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2 days ago

This is really happening. So beautiful....Andy Kincaid “Transcendent Yellowstone” @guesthousejh @holidayforevergallery

4 days ago

Happy Solstice! We love mountains!

2 weeks ago

The highlight of the road trip. Beasty loves hotel rooms.

2 weeks ago

The guy in the pink shirt is a great dad. He is affectionate, smart, funny and I am lucky to still have his love and faith. Happy Father’s day @jackjackson249 !!!

3 weeks ago

As night creeps over earth, the soldiers wake from their daytime slumber to wage war under its guise. The fire of their weapons replace the light and heat of the sun fooling them to believe that what they are doing is natural and themselves....immortal.

4 weeks ago

Today is the first time in my life that I could palm a basketball....while holding my son’s violin! #45

last month

If you would like to play the game. I set up an account to let people know where it is being played. Stay tuned. @maatheroleplayinggame

last month

Thanks to #vesasirén and @helsinginsanomat for this story on “Maa” opening tomorrow @serlachiusmuseums @timovaljakka

last month

“If the Kuumo speak of their genesis at all, then it is in the following words, which might be understood as something between a poem and a creation myth: Darkness falls again The pale moon ignites the Earth We dream we are we” These words from the beautiful mind of @tom_ss_morton from Book 2: The Story of #maatheroleplayinggame This image is one of 60 cards which reveal a great amount of information providing many ways in which a player can navigate the world of #maa @serlachiusmuseums

last month

Magnificent Desolation, just installed at the Serlachius Museum for my exhibition called Maa which opens on Friday. #maa #maatheroleplayinggame @serlachiusmuseums @hauserwirth

last month

My mom. The glue of our family for both old and young. This person is the toughest person I know, not like a cage fighter, but like a monk (but probably would be an amazing cage fighter ). She is a model for me in her curiosity, diligence, integrity and creativity. We tease her in her frugality, joke about her tone-deafness, and maybe her gullibility but these are only tools to feel worthy of her company. She is a great mother but as we grow older she is a confidant and a true friend. I would hang out with her regardless of the fact that she unconditionally loves me! Jkjk. She is fun, she is brilliant, and she is always learning and working hard to be better always. She is the real deal. @karenjac64

last month

Throwback to pre-show cross-fit kid spins with @holidayforevergallery setting up back in January in Somerset for “Pathetic Fallacy” which closes this weekend. Video by our honorary aunt @deavanagan Put yer Instagram seatbelt on because there are gonna be several deeply sappy posts about Bruton. @hauserwirth

last month

Sunday...put my bike back together and made this for a friend.

April 2019

Today is my birthday and I am finally home with my family. The icing on the cake is seeing this in the @nytimes Our work is important and it is nice when it is recognized. I am 45 today. Also, it is true, beyond the story of how it all came together in material, form and friendships. Also, the tables are actually FUN to put together. @madebychoice @formicagroupeu @hauserwirth

April 2019

I’m an American artist again. It was nice while it lasted! Thanks @nytimes @tmagazine and #monicakhemsurov !

April 2019

The surface that I designed with @formicagroupeu is called MDJ Kuu. This image was taken by @corriere for their coverage of our contribution among others to @isaloniofficial This image is of the black Table top. I wanted the surface to reveal itself to people sitting around the surface rather than a graphic interpretation. The surface looks like land or skin but once recognized, truly lunar. @formicagroupeu @madebychoice

April 2019

Goodbye Milan! But first, look at this! There is NO reason why putting furniture together shouldn’t be fun. Here is a video showing a new design by myself and @sebastianjansson from @madebychoice patent pending! You saw it here first! I know I am an artist but making this work from a utilitarian sense was VERY satisfying. #toolless #nofasteners #allwood #newtable ?

April 2019

Bouquet with Mourning Isis in a Stoneware Vase (Cologne ) 2019 Formica, silkscreen, acrylic paint on epoxy resin, oil paint, lead on panel, stainless steel frame 94 x 73 x 5.1 cm / 37 x 28 3/4 x 2 inches

April 2019

I normally don’t post pictures of myself, but this one taken by @rafaelahlstrom is important to me. I never felt good in my body, but with a lot of head work and seeing John @lasphysicaltrainingllp three early mornings a week working out in a bar (yes a bar ) I am getting closer. This picture made me feel good and reminded me that feeling good is not on accident.

April 2019

I step out of the box frequently but this time I am in new territory. I have made a line of furniture called Kolho with some friends and we are launching it in Milan along with a series of paintings for Salone Del Mobile this week. The story goes like this... Kolho, a small town in Finland, and a word that eludes definition in English but can be described as meaning vacant, hollow or even creepy. I happened upon Kolho while visiting the Serlachius Museum where a show of my paintings and sculptures, Maa, opens in May 2019. A conversation with curator Timo Valjakka lead to a tour of the nearby Formica factory, which led to meeting Niclas, Sebastian and Lasse of Made By Choice; which led to meeting Phil, Eva and Virginie of Formica… All of these serendipitous meetings developed into an obsession with creating a dining setting. The story of Apollo, as both a NASA mission and the Greek the god of reason, is the genesis of this project. Apollo’s brother, Dionysus, reigns over ritual madness, theater, pleasure, fertility, and of course, wine. The two contradictory temperaments meet at this table: the flat, rational plane of the table sits upon legs that curve and wind like a serpent or grapevine. The tables and chairs are sculptures that evince dining as theater. They create a space to share and create stories, with a Formica surface that promises to always wipe clean. In designing this furniture, I was seeking the space between Reason and Chaos: the state of PLAY. This is the space where our human animal shows its greatest self. I can’t believe this is actually happening. Come to Milan and then come to via Pietro Maroncelli 7 starting tomorrow! @madebychoice @formicagroupeu @formicagroup @hauserwirth @timovaljakka @serlachiusmuseums @tarjavaatanen @paulisivonen @lauraseymournywy @las_nywy @vb6611 #kolho #salonedelmobile #salone #milan #milano

April 2019

Today Ardele Lister retires from Rutgers. She is a great human and great artist and one who leaves a model of what a great teacher should be. Everyone who knows her and had her as a teacher can echo me in saying “Thank you” from the bottom of our hearts! Thanks Ardele!!! @ardelelister

April 2019

Imagine the surface of the moon embossed in Formica covering the surface of tables and chairs formed of right angles and serpentine forms made in Finnish craft. Well, it is actually happening! This project is inspired by the Apollo landing and a small town called Kolho in Finland which I became aware of while visiting the Serlachius Museum where I have a show opening in May. The serpent represents temptation and chaos which supports the flat plane of reason. Next week I will be showing this line of furniture made by @madebychoice and @formicagroupeu which will be shown along with floral works by me with @hauserwirth in Milan. Stop on by or stay tuned for images in the coming week! this all would not have happened without @timovaljakka !!

March 2019

I was not there in person, but in my time on earth as an artist did I ever imagine that I could have been....anyway, here’s the queen in my show in Somerset. Thanks #queenelizabeth for coming to my show! Thanks to my family (you know who you are ) in Somerset. We miss the piss outta y’all!!!!! Now we just have to get the queen to ski in Wyoming!!!! I know several people willing to help!!!!

February 2019

Really close. I was inside.

February 2019

Getting ready for the Fullmoonski! #fullmoonski

February 2019

These two have been real brats lately. #moose for @andreaschwan

March 2019

This picture was from Christmas this last year. The strange quality of this image captures our family as if in a dream. I go through life often taking things for granted and when I look back, many of the things we have experienced feel like they never could have happened. Some things leave me feeling fike an old man lying about a fishing trip. To me THIS family is like gravity or like the speed of light...a constant in a chaotic world. This family was not just chance, about 16 years ago is started and it grows and changes and wobbles and can run like a cheetah without care or concern for the bumps. The only redeeming thing about Instagram is that one can profess love for someone publicly and a record of this for a really long time. Happy distant valentine’s day to the center of our family and my favorite full grown adult. @lauraseymournywy NOTE: The MIDDLE is not the CENTER. You can quote that one!

February 2019

Getting ready for @serlachiusmuseums in May!

January 2019

Fitness Cult back in action. @lasphysicaltrainingllp

January 2019

After the opening I could have stood for an hour thanking the people who we have come to love. The morning after an evening like that usually is accompanied with feelings of embarrassment to varying degrees of intensity for things said and done. The morning after this show differed as it was clouded with feelings of regret for things I had NOT said. It was a first. Southwest Englanders, Scots and the rest of you, we love you and you know who you are. We invest wisely in making the friendships we have made and I am confident that there will be MANY happy returns. Long live Brewtonya! This will always be thought of as a home.

January 2019

Sound on! The music box plays OMD’s (Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark for the kids out there ) “Enola Gay”. The minutes and hours of the clock are powered by cast lead models of Little Boy and Fat Man and the sounds and movement of the family and dog are powered by the weight of a stack of coins representing 1cent per billion spent on national defense. The house is based on the “Apple II house” which was singular nuclear test within operation Teapot testing the efficacy of American house building techniques against the force of nuclear weapons. The houses were outfitted like giant doll houses, which verged on the masturbatory. Frivolous Time Piece 2014 Wood, stainless steel, aluminum, acrylic paint, original Black Forest cuckoo clock, lead, $5.03 American coin currency. Edition 5

January 2019

Me and Big Doggie hanging out in a cave in my show “Pathetic Fallacy” in Somerset at Hauser and Wirth. Some see if you can find me, but watch out for Big Doggie! @hauserwirth

January 2019

Just £5 raffle ticket wins this cue made by yours truly at the Bruton Club tomorrow night 6pm. Quaperlake Street Bruton. All proceeds go the snooker room facelift.

January 2019

I made a good friend named Howard earlier in the fall and was acquainted with snooker. It is a very beautiful game and this evenings company will be very fun. Come down this Tuesday and all proceeds go to making the snooker room the best damn snooker room in Somerset. It will be my legacy. Come. If you are not in Somerset want to buy a ticket dm me.

January 2019

Meanwhile back in Wyoming, my sister got this video of a Mountain Lion stalking deer just 100m from the house. CRAZY!!!!! So scary!!! @katiejac100

January 2019

Happy New Year!

December 2018

Looking forward to next year! Happy New Year!

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