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‘WHOA’ battle vs strangers ⬇️

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1 hour ago

BROKE ARM WHOA 💀😱😱 Link in bio to the full battle vid on youtube. go vote on who won 😬 tag 3 friends that need to see this for a shout out!! @baileysok there is somethin wrong with you 😂😂😂 #whoa


GOODBYES 👋🏼 help us tag @postmalone in this!! full vid link in bio 😬 always pushed with the tutting choreo dancin with @iam_dytto 🤘🏼robo matt pt1... how’d I do? more to come 🎥: @isaiahshinn #goodbyes #postmalone @modiautogroup @youngthugaspaintings

2 days ago

Decided yesterday that I’m going to do a US TOUR in August 🙌🏼🤘🏼what cities should I add? we’re planning the route tonight based on your comments 😬 cities and dates announced at the end of the week!!🔥 #UStour

2 days ago

GET OUT MY FACE 😬 @dvbbs comment DVBBS letter by letter without getting interrupted for a shout out🤘🏼n if you guys make vids dancin to this song tag us cause im tryna watch! dancing with THE @oliviawong21 first collab n def not the last 🔥 #GOMF

4 days ago

“show us your morning skin care routine” ....said no one ever. here it is anyway 🤦🏼‍♂️😂 anyone else get ready like this?

2 weeks ago

MONEY IN THE GRAVE 💰 help us tag @champagnepapi 🙏🏼🥵 ... I say this every time... but this was one of my favorite times dancin w @baileysok !!! vibe just matched up 100... ya’ll agree? Filmed by: @ryanparma Studio: @mdcdance

2 weeks ago

this was my first 4th of July since 2010 not hearing Katy Perry - Firework. grateful for that 💥 Rate the technique 1-10 💦🔥 with decimal points like the olympics 📷: @zakzito

2 weeks ago

what should we name her? 🤤😍 best one gets a shout out

2 weeks ago

who remembers this one to BODAK YELLOW? 🥶🥵 back teaching a new one tonight 9pm at Millennium!!

3 weeks ago

señorita w/ @sofiedossi 💃🏻 (link in bio! ) we’re performing at vidcon and bringing back one of our old pieces. what’s been your favorite so far? 🤘🏼 @shawnmendes @camila_cabello || also shout out to @academyofvillains fam who, to my knowledge, did the first ever upside down tutting combo years back. 👏🏼🙌🏼

2 weeks ago

whoa or milly rock

3 weeks ago

bury a friend 👽 filmed a new video w @sofiedossi , guess what song we did for a shout out!! 🕹 edit by @kay_design1

3 weeks ago

HAUTE or not? 🔥🔥🔥 w/ @iam_dytto || help us tag @chrisbrownofficial @tyga @jbalvin

3 weeks ago

GUCCI GOGGLES 🥽 GUCCI SKIS 🎿 when you been dancin with someone forever it’s crazy how quick you can create. always the best vibe w you lil bro @kensanjose !! full vid w the freestyles will be on my second channel in an hour. check my story for a swipe up 🤘🏼 Location: @dncrloft Song: Lottery @kcamp

3 weeks ago

back like we never left 😎 new collab this week?

4 weeks ago

when ppl tell me to hold their baby... am I the only one? 🤷🏼‍♂️🤣

4 weeks ago

WISH WISH 🙏🏼 the ending tho 🤦🏼‍♂️🤣 comment if you made it the end! —————————————————————— happy to finally be back in LA and teaching again. esp dancin w my lil bro @kensanjose 😎 hope someone puts out some new music this weekend cause ppl been slackin and we ready !! Lemme know if you guys find anything Song: wish wish - @iamcardib @21savage @djkhaled Filmed by: @ryanparma Location: @mdcdance #wishwish #dance

4 weeks ago

PIECE OF YOUR HEART 🖤 tag a friend u wanna do this with 🙌🏼 always love shuffling because even though it’s not technically a partnered dance, when you sync up, you can feel the connection. @vansecoo our vibe is always crazy, thx for pushing me and saying I’m a real shuffler now even if I’m still wack 🖤🤣 should we do some more shuffle vids this summer? maybe a tutorial for one of these combos? 🤔 also go add this song to ur playlists cause it’s fuckin amazing by my boy @meduzamusic #PieceOfYourHeart #dance #shuffling

5 weeks ago

finally back in LA but already planning the next tour. where to?🤔

last month

that one friend thats always tryna show you up 👀👀👀 @markellwashington 📷: @bagels_payne

last month

first ever duo 10 min challenge!! how fast you think they learned this? 🤔🥶 filmed it in the break room w no speakers before we went on stage in the philippines. somehow they still killed it lol (link in bio! ) @kensanjose @acbonifacio

last month

SHE SAY DO YOU LOVE ME 💔 finally back in LA and teachin again so hit me w some new song ideas 🤘🏼 tbt w @taye_knight — think we’re due for another collab!! (hope I don’t have to rap the song to get our vid unblocked this time 🤨🤣 )

last month

LETS GET IT ft @charlizeglass & @missjaydenb !! Teamed up w @invisalignlive & @danceon to teach a class to "Let's Get It" by @jordyncarterjc 🙌🏼 thx @invisalign for the clear aligners to help straighten my teeth! Drop some 🔥🔥 in the comments if you thought they killed it n make sure to check out the full video 🤘🏼 #invisalignsmile #ad

last month

I made this song on the flight to Manila... 2 days later we put it in this show for 10,000 people 🤘🏼🙌🏼 crazy to be back on stage w the fam @kensanjose @acbonifacio in the philippines 🇵🇭💙 got a couple more things comin with these two. u ready?

last month

reunited in 🇦🇺

May 2019

back home on the mothership 👽 @edc_lasvegas

May 2019

I DONT CARE 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏼‍♂️ help me tag @justinbieber @teddysphotos below!! 5k comments and I’ll drop the Tutorial 🙌🏼 —————————————————————— also we’re wearing the new merch that just dropped today (link on my story )! Thx to my main @trinityinay choreographed & danced this with me 💃🏻🕺🏼 Location: @dncrloft Filmed by: @kreativebeno #idontcare #justinbieber #edsheeran #dance

May 2019

BODY ON MY 👟 need some new tracks for the playlist cause EDC is this weekend!! comment ur favorites rn 🤘🏼😎

last month

bought a place in vegas 🤷🏼‍♂️🍾 house warming party?

May 2019

OLD TOWN ROAD 10 minute challenge link in bio!!🤠🐴 how long do you think it took @kayceericeofficial to learn this?🤦🏼‍♂️ i’m shook. Dancers: @kayceericeofficial @mattsteffanina Choreo: @mattsteffanina @joshkillacky Location: @dncrloft Filmed: @kreativebeno #oldtownroad #dance #kayceerice #mattsteffanina

May 2019

should we collab? 🤔 @tessabrooks

May 2019

DRIPPIN IN FINESSE 💦 im a bad friend and late af but happy bday to my day 1 homie @iam_dytto throwback to the first time (but def not the last ) I ever put her in a 🛒😂

May 2019

2019 ASIA / AUSSIE tour dates comin this week! what cities should I come to?———————————————————————— Already confirmed MANILA 🇵🇭, TOKYO 🇯🇵 & SYDNEY 🇦🇺 tour starts May 23rd! sign up for the mailing list for early & VIP tickets, link in bio

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