened in this pic. I’m just grateful in the way God uses me. 👉🏽🤴🏽👈🏽🇬🇭 #TBT #ghana #bringmeback #WalkInFaithNotBySight

4 weeks ago

Hey Mama, Just wanna let you know that this year, in my opinion, you have made one of the best decisions in your life and I’m grateful and thankful for that. Today it’s your birthday and I wanted to thank you in front of all my friends, fans and supporters. Your decision to use your voice and speak on our past to inspire and strengthen other woman that have raised children, as single moms, has effected a lot of people and given them faith that there is hope and that the outcome can be positive. I want to thank you on your birthday for always believing in your son, when everybody doubted me. Thank you for allowing me to follow my dreams and let me go on my own journey! I got you for life. Love you! Your only Son. 🙏🏽❤🏁

4 weeks ago

Final push before tomorrow night! @OL 💪🏽⚽️

5 weeks ago

When the sprinklers come on and you just embrace it! 😅

5 weeks ago

Becoming deaf and blind to the world is something only you can decide. That’s tunnel vision. It doesn’t matter what people say, good or bad, once you start feeding on the opinions of others you will get lost in them. I became deaf and blind to the negativity and give God all the glory! That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t acknowledge any compliments or criticism, but it shouldn’t let it effect your energy. My celebration is a lifestyle that I live by and I encourage you all to live by too! #YoungKingOfThisGeneration #WalkInFaithNotBySight 👉🏽🤴🏽👈🏽

last month

Inspire the next generation! 👉🏽🦁👈🏽

last month

The new drip has landed! 🎾 Check out the full range over on the @GigiVitaleOfficial page and head to my story to swipe up and buy yours now! ⭕️

last month

No game until next Tuesday but you know we stay ready! @OL 💪🏽⚽️

last month

The Lion’s Playground 👉🏽🦁👈🏽 #WalkInFaithNotBySight

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