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senior @ nhs | track&field | sc; mckennaserrano treat people with kindness | g>h&l

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last month

i should let you know ahead of time, i’m coming back on my worst behavior

April 2019

it’s your fav coach sis😉

April 2019

damn daniel it’s track szn😤😤

February 2019

i wanna tell you you’re the reason why the earth spins and the stars hang in the sky

January 2019

a year of doubt. a year of insecurity. a year of comparison. and a year of nonself love. along those bad things were some good memories with even greater people. i’m ready for a fresh start, and i’m ready to focus on becoming my best self. this new year will be about setting goals & bettering myself for me, not anyone else. i’m hoping that i can keep this smile with it’s natural beauty in all of 2019.

November 2018

ya favs🙄💙

September 2018

tomorrow is friday... and y'all know what that means!!!

November 2018

i woke up late so this is how i look.. but is that really a surprise? going back to my fav place..😩💗

August 2018

football szn is here my dudes #ndub

July 2018

be kind to yourself honey b🍯🐝💫

June 2018

i don't want your sympathy but you don't know what you do to me

May 2018

reguardless of how anyone else feels about me I AM going to choose to be happy and completely love myself today☺

April 2018

to my best friend on her 16th birthday: liz, thank you for being my best friend for the past 7 years. thank you for picking me up when i'm down, laughing with me until i can't breathe, and being a great person. i honestly couldn't do life without you. you've taught me it's okay to be goofy in public, it's okay to cry when i'm upset, and to give people second chances only if they deserve it. i am truely blessed to call you my best friend. i hope your day is everything you have ever imagined. HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN THERE! -kenna❤

April 2018

so you just gonna bring me a birthday gift on my birthday to my birthday party on my birthday with a birthday gift? ps. if u don't get that reference wyd?? pps. it's my birthday !!

April 2018

' tis the season we die until 5 everyday... happy late march 5th

March 2018

never thought i'd be saying this so soon but i miss you come back😂😂❤

February 2018

duck lips are dead but i clearly still use them🤷

February 2018

currently missing my fav puppy & how she is no longer this small ☹ (ft. my super lazy eye )

January 2018

over it and you

December 2017

baby i love you but i'm not enough

November 2017

new fav doggo 💛💛

October 2017

keep your head up beautiful, i love you💜

October 2017

nuts and bolts nuts and bolts we got screwed

September 2017

ya you think i need you but i don't

last month

jackets were talking so much smack, but the wildcats made that come back #ndub

September 2017

so glad to have a crusty best friend like you case🍕

last month

you can't spell "wildcats" without the W that we took 👍🏈 #ndub

August 2017

it's been two years since i've felt at home, two years since i was the happiest i've ever been. #otracleveland

August 2017

a throwback because i miss you guys ☹💓

July 2017

cannot wait for football season to start up ! we'll laugh & yell real loud #ndub 🏈

June 2017

this school year wasn't as bad as i thought it would be

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