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22 minutes ago

@campwinnarainbow is endlessly magical. This gorgeous rainbow dream catcher has watched over countless children being themselves, learning new circus skills, hearing magical stories from @waveygravy and so much more. I am so grateful for this place and how is holds my kid. The magic is real🌈⭐️🌙💫💛✨⭐️

23 hours ago

He’s back!💛🌈💛. So good to be with him after two weeks away at camp. My heart bursts with all the love. Such a good soul, so kind, so helpful, so funny and real. Welcome home my love. Thank you @campwinnarainbow for an amazing year🙏🏽

2 days ago

Lucky me💛. I get to go pick up this guy from camp after his first year of being on teen staff!! @campwinnarainbow has been the most amazing gift for this guy since he was 9. Thanks to his most amazing god family, he has gotten to grow and learn and become who he is with so much support from this magical place. I can’t wait to see his beautiful and most likely dirty face; ) This photo was from 2013, when he got really into building stick huts by the dry creek bed. Bless this kid and his magical heart. I could not be more proud of the human he is💛🌈💕🌈💛

5 days ago

Bangin! I love bangs and I think they work on pretty much everyone. These soft babies are on the gorgeous @marisa gregory

6 days ago

Hi there, it’s me Maya. People ask me all the time about about my hair color. What you see is what grows out of my sweet silvery head. My mother’s mother had color like mine maybe 10 years younger than me and my cousins on my fathers side have been silver by my side all of these years. Working in an industry where natural silver hair was not super acceptable, until recently with the @grombre movement, has had its minor challenges. Years of people not liking it, was only fuel to the fire of being myself, you can’t make me conform! In the last few years of seeing more silver hair color in the world, my natural color has become something I’ve gotten tons of compliments on and has inspired a number of my clients to let their natural color go. Keeping my color has been my choice and I’m sticking to it. As I get older everything else is softening and I figure my hair is softening along with my face and neck and everything else. I support anyone and their choice with their own hair color. I just want to feel like myself and my own color helps me do that. I also love that I can be an example for women who are considering letting their color go. Do whatever makes you feel more you🙌🏽🥰💛. #grombre

6 days ago

Grandmother fig tree, still here, holding space for magic waters and so much healing. I am so grateful to get to be here and be with her for a moment🙏🏽💛🙏🏽

1 weeks ago

Bang trim in the cabin 💛. I’ve been my number one hair cutter since I was 18. While I was on vacation, I gave myself a little razor bang trim and when I was back in the salon, did a little back trim. I love playing with my own hair. I don’t recommend this unless you’re a professional; )

2 weeks ago

This rad book just arrived yesterday and I am so excited to read every page and dive deep into this magic. Thank you @crown_works for creating something so new and so beautiful to help all of us🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽. Check this out!!!

2 weeks ago

This time of year is when Milo goes to @campwinnarainbow His experiences at camp are some of the most formative of his life. The freedom, acceptance and break from his whole life at home are so good. This is his first year on teen staff🙌🏽. This photo is from the last night we saw each other before he left. I don’t know why it surprises me how much I miss him when he goes away. I can’t wait to see him next Saturday and hear all about how he’s grown and what he’s learned. I love you Milo, have the best time ever💛💛💛

2 weeks ago

I love when I have families that see me. There is something so special about getting to know the people I work with on a deeper level by knowing the people they love. I am so super stoked to have gotten to be with these two angels and play with their amazing hair. Cuts by me @mayalowe_hair styled with @cultandking set spray and balm

2 weeks ago

This sweet baby angel @ashleyypetri 🥰 and her gorgeous curls. This young woman is kind and funny and I love helping her with her amazing hair! Cut my me @mayalowe_hair hand styled with @owayofficial curly potion

2 weeks ago

I can’t get enough of this natural texture and color on @jessicakopp68 Soft and sweet curly shag, I just love this💛 cut by me @mayalowe_hair

3 weeks ago

I’ll be deep in the woods, with the trees and the river and some folks I love. I’ll be back online Tuesday. Wishing you all a beautiful weekend 💛💛💛💛

3 weeks ago

This babe and Capricorn sister @the deepness. Her little pixie is such a perfect combination of soft and strong. It is such a deep pleasure to work with this angel and her sweet little do. She also an amazingly talented human. Love you Paige💛. Cut by me @mayalowe_hair

3 weeks ago

This magical mama graced me with her presence, her bad ass hair and so much goodness. It was so fun to see this shape in a whole new way after my last class with @jayne_edosalon I love this cut so much and the woman who wears it. So much fun, I could do this haircut all day long🥰🥰🥰🥰. Cut by me @mayalowe_hair

3 weeks ago

I love this shape. Long face framing layers and shorter layers in the crown on this gorgeous woman. This is super cute and super easy to wear. Thank you for coming to see me @kathrynsupinski I have the best clients! Cut by me @mayalowe_hair hand styled with @cultandking set spray

3 weeks ago

About last night😻. I was blessed with the opportunity to watch @jayne_edosalon cut this magical mullet🥰🥰🥰. There is nothing like a beautiful mullet. This shape is so exciting and daring. Leaving so many soft pieces around her beautiful face. I love it! This was such an awesome event. @wessharpton and @beaubollinger were doing cuts at the same time. It was so much fun. I ran into a few of my favorite old coworkers @cocoralialeiva @everystrand531 @ctpants @debialley and all of the @edosalonandgallery babes. Thank you for this awesome event @hairstorystudiopro thank you for the inspiration you guys. It feeds my soul🙏🏽

3 weeks ago

Gage and Milo are the best young men. They love each other and are brothers, it’s the best. I love them so much it hurts. May their lives be blessed forever. 💛💛💛💛

4 weeks ago

Kicking my baby’s ass🥰. We love games and this is one of our favorite 2 person games. Last year on our way to our family vacation, my rooftop carrier opened up and my entire game bag flew onto the freeway and was destroyed, along with a few other things. I heard a thump thump on the roof of the car, I looked in my rear view mirror to see a rainbow of dice, cards and game pieces flying behind me. I pulled over on the side of the interstate and watched as semi trucks were swerving around the bag and the games and all of the stuff. I thought, someone’s going to die because of our games! So I told the kids to wait in the car and I would go try to retrieve the stuff. Arty was 2 days post op from his bicep tendon repair and on pain medicine in the front seat and out of commission. As I started to walk down the highway, trying to figure out how I would do this without getting killed, I looked behind me to find our 4 teenagers following me. They were walking so close to the edge of the last lane, I freaked out and told them to go back to the car, and get as far from the actual lanes as possible. They wouldn’t listen to me and kept following me, as teenagers will do. As we got closer, a cop must have seen or got a call or something, but he was swerving in front of the traffic to slow it down to a stop. We ran out and grabbed what was left of our things, he gave us a kind wave, we ran back to the car and we didn’t die. Oh man, that was super scary. So this is our new Othello, along with all of our other new games. So glad we survived our freeway Vs. games experience. Our new favorite multiplayer game is #codenamespictures FYI, super fun for most ages. The family that plays together, stays together ; )

4 weeks ago

These folks, people I love, super stoked I get to walk this life path with them🥰🙏🏽💛🌈❤️⭐️💫✨🌙. Thank you for traveling from far away every year to spend some time together. I am such a creature of habit that annual trips like this make me feel so good and taken care of and like I’m providing something for my kids and for all of us to look forward to. It’s different every year, as these kids get older, some things are easier, and some are harder. Everyone is a proficient swimmer now, no more worrying about anyone drowning, and we have lots of teens who want to do what they want to do and that can be hard sometimes. This was the first year in many where it was just family, no kid friends and that made a big difference for me. Our kids are plenty for me to manage and I realize that I’d rather not manage other people’s kids on my vacation, unless their parent/parents are there to do it. Learning every year how to actually relax even more . I love how getting older, I get to know myself and what I want and don’t want even more, thank goodness! I’m back home and happy to play with my kitties, who I miss so much and slowly getting back to taking care of my life at home. Or maybe I’ll just feed the kitties and drive up to Harbin for the day and get a last chill dose of the sun, hmmm. 💛💛🌈🌙✨💛

4 weeks ago

Finding the sparkles of magic in Manton. What a trip and what a blessing to get to be with chosen family for a few days. Time to relax together, to prepare and eat endless gorgeous meals, play games, float for hours and feel the warmth of the sun, so good. At night the bats come out and there are a zillion stars. We saw so many shooting stars laying on the deck together under the Milky Way with the kids and our blankets and pillows, listening to the songs of the bullfrogs. Private moments with my kids and my nieces and nephew. Watching them grow and change is the best thing ever. Feeling the peace and bliss of a week well spent. Homeward bound and feeling at ease. 💛💛💛

4 weeks ago

With Milo driving, I get to take in the view. Gorgeous mount Lassen National Forest. I’m getting pretty used to this, having my kid chauffeur me around; ). It’s been so many years of being the driver and loving it. It’s a little weird having all of that driving time to put my attention on other things. I’m still figuring out how to relax into it, but I’m getting there. 💛

4 weeks ago

My eyeballs almost exploded from the beauty of this magical place. Snow melt and green everywhere. So lush and gorgeous 😻

4 weeks ago

Family💛. We had an adventure away from our home away from home to explore Mount Lassen and found magic and beauty everywhere. The melting snow, the fresh green of new growth and of course, snowball fights. I love these people.

4 weeks ago

I love this young woman💛. Being a mom is the best and most challenging part of my life. I feel like I’m constantly trying to keep up with these kids and how quickly they change and grow. It’s amazing and keeps me on my toes for sure. And being a step parent, is this bonus relationship and love that I’d only known from the perspective of being a step kid myself. I love my step kids and I love how they stretch me and grow me in my capacity to love and learn. It’s also the most terrifying thing, because these people are teenagers and teenagers know themselves and what they love and don’t love and what they want to do and don’t want to do. They have minds of their own and are making choices for their lives that I may or may not agree with or like or want to support. It’s hard, it’s scary and I love it and I love them and I feel super lucky that they love me back. I just wish for my son and my step kids to love themselves, to make good choices, to live. To not make choices that could permanently harm themselves or anyone else, there are only a few more years where these people will be home, I’m hoping to make the most of them, do my best and i know i will definitely make a shit ton of mistakes along the way. ✌🏽

5 weeks ago

Time to chill. Lazy days, nowhere to go, nothing we have to do, food for days, relaxing is what there is to do. This is good💛

last month

Good morning from Manton🙌🏽. This is the 8th year that my family has been fortunate enough to spend a week in the magical place. I’m the only one awake so far, listening to the birds hearing the morning sounds, sipping my tea. It’s so quiet and so alive. Feeling the decompression setting in. Happy summer friends💛

last month

As I am preparing to head off for our family vacay, I’m feeling my system hurry up and then..slow down. Truly looking forward to relaxing and not having to be anywhere for a bit. I’m grateful for the warmth of the sun that will carry us though this next week. May the sun shine on your path as well🙏🏽

last month

This feels like the perfect card to pull for today as I get ready to go to @thescarletsage for my women’s entrepreneurship class. The meanings of this card are beginnings, clarity, victory, power, justice, truth. Asking the questions how can I refine my thoughts into active power? Are there any hidden truths that want to be revealed? I can’t wait to see how the day unfolds. Wishing you all clarity and power as I feel into my limitless potential🙏🏽⭐️✨💫🌙

last month

Favorite chocolate made by one of my favorite people with so much love and magic. Go get yours! This mushroom one is 💥. @supahstahchocolate

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